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A century of Rochester Building, Powers Building (1869), Crossroads Building (1969), and County Courthouse (1894-96)A Century of Rochester Building: Powers Bldg. (1869), Crossroads Building(1969), and Monroe County Courthouse (1894-96)
A century of Rochester Buildings: Powers Bldg.(1869), Crossroads Building (1969), and Monroe County Court House (1894-96)A corner in Powers Art Gallery
A corner of Powers Art GalleryA landmark by Ralph Avery idealizing the prosaic building (formerly the Kimball Tobacco Factory) surmounted by the locally famous Mercury
A local Fraud, this is a fanciful drawing showing the hill of the Revolutionary patriots at Mt. Hope Cemetery with a proposed monument. This monument never was erectedA part of Summerville
A part of the Float BridgeA part of the water power of the Genesee River
A picture, in Genesee Valley ParkA rainy day at the old Brighton Locks
A rare specimen in Genesee Valley ParkA scene in Powder Mills Park, revealing its restful beauty
A street in White City, Windsor BeachA summer afternoon on the lower Genesee River
A view in Powers Art GalleryA View in Reynolds Library
A view of Brighton AvenueA. A. Vanderbeck, residence of, Lake Avenue
A. Adler, residence ofA. B. Hone, residence of
A. B. Potter, residence of, FairportA. Collins, residence of
A. H. Campbell, residence of, ChiliA. H. King, residence of, Chili
A. J. Townson's residence, East AvenueA. J. Townson, residence of
A. M. Lindsay's residenceA. M. Lindsay, residence of
A. M. Lindsay, residence of, garden sceneA. M. Lindsay, scene, garden
A. P. Little, 342 West AvenueA. P. Little, residence of
A. S. Colebrook, IrondequoitA. S. Colebrook, Summerville Boulevard
A. Spiehler, residence ofA. T. Hagan residence
A. T. Hagan, 404 East AvenueA. T. Ketcham, residence of, East Hamlin
A. V. Smith, residence of, 111 Lake AvenueA. Vogt, residence of
A. W. Hopeman and Sons CompanyA. W. Mudge's residence
A. W. Palmer and CompanyA. Weeks, residence of, with portraits, Penfield
Aaron Erickson, 421 East Avenue, RochesterAbbott
Abbott & BradstreetAbel
Abelard Reynolds School, See School no. 42Abell
AbeyAbraham Lincoln School, See School no. 22
Abraham Marsielje, residence of, 34 Buchan ParkAbram Cole, residence of, with portrait, Mendon
AbramowAbstract Guarantee Co.
Academy of NazarethAcademy of the Sacred Heart
Academy of the Sacred Heart BuildingAcademy of the Sacred Heart, Rochester
AdamAdam G. Friederich, residence of
AdamsAdams, F. K., & Co.
Adler - Rochester PlantAdler, L., Bros. & Co.
Adler, L., Brothers & Co.Adolph
Adolph Spiehler, Perfumer, 202 Court StreetAdriance, Platt & Co.
Aebersold, J. M., & Bro.Aerial view of Civic Center Plaza 1972
Aerial view of Downtown Rochester, 1971Aerial view of Downtown Rochester, c 1930
Aerial view of RochesterAerial view of Rochester's Business District (ca 1940)
AexAftermath of Main Street Flood, 1865
AikmanAiling and Cory Company
AioleAir view of the University Medical School and River Campuses, 1959
Akehurst's LibraryAkerly
AlaimoAlanson Higbie, residence of, Penfield
Alaska Milling, Mining, and Trading Co.Albert
Albert Palmer House, 8251 Ridge Road W., ClarksonAlbert Whitney, residence of, with portrait, Penfield
AldenAlden & Lassig
Aldrich, Frank, & Co.Aldridge
Aldridge, Jr.Aldridge, Sr.
Alex. B. Enoch, residence and store, HenriettaAlexander
Alexander Hamilton School, See School no. 31Alexander Street Female Seminary, Alexander Street, 1838, Miss Sarah T. Seward, principal
Alfred Ely residenceAlfred Ely, residence of
Alfred Wright's Perfumery FactoryAlfred Wright, residence of
AlibstonAll Souls Chapel and Tower, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery
AllenAllen, Sr.
Alliance BankAlliance Bank of Rochester
Alliance Tool and Die CorporationAlling
Alling & CoryAlling Brothers
AllisAllison Brothers Co.
Allison House, Vick Park A, RochesterAllmeroth
Almy Auto CompanyAlpeter
Althans, Charles H.Altman
Alvah Strong HallAlvord
AmanAmasa Drake, residence, portrait, E. Brighton
American Albumen Paper Co.American Chemical Manufacturing
American Oil WorksAmerican Union Laundry
American Wringer Co.Ames
Amon Bronson house and William Churchill House, 263 and 240 S. Plymouth Avenue, 'RochesterAmon Bronson House and William Churchill House, 263 and 240 S. Plymouth Avenue, Rochester
Amon Bronson house, 151 Plymouth Avenue South, 1936Amos
Amos Briggs' House, front doorAmos Briggs' House, this house stood on the South side of Highland Ave. nearly opposite the present Highland Heights
AmsdenAn Autumn afternoon in Genesee Valley Park
An Autumn day in Genesee Valley ParkAn East Avenue Garden, Willow Pond
An electric street car, RochesterAn old mill
Anan Harmon, residence of, with portraits, ChiliAndersen
AndersonAnderson Hall
Anderson Hall, 75 College Avenue, RochesterAnderson Hall, Early Woodcut of Anderson Hall, First Campus Building, Opened 1861
Anderson Hall, Edward E. Howell and the megatherium at the University of Rochester (Interior)Anderson Hall, mid-1870's
Anderson Hall, University BuildingsAnderson Hall, University of Rochester
Anderson Hall, University of Rochester (1861)Anderson Statue, University of Rochester
AndrewAndrew J. Townson School, See School no. 39
Andrew Maxfield, residence & portrait, PittsfordAndrew Wollensak, residence of
AndrewsAndrews Homestead, 1920's
Andrews School, See School no. 9Andrews Street Bridge, Flood of 1865
Andrews Street Bridge, Great Flood of 1865Andrews Street Bridge, Wintertime View of
AngleAnn A. Miles, residence of, Pittsford
AnthonyAnthony Baking Company
Appel's RestaurantApplebaum
AqueductAqueduct (during 1913 flood)
Aqueduct (Skaters on) Erie Canal 1880'sAqueduct Inscription
Aqueduct over Genesee, ea 1880Aqueduct Park
Aqueducts at Rochester, 1855, view showing the second aqueduct, completed in 1842; also two arches of the first aqueduct, completed in 1823 RHS Arc
Arcade Dining RoomsArcade Mills
Arcade Photo CompanyArcade, See Reynolds Arcade
ArcherArcher Manufacturing Co.
Architectural Detail, D. A. R. HouseArchitectural rendering of new Geva Theater
Argyle Street off East AvenueArk
ArlidgeArlington, residence & grounds of Hiram R. Wood, Pittsford
Arlington, residence and grounds of Hiram R. Wood, PittsfordArmbruster
Armory, See New York State ArmoryArmour
Armour & Co.Arms
ArmstrongArmstrong, D., & Co.
ArnoldArnold Park at East Avenue
Arnold Park from East AvenueArnold Park in 1877
Arnold, S. J., & Co.Arnoldt
ArthArthur G. Yates' residence
Arthur G. Yates, residence ofArthur H. McCall, 35 Seneca Parkway
Artistic Printing and Engraving Co.As seen by an artist old Lighthouse at Charlotte. Reproduced from a draw- ing made by Walter H. Cassebeer, 1915
As the Brick Church will appearAs the cars got larger, more power was added(1880); (Rochester City and Brighton R. R. Car]
Asbury ChurchAsbury First Methodist Church
Asbury M. E. ChurchAsbury Methodist Church
Asbury Methodist Church (1884)Ashbaw
Assembly Hall, Chamber of CommerceAster Flag on James Vick's seed farm
Astronomical Observatory [of George N. Saegmuller]At Oak Hill Country Club
At the Foot of the Lower FallsAt the Pilot Coach Office
AterAthenaeum and Corinthian Hall, 1864
AtkinsonAtkinson & Sykes
Atlantic Stamping CompanyAtrium New City Hall
Atwater & ArmstrongAtwater, Armstrong & Clarke
Audubon School, See School no. 33August
August Brothers and CompanyAugustine
AustinAustin Market
AutenAutomobile Club Banquet, Genesee Valley Club
Automobile Show, Convention HallAutumn scene, Irondequoit
Azaleas in Highland ParkAzodo

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