Rochester Local History Indexes: Results

Name Year of Publication
Alt, George G.1903
Alt, George G.1911
Alt, Charles C.1911
Alt, Charles C.1903
Alt, George G.1911
Alt, Charles C.1911
Alt, Florence May1894
Alt, George G.1903
Alt, Charles C.1903
Althans, Charles H.1894
Altman, Rose 1989
Altpeter, Julius C. 1891
Altpeter, Wiliam C.1908
Baltimore Dairy Lunch Rooms1902
Burkhalter's Market1902
Central Maintenance Facility: salt storage building1984
Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Reredos & main altar1923
City Springs Brewery and Malt House1891
Dalton, Charles Richard1928
Dalton, Francis 1924
Dalton, Emily Oemisch1928
E. B. Parsons Malting Company, 65 Warehouse Street1888
Flower City Specialty Company1909
Haushalter, George M.1980
Jordan Health Center1984
Kaltreider, Nolan L.1992
Leicester Salt Works1888
Maltese, Louis 1924
Maltese, Louis 1924
Office Specialty Manufacturing Co.1890
Office Specialty Manufacturing Co.1890
Parsons, E. B. Malting Co.1881
Parsons, E. B. Malting Co.1888
Parsons, E. B. Malting Co.1891
Qualtrough, William Henry1902
Qualtrough, Fred 1891
Rock Asphalt Pavement Co.1898
Salter, Leon 1980
Salter, John 1981
Salter, Robert 1913
Salter, Robert 1928
Salter, Jane King1928
Salter, James A.1959
Salter, James A.1908
Salter Brothers1891
Salter Brothers1894
Salter Brothers1888
Salter Brothers, flowers, 249 Park Avenue1899
School No. 16, John Walton Spencer School1922
St. Luke's Church, Altar1976
Walter, John A. P. 1891
Walter, Raymond John1928
Walter, Mildred Emily1928
Walter, John A. P. 1884
Walter, John A. P.1908
Walter, John A. P.1895
Walter, John A.P.1902
Walter, John A.P.1908
Walter, John A. P.1903
Walter, J. A.P.1903
Walter B. Duffy's residence1893
Walter's Art Gallery1902
Walters, Joseph John1924
Walters, Joseph John1924
Waltjen, Henry 1908
Waltjens Painters and Decorators1912
Walton, Fred E.1897
Walton, Fred E.1897
Walton & Kaseman1898
Warren-Scharf Asphalt Paving Co.1898

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