Rochester Local History Indexes: Results

Name Year of Publication
Arc, Jacob 1984
Arcade Dining Rooms1902
Arcade Mills1884
Arcade Photo Company1888
Archer, George Washington1895
Archer, George Washington1908
Archer, Gideon 1994
Archer, George W.1895
Archer, George W.1908
Archer, George W.1902
Archer, George Washington1895
Archer, George Washington1908
Archer Manufacturing Co.1884
Archer Manufacturing Co.1891
Archer Manufacturing Co.1888
Architectural Detail, D. A. R. House1937
Architectural rendering of new Geva Theater1984
Colonel Samuel C. Pierce standing at the spot in Reynolds Arcade where Daniel Webster delivered his address, May 23, 18511976
Cutler, James G. Architect1885
Entrance Arch, Rochester's Street Fair, August 7-12, 18991899
Exchange Place, later Corinthian Street, March 18, 18651976
Flood, March 18651895
Garcia, Domingo 1972
Garcia, Domingo 1972
Gleason, H. B. Architect1885
Hayden Company Building fire, March 25, 19031905
Main Street Bridge, June 1969, Crossroads Project showing Reynolds Arcade and back of State Street1976
Marcello, Salvaltore 1924
Marchand, Louis J. 1891
Marcy, Lemuel Barrows1928
Otis Arch, 19001970
Otis Arch, 19001973
Otis Arch, closeup view (1900)1956
Otis Arch, closeup view (1900)1956
Parce, Walter Anson1922
Parce, Mabel Warrant1928
Parce, Walter A.1898
Parce, Yale 1928
Parce, W. H.1914
Parce, Walter Anson1922
Parce, Walter A.1902
Physics Research Building at Kodak Park, 19611961
Reynolds Arcade1979
Reynolds Arcade1944
Reynolds Arcade1934
Reynolds Arcade (detail)1977
Reynolds Arcade (interior), 18841984
Reynolds Arcade about 18351895
Reynolds Arcade, 16 E. Main Street1982
Reynolds Arcade, early view1970
Reynolds Arcade, interior view, 18511945
Reynolds Arcade, interior view, 18771949
Reynolds Arcade, time of Civil War1970
Reynolds Arcade, waiting for the mail, Sunday, March 25, 18881976
Search, B. L.1917
Search, Lewis 1895
Search, Charles W.1895
Smith & Marcuson1881
Smith's Arcade1934
Victory Arch at Four Corners, 18651973
Victory Arch at Four Corners, 18651949
Victory Arch, Four Corners, 18651970
Victory arch, Main Street, parade of welcome for General Otis, June 15 19001976
[Reynolds Arcade], the old Arcade1884

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