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Adams, George Matthew
Abrams, Benjamin S.
Ackerson, Fred M. 
Adler Brothers & Co.
Adler, Elmer papers
Adler, Robert M.
Agricultural Improvement Association of NYS
AIDS Education Collection
AIDS Education Posters Collection
Aikin Family Papers
Akeley, Carl Ethan
Alcalá, RJ, gay rights and culture collection
Alexander, George
Alexander-Rideout Collection
Alexandria, NY, Town, Jefferson County
Allen, Freeman Clarke
Alling and Cory Company papers
Allsop, Thomas
Alternatives for Battered Women
Alternatives for Battered Women, Inc. Records
American Association of University Women, NYS Division 
American Protective League New York Division 
American Red Cross
American Society of Photogrammetry
Ames, Loren Jesse
Anderson, John
Anthony (Susan B.) - Avery (Rachel Foster)
Anthony (Susan B.) Memorial, Inc.
Anthony (Susan B.) Memorial, Inc. (Addition)
Anthony, Dr. Susan B.
Anthony, Susan B.
Arnold, Charlie
Arnold Family Papers
Arvin, Neil Cole
Ashcroft (Herbert) Theater Scrapbook Collection
Ashwell, Lena
Atlas (European) 
Atwater Family Papers
Auburn, NY, Board of Trustees


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Bachmann, Lawrence
Backstreets Bar Scrapbook
Ball, Lloyd Benton
Bank of Orleans, Albion, NY
Bardeen (Charles William) Scrapbooks
Barker, Hiram L.
Barker, Thomas
Barnes, Carman
Barnes, Lillie M.
Barnum, Helen Adelaide
Barr, Amelia
Barry, Arthur
Barry (Peter) Print Collection 
Bartlet, Stephen
Bartlett, Elisha
Batavia, NY Eagle Hose Co. No. 1
Bausch Family
Bax, Clifford
Beck, Lewis White
Beecher, Hezekiah
Bell, Betty
Bellamy, David
Bellamy, Francis Julius
Bemis, James
Bemis, Mary E.
Bennett, Arnold
Berkeley, George Charles Brantley Fitzhardinge
Bermondsey Book
Bernstein, Jacob
Bernstein, Meyer 
Bernstein, Philip S.
Berry, Watson B.
Bishop, Sherman C.
Blind Alley Club
Blodgett- Mudge Family Papers
Blodgett, Edna, Frederick C. Vicinus and Charles J. Reinhardt
Blunden, Edmund Charles
Bly, Myron Tuthill
BOA Editions Limited
Bogan (Allice) Autograph Book
Bond Bread Banner, 1926
Bond Clothing Stores, Inc.
Bondurant Joan V. 
Booth, Edwin
Bork, Philip
Botsford, Ruth Haxton (Fancher)
Boulls-Baker Family
Bowen, George A.
Bowles, William Lisle
Bradner, A.
Bragdon Family Papers
Bragdon Family Papers - Addition
Bragdon Family Papers - Claude Bragdon Architectural Drawings
Brandon, Jocelyn
Brandt (Nathan) Papers
Breakenridge, Cecilia
Brayer, Elizabeth
Breese-Stevens-Roby Family Papers
Brewster, Henry Colvin
Bristol, Cyrenius C.
Britton, Willis Papers
Broke,  Frederica Sophia
Bromfield, Louis
Brown, Charles Albert
Brown, Charles Curtis
Bruce, Sir Frederick William Adolphus
Brule, Gordon, Jr. Papers
Buck, Evans, Spalding, and Hale family correspondence​
Burr, Hugh Chamberlain
Burritt, Ruth Hogarth Dennis
Burrows, John 
Burrows, Latham A.

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Caldwell Family
Came, Dr. Charles
Camp Cory
Carlson, Chester Family
Carlson, Chester Photographs
Carr, Norman
Carroll, Charles (of Bellevue)
Castleman, John Warrant
Cathcart, Frederick Macadams 
Cenci, Giacomo 
Caulkins Family
Chandler, Lyman
Chapin (William W.) Family
Chapin, Heman
Chase, Frederick A.
Chesebro (Robert H.) Family
Choate, Alonzo
City Club Papers
Civil War cartes de visite albums

Claude Bragdon Theatre Drawings
Clark (Zephaniah) Family
Clark, Edward Walter
Clark, Elaine
Clark, Jehiel
Clark, Sophia Ann McHarg (Mrs. Zephaniah)
Clarke, Elizabeth
Clarke (Freeman) Banking
Clarke (Freeman) Family
Clemens, Jane Cathcart
Clemente, Vince
Clothing Industry Advertising Materials
Clover Street Seminary
The Club
Clune, Henry W.
Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning (CPLP) Collection
Coates, Benjamin Hornor
Coates, Willson H.
Cobb's Hill Reservoir
Cockerell, Harriet Anne
Cobblestone Structures of Wayne County
Coit, Charles Pierpont
Colfax, Schuyler
Colles, William Morris
Collier, John Allen
Collins, Homer
Colman, Anson
Colt, James Wood
Colvin, Martha D
Cominsky, Jacob Robert
Comstock (William H.) Company
Concern for Dying Papers
Condax Family Papers
Cone, Spencer H.
Cooper, Emma Lampert
Cooper, Walter
Corner Club, Rochester, NY
Costanza, Margaret "Midge"
Courtney, William Leonard
Crabtree, John
Craigie, Pearl
Crapsey Family
Crapsey, Adelaide
Cromer (John) Family Papers
Cross, Whitney Rogers
Cross, William Perkins
Culbertson, Samuel James
Curtis Family
Curtis, Daniel
Curtis, Edward Peck
Curtis, George C.
Curtis, George William
Curtius, Georg
Cutler Mail Chute Company Papers

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Darling Family
Dana, Francis
Davis, Alexander Jackson
Davis, George Francis
Day, Edward Munson
De Kroyft, Helen Aldrich
Dean, Amber
Deane, John Hall
Decker, George Palmer
Deerfield, NY, Town, Oneida County
Delano, Mortimer F.
Deming, William H.
Democrats for Willkie
DeMoulin, Raymond
Dennis, Roland Russell
DePuy, Henry Farr
Derham, George Walter
Dessauer, John H.
Dewey, Charles Ayrault
Dewey, Chester
Dewey, Thomas E.
Dickens "Hard Times" Papers
Dietch ( Alan) Rochester Local History Collection
Dilks, Charles L. 
Disher, Maurice Willson
Dock (Florence Harmon) Suffragist Scrapbook
Dodge, Charles Wright
Doolittle, Chauncey & Co.
Doolittle, Hilda
Dossenbach, Herman
Douglass, Frederick
Dowd, Frank J., Jr.
Downs, Truman
Doyle, Richard
Dryer Architectural Collection
Dryer Architectural Collection, 1848-1950 (added material)
Duffy, James Patrick Bernard
Dumas, Alexandre
Du Maurier, George Louis Palmella Busson
Dumont, James Allen
Duncan, Barbara
Dundas, James S.
Dunn, William H.
Dwinelle and Campbell
Dzviti, Chicago

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Eastman House Construction
Eastman Research Materials
Eastman, George
Easton, John Burdett
Eastwood-Bigelow Family
East Bloomfield, NY School District, No. 14
Ecumenical and Interfaith Archive of Rochester (EIAR)
Edwards, George Spencer
Egolf, Jeremy
Elinore Sisters
Ellis, Geoffrey Uther
Ellis, Harvey
Ellisburg, NY, Town, Jefferson County
Ellwanger and Barry
Ellwanger and Barry Botanical Prints produced in Rochester and Elsewhere
Ellwanger Family
Elwitt, Sanford H. Papers
Elwood, James
Emerson (William) Family
England, Charles 
Ensign, Enoch
Enterprise Insurance Co. of Cincinnati
Ernst Family
Esopus, NY 
Euler, Johanna O. Rochester, NY Photo Album
Eves, Charles Kenneth
Exley, Frederick

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Fairbanks, Ernest R.
Fairchild, Herman LeRoy
Farley, Mary Bates
Farman, Elbert E.
Farmers' Library of Wheatland, NY
Farrar, Caroline Weld
Fashion Park, Inc.
Feinbloom (William) and the Champion Knitwear Company Papers
Fellows (Dan and Marvel)
Fellows (Henry) Horticultural Correspondence
Fellows Family (1776-1865)
Fellows Family (1777-1938)
Fellows, Henry
Fenno, Richard F. Jr. Papers
Finks, P. David
First Women Project
Fish Family
Fisher, Elizabeth May
Florence, Franklin
Flowers, Elijah
Folsom, Marion B.
Forbes, Edith (Willis) Linn Addition
Forbes, Edith (Willis) Linn Papers
Forbes, James
Ford, George H.
Ford, George W.
Forsyth, Donald A.
Forsyth, Donald A. World War II. Photographs
Fortnightly Ignorance Club
Foss, Kenelm
Foster, Judith Ellen Horton
Franklin Institute
Fraser, Margaret
French, John B.
French, (Julia B. ) Papers, 1915-1935
Frost, Elizabeth Hollister

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Gale, Katharine Bowen
Gale-Sisson Letters
Gannett, William Channing
Gannett, William Channing Addition
Garbutt Family
Gardiner, George
Gardner, John
Garrison, Wendell Phillips
Gates, Frederick Taylor
Gates, Marshall 
Gates, NY (Town, Monroe County) School District 6
Gates, NY District School, no. 3
Gavett, Joseph William
Gay Brotherhood of Rochester
Giardina, Anthony
Gilbert, Prentiss Bailey
Gillis, James W.
Gilman, Charlotte Perkins
Gilmore, Joseph Henry
Gleason, Kate
Globe Hotel, East Aurora, NY
Glyndon Garlock Van Deusen papers
Gordon (Sir James Willoughby) Family
Gordon and Kaelber
Gosse, Sir Edmund William
Gould Family
Gould, Elizabeth Hull
Gove, Harry
Gradinger, Sanford A.
Grain, Corney
Graver Kodak Employee Collection
Graver, Nicholas M.
Greeley, Horace
Green, Edna M.
Green, Sylvina Maria Dewey
Greenleaf, Jean Brooks
Greenlee, Samuel
Greeting Card Collection
Grier, George M.
Guyon, Jeanne Marie Bouvier de La Motte

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Haas (John) and Sons
Hadley, Jackson
Hakkoreoth Club
Hale, Edward Everett
Hale's Classical and Scientific School
Hallauer (Carl Swift) Papers
Hallauer (Carl Swift) Papers, Addition, 1911-1971 
Hallowell Family
Hamilton, Charles
Hanford, Franklin
Hanford-Munn Family
Hankin, St. John Emile Clavering
Hardy, Elizabeth
Hargrave-Davidson Family
Harkness, William
Harper, Ida Husted
Harper, Margaret Cook (Durbin)
Harris, Abiathar Millard
Harris, George Henry
Harris, Joseph
Harris, Selah M.
Hart (Leo) Printing Company
Hart (Leo) Printing Company Addition
Harvey, Dorothy Dudley
Harwood, Edward
Hastings (Francis) Horticultural Company
Havens, Raymond
Hawley (Estelle E.) Papers - Vital Economics Dept.- Medical Center
Hayes-Coleman Family
Hays, David
Hebrew Ladies Aid Society Records, 1870-1924
Hentschel, Carl
Herdle Family
Hess, Helen Prints
Hewitt, Nancy Research Collection
Hickey-Freeman Company
Hillside Children's Center
Hillside Children's Center, Addition (Hillside Family of Agencies) 
Hillyer, Robert Silliman
History Class
Hodge and Morris Hardware Store
Hoeffler, Paul
Hoffmeister, John Edward
Holahan, Anne
Holahan, Margaret
Hollister Lumber Company
Hollister, Sarah Granger
Hollister-Spencer Family
Holmes, Elias Bellows
Holmes-Edmonds-Miles Family
Hooker Family
Hooker, Alexander
Hooker, Isabella Beecher and John Hooker
Hope Reports
Hopkins, Ira H.
Hopton, William P
Horton, Frank
Howd, Isaac
Howe?, Samuel C.?
Howell, Edwin Eugene
Howells, William Dean
Hubbard, S.
Hubbell Family
Hubbell, Jonathan S.
Hubbell, Walter Sage
Huizenga, John R. 
Hunk, K. E.
Huntington-Hooker Family
Hutchinson, Mathias
Hutchison, Charles Force
Hutton, Laurence

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Ignatow-Graubart Papers
Individual Manuscript Volumes
Individual Manuscripts Collection
Industrial School of Rochester
Inventory of the library at the Benedictine monastery of Saint-Victor at Marseille
Irving, Henry
Irving, Julia A. (Granger)
Italian American War Veterans
Italy  (NY). School District No. 2.
Ives, Nathan

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J. Haas & Son Company Papers
Jaeckle (Edwin F.) Interview Collection
Jaeckle, Edwin
James (Joseph) Family
James, David
James, William
Japan (Topographical Map)
Jeffrey, Agnes: Sentiment Album
Jenkins, Gideon H.
Jenks, Michael Hutchinson
Jensen, David E.
Jermain, D'Etta H.
Jewish Children's Home
Johnson (James H.) Architectural Drawings
John M. Keil World War II drawings
Johnson, Nan 
Johnson, Rossiter
Johnson, Ruth N.
Jones, Ambrose
Jones, Henry Arthur
Jones, John
Jones, William Martin
Journal of British Studies
Judson, Emily Chubbuck

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Kanthor (Harold A.) Collection of Gilbert and Sullivan
Kean, Charles
Kearns, David, T.
Keating, Kenneth B.
Keef, (Frances Angevine Gray) Papers
Keller, Heumann and Thompson, Inc.
Kendrick Family
Kendrick Family Addition
Kent, Norman Papers, 1931-1941
Keople, Raymond Coon
Kilk, Frances Sanders
Kimball, Cecilia Mitchell
King Family
Kingslake, Rudolf and Hilda Conrady
Kirkup, Seymour Stocker
Kodak (Graver Employee Collection)
Kodak Historical Collection #003
Kohn, Sally Wood
Koller, Kathrine papers
Konraty, Olga
Korte, Mary Norbert
Krapf, Norbert
Krupsak, Mary Anne

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Laird, Mary E. 
Landon, Ezekiel
Landsberg Papers
Laney-Hoeing Family
Langslow, Richard
Lanni, John Andre
Lansdale, Herbert P.
Larish, John
Lasagna, Louis
Lasch, Christopher
Lathbury, Thomas
Latta Family
Lattimore, Samuel Allan
Lauderdale, Walter Elliot
"Leamington Man" (Cathcart, Francis Macadams)
Lee, Arthur Tracy
Leicester, Bromley Family 
Leigh, John Highfield
Lemcke, Ernest G.
Lemon, Mark
LeRoy, NY  School District No. 15. Lyceum.
LeRoy, NY  School District No. 16
Leslie, Stuart W.
Levy Bros. & Adler - Rochester, Inc.
Lewis Street Center
Lindsay, Jean S.
Lindsley, Adaline
Lion, Leon Marks
Livingston, Clarence A.
London Miscellany
Loos, Julius J.
Loren (Bill) Smith World War II letter collection
Lovell, George William
Lowe Family
Lowell, James Russell
Lowenthal (Max) & Sons, Inc.
Lyon (Edmund) Family
Lyon, Harrison A.

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M.J. Ivers & Company 1880-1914
MacInness, Colin
Macomber, Francis Allen
Macy, Hazel Marjorie Diamond
Malik, Dr. Salahuddin, Islam in America Papers
Mandel, Leonard
Mangione, Jerre
Mappa, Adam Gerard
Maps (European)
Margolis, Richard 
Mary Moulthrop collection of genealogical data for Monroe County and adjacent areas
Markham Family
Marsh Papers
Masefield, John Edward
Mather Family Papers
Maurepas, Jean Frédérick Phélypeaux, Comte de
Max Lowenthal & Sons, Inc.
McCanne, Lee
McCanne, Minnie Lee
McCutcheon, George Barr
McElroy, Nellie L.
McGraw, John 
McHarg, William 
McKelvey (Blake F.) research collection on Joseph C. Wilson​
McKenzie, Donald
McKenzie, Lionel Papers
Meir, Golda
McMann, John Papers
Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts Collection
Mensdorff-Pouilly, Alphonse
Menzie, Herbert James
Meredith Tavern
Merritt, Howard
Messner, Elmer
Metcalf, Elvina
Methodist Episcopal Society of Delta, NY
Metzdorf Victoriana Collection
Metzdorf, Robert Frederic
Meyer, Frederick W.
Michaels-Stern and Co.
Miles, Alfred Henry
Millar (Alexander) Family
Miller (Josiah T.) Family
Miller, Alvah Strong
Miller, Elijah
Miller, Elisa F.
Mills, Allen Paine
Miner, Edward Griffith
Mitchell, William Hobart Papers
Mock, Joseph Ernest
Moncrieff, William Thomas
Monroe Arts Council
Monroe Co-Operative Building Lot Association of Rochester Records
Monroe County and Adjacent Areas Genealogical Data (Mary Moulthrop compiler)
Monroe County Penitentiary Papers
Monroe County. Penitentiary Papers, Addition 
Montgomery, Ella Sargent
Montgomery, Thomas C.
Moon, Mollie
Moore, Clarence King
Moore, Edward M Papers
Moore, John C
Morey, William Carey
Morgan, Lewis Henry
Morris & Co.
Moscrip, Virginia
Mosser, Minnie Alice
Moulthrop, Mary
Moulthrop, Samuel P. 
Munn, Edwin George
Munn-Pixley Family
Murray, Francis

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Nagel (Anna Vick) Recipe Box
National Council of Jewish Women (Rochester Division)
National Organization for Women, Rochester Chapter
Needham, John Turberville
Needlework Guild of America, Rochester Branch
National Women's Political Caucus
Neisner Brothers Incorporated
New York (State) Constitutional Convention 1967
New York Central Railroad Stock Certificate Collection
New York Life Insurance Company
New York State Adjutant-General's Office
New York State Barge Canal (Western Division) Collection
New York State Miscellaneous Documents
New York Temporary Cofferdam Construction Photographs
19th Ward Community Association of Rochester papers
Northaven, Inc.

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O'Brien, Brian
O'Connor, Joseph
Ogden (NY). School District No. 12.
Olcott, Ralph Thrall
Olliver, Marion
Ontario, NY District School, no. 4
Olney, Benjamin
Open Letter Books
Optical Society of America, Rochester Section
Optical Society of America, Rochester Section Addition
Osgood, Howard L
O'Shaughnessy, Arthur William Edgar
Otis, Elwell Stephen
Owen, Athelstan

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Paine-Mills Family
Palmer, Kathryn Miller Kreag 
Palmyra (NY) Photograph Collection, c1890-c1910
Pardee, Hiram
Parker, Arthur Caswell 
Parker, Ely Samuel
Parsons, Daniel
Parsons, W.M.
Patterson, George Washington
Paulding, James Kirke
Payne, John Howard
Peck Family
Peck, Myron G
Pemberton, Sir Max
Penny, Vernon Kellogg
Pepper, Thomas
Perkins, Charles G
Perkins, Dexter
Peters, Carl
Pfaudler Company Papers
Phelps, NY (Town, Ontario County) School District
Phelps, Oliver
Photograph Album(s)
Photographic Paper Collection
Pinero, Sir Arthur Wing
Piozzi, Hester Lynch
Planned Parenthood of Rochester/Syracuse Region
Plutzik, Hyam
Pollock, Channing
Pomeroy, Theodore Medad
Pool, Joseph H.
Poole, Ernest
Pope, Alexander
Porter Family
Post Family
Post, Charles
Power, Helen
Preddy, Lewellyn, T.R.
Provident Loan Society of Rochester, NY
Pulver Company
Purdy, James

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Ralph A. Raimi papers
Rand-Place Papers
Rand, Harold S.
Read, John Meredith
Real Estate Board of Rochester, NY, Inc.
Rebiere, G
Reed and Shutt Law Firm
Reynolds, Edwin Ruthvin
Reynolds, Gilbert H.
Reynolds, Lewis and Grace
Richardson Corporation Photographs
Rigneys Bluff Association
Riker(?), Jennie
Riker, William
Riley, George S. 
Riley-Jones Family
Risley, Hanson A.
Robinson, Otis Hall
Robson, Kendrah
Robert Forster script collection
Roberts, Eugene F.
Rochester Academy of Science
Rochester Academy of Science Addition
Rochester area architectural drawings
Rochester Broadcasting Corporation
Rochester Clothiers' Exchange
Rochester clothing industry advertising materials
Rochester Family Papers
Rochester Female Academy
Rochester Female Charitable Society
Rochester Feminist Collection
Rochester Friendly Home
Rochester Friendly Home Papers Addition
Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation
Rochester Gas and Electric Lantern Slides
Rochester Jewish Oral History Project
Rochester Kindergarten-Primary Association
Rochester Local History Print Collection
Rochester Photograph Collection
Rochester Poetry Society
Rochester Preservation Board Papers, 1972 - 2001
Rochester Race Riot Papers
Rochester Shoe Tree Company Collection
Rochester Socialist Scrapbook Collection
Rochester Society of the Archaeological Institute of America 
Rochester Streetcar Photograph Collection
Rochester, Henry Elie
Rochester, Nathaniel Family Papers
Rochester, Nathaniel Thrift
Rochester, NY. Police Department
Rochester, NY. Public School No. 16
Rochester, William Beatty
Rockwell, Helen Shaddock
Rodenbeck, Adolph Julius
Rogers, Ethel
Rogers, George Michael
Rogers, Helen Rochester
Rogers, Irvin Henry
Rogers, Julia Anne
Rothberg, Abraham
Ruskin, John
Russell, Lillian

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Sage, Warren Monroe
Sage, William Nathan
Sampson, Ashley
Samson, William Holland
Sanatorium, Dansville, NY, The
Sandburg, Carl
Sarle, Clifton James
Sawyer, Charles B.
Saturday Club
Schermerhorn, Jacob Maus
Schmidt, Allison Beth
Schnabel, George
Schoolcraft, John Lawrence
Scott, Ruth
Schuyler, NY, Herkimer County
Scott, Clement William
Seaman, Sir Owen
Searle, William Albert
Security Trust Company, Rochester, NY
Seward Female Seminary
Seward, William Henry--Please note that this file is large and will take several seconds to load
Seward, William Henry (Addition)
Seward, William Henry (Information about Microform Edition)
Shapiro, Dr. Morris
Shedd, Kendrick Philander
Sherman, Stephen D.
Shutt Family Papers
Sibley, Georgiana Farr
Sibley, Hiram
Sibley Family Addition
Sibley, Lindsay & Curr Company
Sickels, Eleanor M.
Silliman, Benjamin Douglas
Simmons, Steven (Rocky)
Sims, J. Watson
Sisson, William H.
Sisson (William) Family History
Skinner, Cornelia Otis
Skivington, George J.
Slater, John Rothwell
Slaughter (Louise McIntosh) Congressional Papers
Slocum, Mors Ostrander
Smith College Club of Rochester
Smith Family Letters and Manuscripts
Smith Printing Company
Smith (Emily) Scrapbook
Smith, Erasmus Darwin
Smith, John
Smith, John Brainard
Smith, John N.
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Justin
Smith, Loren (Bill) 
Smith, Lyman Herbert
Smith, Siba Hand (Ward)
Smith, Theodore Schuyler
Spears, Robert R., Jr. papers
Sons of Temperance
Sons of the American Revolution (Rochester Chapter)
Soule, Perrie (Peter) C.
Southey, Robert
Spencer, Harriet Hollister
Spencer, James E.
St. John Chrysostom
Starkey, NY
Staud, (Cyril Jerome) Papers, 1925-1941
Steel, Richard
Steele Family Papers
Steele, Fletcher
Steele, John M. Esquire, 1836-1918
Stein (Nathan) Family Papers
Stein-Adler & Co.
Stern, Herbert Morland
Stevens, James Stacy
Stevenson, Robert Louis
Stoughton, Francsico P.A
Stowell, M. Louise
Stratton, Samuel
Stuart, Lyman
Stuber, Adolph
Study Club, Rochester, NY, The
Summers, Joseph and U.T.
Superba Cravats Company
Sutermeister, Arnold Papers, 1850-1865
Sutton-Sharpe, Catherine M.
Sweet, Emma Biddlecom
Symons, Arthur William
Sze, Michael Photograph Collection

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Tallcot-Howland Family
Tallmadge, John J.
Taylor Instrument Company
Temple B'rith Kodesh
Tennyson, Alfred
Terry-Lewis-Gielgud Family
Thackeray Family
The Club
Theatre Group 20
Theatre Poster Collection
Thomas, William Moy
Thorn, Albert
Thorne, Thomas W.
Thompson, Raymond L.
Throop, Enos Thompson
Thwing, O.C. & Son
Tindall Family Films
Todd, B. & Son
Todd (Ellen Laura) Photographs
Toole (John Lawrence) Estate
Toole, John Lawrence
Trade Card Scrapbooks
Traver, Carl R.
Treman, Ann Murray Woodward
Truesdell, Philander
Tuttle, George Eastman
Twentieth-Century Political Button and Pin Collection
Tyler, Anne

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U.S. Work Projects Administration. New York (State) District No.9
U.S. Work Projects Administration. New York (State) Monroe County 
Ukrainian Rochester Collection
Underwriters Board of Rochester
Unidentified soldier from Rochester, NY
Union Veterans' Union. W.T. Sherman Command No. 2
Unitarian Church, Rochester
Unity Club
Universalist Church, Busti, NY
Urban-Suburban Summer School Program, Brighton, NY

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Vail, RWG, Western New York Land Speculation Papers
Vallance, William Roy
Van Deusen, Glyndon Garlock
Van Santvoord, Elizabeth
Vanbrugh, Dame Irene
VanDusen, Ira
Vickery, John
Vietnam War Collections

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Wadsworth Family
Wadsworth, Jeremiah
Waldron, Francis Augustine Joseph
Waller, Agnes M.
Wallis, W. Allen
Ward, Charles Howell
Ward, Frank Hawley
Ward, Henry Augustus 
Ward, Henry Levi
Ward, Joseph Buell Family
Ward, Levi Alfred
Ward, Roswell Howell
Ward-Macomber Family
Ward's Natural Science Establishment
Ward's Natural Science Establishment, Addition
Warner (Horatio Gates) Family
Warner (J. Foster) Family
Waterstraat, Adrian
Watson Family
Webb, William Watson
Webster and Case Hardware Store
Watson, James
Wednesday Club, The
Weed, Thurlow
Wells, Amos J.
Werner, William E.
West (Charles C.) Coal Co., Inc
Whaley, Charles E.
White, Curtis
Whitney, Warham
Whittier, John Greenleaf
Wile, Ira S.
Wiley, Louis
Williams, Albert B.
Williams, David Rhys
Williams, Helen Scrapbook
Williams, John A. 
Willis, Phebe Post
Willsea, Albert C.
Willson, George
Wilmot, Anne St. John, Countess of Rochester
Wilson, Angus
Wilson, James Grant
Wilson, Joseph C.
(Collection of )Woman-Owned Business Advertisements and Ephemera
Woman's Christian Temperance Union
Women's City Club, Rochester, NY
Women's Journal subscription files collection
Women's Rights Ephemera Collection
Women's Suffrage Collection
Woodward (Alvalyn) Papers
Works, Adam Clark
Wright, Helen Stuyestant (Collier)

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YWCA of Rochester and Monroe County
Yates, Nancy Anah (Babcock)
Young Men's Washington Debating Society, Rochester

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Zabriskie, Andrew C.
Zimmer, Paul J.