Rochester Local History Indexes: Results

Name Year of Publication
Academy of Nazareth1892
Academy of the Sacred Heart1892
Academy of the Sacred Heart Building1977
Ade, Carl C.1925
Ade, Carl C.1925
Ade, Benedict 1959
Ade, Carl C.1959
Ade, Carl C.1939
Arcade Dining Rooms1902
Arcade Mills1884
Arcade Photo Company1888
Baden-Ormond District1979
Canadian Troops, Military Parade, Rochester, July 4, 18991899
Centennial Parade 1934, looking East on Main at Water Street1961
Chamber of Commerce, Third Industrial Parade1912
Circus parade on Main Street, about 18901949
Clarkson Academy, 8343 Ridge Road West, Clarkson1974
Colonel Samuel C. Pierce standing at the spot in Reynolds Arcade where Daniel Webster delivered his address, May 23, 18511976
Democratic State Convention Parade, 18711949
Dockstader, George M.1911
Dockstader, George M.1929
Dockstader, George M.1911
Dockstader, Myron H.1914
Drawing made for Edwin Scrantom of the log cabin occupied by the family of Hamlet Scrantom1976
Empire State College in former Sacred Heart Academy1984
Fire Parade, 19091956
Fire Parade, 19091956
Fulreader, John W.1908
Fulreader, John W.1908
Fulreader, John William1902
Fulreader, Oscar John1959
Fulreader, Oscar John1939
Fulreader, Rufus Ernest1928
Henrietta Union School, formerly Monroe Academy1877
Henrietta Union School, formerly Monroe Academy1877
Interior of Chapel at the Sacred Heart Academy1892
John Leader & Son Company1912
Labor Day Parade1897
Labor Day Parade {view) 19101956
Labor Day Parade {view) 19101956
Mader, John N.1907
Main Street Bridge, June 1969, Crossroads Project showing Reynolds Arcade and back of State Street1976
Main Street, parade view, Main and State Streets, early 1880's1949
Meade, George L.1925
Meade, George L.1903
Meade, George L.1903
Meade, George L.1925
Meade, Gordon M.1992
Meader, Pauline Rosalie1928
Otis Day Parade, June 15, 19001976
Padelford, Donald Charles1928
Padelford, Sarah MacCargo1928
Parade view at Main and State Streets, early 1880's1949
Promenade of Sea Breeze Amusement Park (ca 1925)1979
Promenade to the Lake1899
Reynolds Arcade1979
Reynolds Arcade1934
Reynolds Arcade1944
Reynolds Arcade (detail)1977
Reynolds Arcade (interior), 18841984
Reynolds Arcade about 18351895
Reynolds Arcade, 16 E. Main Street1982
Reynolds Arcade, early view1970
Reynolds Arcade, interior view, 18511945
Reynolds Arcade, interior view, 18771949
Reynolds Arcade, time of Civil War1970
Reynolds Arcade, waiting for the mail, Sunday, March 25, 18881976
Roades, William Cornelius1928
Roades, F. B. 1891
Rochester Day Parade (view) 19081956
Rochester Day Parade (view) 19081956
Rochester Free Academy1984
Rochester Free Academy1893
Rochester Free Academy1977
Rochester Free Academy1984
Rochester Free Academy1984
Rochester Free Academy Building1944
Rochester Free Academy, later to become Education Building1976
Rochester Free Academy, St. Luke's Episcopal Church1974
Rochester Savings Bank, interior, present site at 40 Franklin Street, photo by Hans Padelt from Landmark Society collection1976
Rochester's Semi-Centennial Parade (view) 18841949
Schreader, Benjamin H.1924
Schreader, Benjamin H.1924
Semicentennial Parade (view) 18841973
Smith's Arcade1934
Spader, Willard B.1895
St. Luke's Episcopal Church & Rochester Free Academy1974
St. Mary's Academy1892
Suffragette Parade on Main Street1956
Suffragette Parade on Main Street1956
The Academy Building (formerly Rochester Free Academy), 13 S. Fitzhugh St.1982
The Esplanade1899
Traders Box and Lumber Co.1909
Traders Box and Lumber Company1912
Traders National Bank1885
Traders National Bank1893
Traders National Bank1894
Traders National Bank1888
Traders National Bank1881
Traders National Bank1912
Victory arch, Main Street, parade of welcome for General Otis, June 15 19001976
Wade, George F.1994
[Reynolds Arcade], the old Arcade1884

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