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Art and Architecture

Bragdon, Claude Fayette (1866-1946) 
Correspondence, manuscripts, architectural drawings LIST, costume and set designs, drawings, scrapbooks, printed material; approximately 100 linear feet, and 4,500 architectural drawings 
Gift of the Bragdon family, 1950, and subsequent gifts; architectural records gift of Harwood Dryer, 1974 
Claude Bragdon's papers reflect his varied career as architect, stage designer, author, publisher, and mystic. Included in the collection are the papers of members of the Bragdon and Shipherd families. The papers of novelist Carman Barnes (1892-1960) include more than one hundred letters from Bragdon to Barnes concerning their mutual interest in the occult.
Additional Bragdon Family Papers donated by Peter W. Bragdon in October, 1997.

Dryer Architectural Collection 
Architectural drawings, specifications, correspondence, and business records; approximately twenty-four linear feet of business records and drawings and specifications for 765 architectural projects in Rochester and vicinity 
Gift of Virginia Smith Dryer, 1993 
In 1885 Jay J. Fay and Otis W. Dryer formed the architectural firm of Fay and Dryer. The partnership dissolved in 1912, and Otis W. Dryer opened his own firm. In 1925 he was joined by his son, Harwood B. Dryer, and formed the firm of Dryer and Dryer. After Otis W. Dryer's death in 1957, H. B. Dryer continued the firm under his own name until he retired in 1976. He died in 1992. The collection contains the drawings and business papers for projects done by these firms between 1886 and 1983.

Ellis, Harvey (1852-1904) 
Original pencil sketches and watercolors by Harvey Ellis; prints and ledgers pertaining to his architectural firm; scrapbook; family correspondence; printed material. Five linear feet
Gift of Mary M. Gazley, 1992 
Architect, artist, and craftsman, Ellis designed several buildings in Rochester and St. Paul, Minnesota. He was also an illustrator for The Craftsman and a designer of furniture for Gustav Stickley.

Erie Canal Engineers 
Twenty items 
Gift from an unknown source 
The collection consists of drawings of locks and bridges for the first enlargement of the Erie Canal.

Gordon and Kaelber 
Approximately fifty drawings and 150 photographs 
Gift of Kaelber, Meyer, Miller, and Kopf, 1981 
The collection consists of renderings in pencil and watercolor, and plans and photographs of projects built by the firm, which was founded in Rochester in 1902. Major projects represented include the Eastman Dental Dispensaries in Rochester, Paris, and Brussels, and the River Campus of the University of Rochester.

Le Brun, Elisabeth Louise Vigee (1755-1842) 
Thirty-five manuscript pages of Vigee Le Brun's autobiography, Souvenirs , published in 1835 
Purchased on the Wilson Family Fund, 1976 
Vigee Le Brun was a French portrait painter patronized by the aristocracy and the royal family, particularly Marie Antoinette. While in exile, after the French Revolution, she painted the portraits of Europe's crowned heads and nobility. She returned to France in 1805. Her three-volume autobiography Souvenirs was published between 1835 and 1837. The manuscript journal is a preliminary draft of pages from the first volume.

Lee, Arthur Tracy (1815-1879) 
A scrapbook and sixty-nine watercolors and pencil sketches 
Gift of Mary Janet Ashley, 1961 
Lee was a captain in the United States Army. During his tour of duty in western Texas between 1849 and 1861, he made watercolor and pencil sketches of the frontier, many of scenes in and around Fort Davis.

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) 
Approximately 1,300 books and pamphlets 
Gift of Anthony J. and Frances A. Guzzetta, 1962 and subsequent gifts 
The collection relates to the thought, artistic and scientific achievements, and influence of Leonardo da Vinci. Included are many editions of his Treatise on Painting, beginning with the first Italian and French editions, published in 1651. Also present are facsimile editions of Leonardo's notebooks. (See catalogue of exhibition: The Anthony J. and Frances A. Guzzetta Collection of Leonardo da Vinci, in The University of Rochester Library Bulletin , vol. 44, 1994.)

Steele, Fletcher (1885-1971) 
Client-related files and personal financial material; about six linear feet 
Gift of Nancy Bolger, 1985 
Steele was an American landscape architect. The collection includes extensive material regarding three of his jobs from the late 1920s and early 1930s; briefer material relating to client jobs, late 1950s and early 1960s. Also personal financial papers, 1940-1966.

Other Noteworthy Architectural Materials
Individual architectural projects by:
  • James B. Arnold
  • James G. Cutler
  • Harvey Ellis
  • Herbert Stern
  • Walker and Nolan
  • Ward Wellington Ward
  • H. G. Warner


Printing, Publishing and Book Arts

About 20,000 personal and institutional bookplates 
Acquired through various gifts and purchases since 1939 
The bookplate collection includes the collections of Donald Gilchrist, Maude Motley, and Louis J. Bailey, and features a collection of printed sources relating to bookplates.

Approximately ninety books printed before 1501 
Purchased mainly on the Olsan Fund since 1940; gifts of Hiram W. Sibley and various other donors
The earliest dated book in the Library is the 1472 edition of St. Thomas Aquinas's Summa Theologicae. There are also books from the great centers of early printing, including Mainz, Nuremberg, Cologne, Strasbourg, Basel, Venice, and Rome. Two volumes are especially notable. Appianus's Historia Romana, printed by Ratdolt in Venice (1477), is said to be the first to employ a woodcut border and considered one of the most beautiful books of the later fifteenth century. The Moralia in Job by Pope Gregory the Great (Venice: 1480) features an illuminated initial, a border in colors and gold, and rubrication throughout.

Leo Hart Printing Company Papers (1905-1963) 
Business records, correspondence, samples, photographs, specimen books; approximately fifteen linear feet
Gift of Horace Hart, 1956, and subsequently
The Leo Hart Printing Company was founded in Rochester in 1905. It produced mainly job work until about 1935, briefly published fine books under the imprint The Printing House of Leo Hart, and after 1945 concentrated on color reproduction. Related are the papers of the Smith Printing Company of Rochester, which merged with the Leo Hart Printing Company in 1955.

History of Printing
Approximately 1000 volumes
Acquired through various gifts and purchases
The collection includes works produced by the great sixteenth-century printers including the Frobens at Basel, Badius Ascensius, Geoffrey Tory, the Estiennes and Simon de Colines at Paris, the Plantin Press at Antwerp and Paris, and the Aldine Press at Venice. Emblem books, herbals, and Renaissance texts are represented, as well as works by Baskerville, Walpole, Bodoni, Pickering, and Nonesuch. There are examples from the great private presses of Kelmscott, Doves, Ashendene, Vale, Eragny, with special strengths in the works of the Golden Cockerel and Grabhorn presses.

Photographically Illustrated Books (Hubbell Collection)
Approximately 600 volumes
Gift of Robert F. Metzdorf in memory of Walter Sage Hubbell, 1967; various purchases
The collection consists of books illustrated with original mounted photographs. The insertion of original photographs preceded the invention of photomechanical reproduction as a method of book illustration.

Roycroft-Hubbard Collection (1887-1965) 
Correspondence, manuscripts, printed ephemera and photographs; approximately two linear feet; 750 books and extensive periodical runs, including The Fra and The Philistine
Gift of Robert Volz, 1977; various other gifts and purchases

Elbert Hubbard founded the Roycroft Press, furniture factory, and semi-communal business in East Aurora, New York, in 1894. The familiar suede leather bindings and yapp edges mark many of the press's publications.

Victorian Edition Bindings
Approximately 1,200 volumes
Acquired through various gifts, particularly that of Robert F. Metzdorf, and purchases since 1969
The collection emphasizes English and American trade bookbinding from 1800 to 1920, including gold-stamped and pictorial cloth bindings.

British and European History

General History Topics

Humanism and the Reformation 
Approximately sixty titles 
Acquired through various gifts and purchases 
The collection includes works by Erasmus, Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, Barnaud, More, and Melancthon, as well as books printed by the Frobens, the Estiennes, the Aldine Press, and other early scholarly printing houses. Included is the University of Rochester Libraries' two millionth volume, The Workes of Sir Thomas More Knyght (1557).

Law and Political Theory 
Approximately 450 titles in eight languages 
Purchased primarily on the Bowerman, Hiram Olsan, Ira Olsan, Taylor, Tweddell, and Wilson Family Funds, and by special allocation of the Friends of the University of Rochester Libraries since 1976 
The collection spans a period from the sixteenth to the early nineteenth centuries. It includes first and early editions of landmark works by such writers as Francois Hotman, Hugo Grotius, Edmund Burke, and Jean Bodin, as well as several editions of the Corpus Iuris Civilis.

Maurepas, Jean Frederic Phelypeaux, Comte de (1701-1781) 
Twenty-eight items. Documents relating to the cod and herring catches of the French fleet (1739-46), instructions for officers on a man-of-war (ca. 1740), report on iron works at Saint-Maurice, Quebec (1743), correspondence and papers concerning the attempt to recapture Louisbourg, Cape Breton Island (1745-1747), and a report on the Louisiana campaign (1739-1840). 
Purchase and gift of Robert F. Metzdorf, 1962 
Maurepas was Secretary of the Navy under Louis XV.

Medieval Manuscripts and Early Modern Manuscripts
Approximately 180 items.
Inventory roll of the library at the Benedictine monastery of Saint-Victor at Marseille (1374); codex Der Stachel der Liebe, a fifteenth-century translation of the Stimulus Amoris ; codex Ordo Extremae Unctionis, written in 1481 for the sisters of the Dominican convent of St. Catherine at Nuremberg; fifteenth-century Book of Hours likely from Bruges (part of the Rossell Hope Robbins Library Rare Books collection); fifteenth-century miscellaneous compilation, including texts by Hugh of St Victor, Arnold of Villanova, and anonymous commentaries on the Apocalypse (Rossell Hope Robbins Library Rare Book collection). Legal documents, religious texts, fragments, and rolls from England, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, and elsewhere.
Acquired through various gifts and purchases 

Seventeenth-Century English Political and Religious Controversy 
Approximately 400 volumes 
Acquired through various gifts and purchases, and through special allocation of the Friends of the Libraries, 1978 
The collection includes works of late seventeenth-century English religious and political controversy, with emphasis on William Sherlock, dean of St. Paul's Cathedral, Stuart biographical materials, and thirty editions of the Eikon Basilike. This popular work, purported to be the meditations of King Charles I on death and duty, was prohibited by the Commonwealth government and yet went through some sixty editions in its first year.

Voyages and Travels 
Approximately 125 volumes 
Acquired through various gifts and purchases 
The collection consists of accounts of voyages by Awnsham and John Churchill, James Cook, John Harris, John Hawkesworth, Thomas Osborne, John Pinkerton, William Henry Portlock, and George Vancouver, and other accounts of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century polar, continental, and oceanic explorations. Also included is David RobertsThe Holy Land (1842-1849), with lithographs by Louis Haghe, as well as traveler, emigrant, and tourist guides to the United States, such as various editions of Theodore Dwight'sNorthern Traveller (1825-1830).

Wilmot, Anne St. John Lee, Countess of Rochester (1614-1695) 
Twenty-four items. Letters to her grandson Edward Henry Lee, first Earl of Lichfield and others, mostly concerning the disputed will of the Countess granddaughter, the poet Anne Lee Wharton, who died in 1685. 
Purchased on the Wilson Family Fund, 1973 
The letters are discussed in J. W. Johnson's article, My dearest sonne : Letters from the Countess of Rochester to the Earl of Lichfield, University of Rochester Library Bulletin, vol. 28, no. 1 (Summer, 1974), pp. 24-32.

Victoria and Victoriana

Mensdorff-Pouilly, Alphonse (1810-1894) 
Letters in German to Alphonse Mensdorff-Pouilly from Queen Victoria; Prince Albert; Mary Louisa Victoria, Duchess of Kent; and Leopold I, King of the Belgians, on family matters with a few comments on the events of the day. One and a half linear feet 
Purchased on the Olsan Fund; gift of Mrs. Donald F. Hyde in memory of Robert F. Metzdorf, 1975 
Count Alphonse Mensdorff-Pouilly was a first cousin of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

Metzdorf Victoriana Collection 
Correspondence by Queen Victoria and members of her family and circle, documents and warrants signed by the Queen and her ministers, one of the Queen's sketch books, printed ephemera, portraits and photographs, coins and medals, textiles. Approximately three linear feet, thirty-two framed pictures, and book collection

American History

Political History

Anti-Masonic Collection 
Approximately 150 titles 
Acquired through various gifts and purchases 
Printed material relating to the anti-masonic controversy of the 1820s and 1830s, including addresses, almanacs, convention proceedings, histories, and reminiscences. The William Henry Seward Papers and the Thurlow Weed Papers contain related manuscript material.

Bruce, Sir Frederick William Adolphus (1814-1867) 
Retained copies of 108 letters to Prime Minister Lord John Russell and foreign ministers Earl of Clarendon and Lord Stanley 
Purchased with funds provided by Mrs. William Henry Seward III, 1973 
The letters concern issues between the United States and Great Britain in the post-Civil War and Reconstruction period. Bruce was a British representative in Washington, D.C., from March 1865 to September 1867.

Dewey, Thomas E. (1902-1971) 
Correspondence, manuscripts, reports, printed material, newspaper clippings, phonograph records, tape recordings, photographs, films, and memorabilia; 1,035 linear feet 
Gift of Thomas E. Dewey and his estate, since 1955 Dewey was district attorney of New York County from 1938 to 1943, governor of New York from 1943 to 1955, and Republican candidate for president of the United States in 1944 and 1948.

Democrats for Willkie 
Correspondence, campaign literature, staff memos, volunteer lists, press releases, newspaper clippings, geographic files, and financial records; twenty linear feet 
Gift of Democrats for Willkie; deposited 1941, donated 1961 
Democrats for Willkie was a party splinter group organized to support Wendell L. Willkie's candidacy for president of the United States in 1940. Founded in July 1940, the group dissolved with Willkie's defeat in November of that year.

Folsom, Marion B. (1893-1976) 
Correspondence, reports, and printed material; eighty-four linear feet 
Gift of Marion B. Folsom, 1968 
An Eastman Kodak executive, Folsom was also undersecretary of the treasury from 1953 to 1955 and secretary of health, education, and welfare from 1955 to 1958. The material in this collection concerns the creation, passage, and subsequent amendments to the Social Security Act of 1953, unemployment insurance legislation, the Colmer Special Committee on Postwar Economic Policy and Planning, the Committee for Economic Development, and other governmental and civic bodies on which Folsom served.

Horton, Frank (b. 1919) 
Legislative reference and correspondence files, general correspondence files, speeches, reports, press releases, photographs, films, and memorabilia; approximately 1,500 linear feet 
Gift of Frank Horton, since 1967 
Horton was a congressman from the Rochester area from 1963 to 1992. He served on the Government Operations Committee, the Select Committee on Committees, the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, the House Military Operations Sub-Committee, the Select Committee on Small Business, and the Government Procurement Commission. 
The collection is currently unprocessed.

Keating, Kenneth B. (1900-1975) 
Correspondence, speeches, press releases, tapes, phonograph records, picture files, memorabilia, scrapbooks, printed material; 1,200 linear feet 
Gift of Kenneth B. Keating, 1965, and subsequently 
Keating was a lawyer, congressman from 1947 to 1959, Senator from New York from 1959 to 1965, Associate Justice of the New York Court of Appeals from 1966 to 1969, Ambassador to India from 1969 to 1972, and Ambassador to Israel from 1973 to 1975.

Krupsak, Mary Ann (b. 1932) 
Correspondence, reports, printed material, speeches, records; ninety-eight linear feet 
Gift of Mary Ann Krupsak, 1979 
Mary Ann Krupsak was Lieutenant Governor of New York from 1975 to 1978.

Patterson, George Washington (1799-1879) 
Correspondence; ten linear feet 
Gift of Mrs. Frank W. Crandall, 1944 
Patterson was the agent of the Chautauqua Land Office at Westfield, New York, the Lieutenant Governor of New York State in 1848, and a member of the House of Representatives from 1877 to 1879. The correspondence concerns local, state, and national affairs.

Seward, William Henry (1801-1872) 
Correspondence, financial records, legal papers, manuscripts, memorabilia; approximately 230 linear feet 
Gifts of William Henry Seward III, 1945-1951; also purchases with funds provided by Claire Seward and the Foundation Historical Association and other sources 
Seward was Governor of New York from 1839 to 1842, Senator from New York from 1849 to 1861, and Secretary of State from 1861 to 1869. The correspondence relates to New York state and national affairs, and also to Seward family matters. The collection contains 3,000 pamphlets owned by Seward, dealing with political, economic, commercial, agricultural, and social issues. Correspondents include Charles Francis Adams (about 100 letters), Millard Fillmore (50), Horace Greeley (100), Abraham Lincoln (80), Daniel Webster (30), Thurlow Weed (800), and Gideon Welles (30). Most of the manuscript collection was microfilmed by Research Publications, and researchers are requested to use the film. DESCRIPTION OF MICROFILM

D.179 William Henry Seward Papers Addition includes material that has been added to the collection since the microfilming.

Stratton, Samuel (1916-1990) 
Correspondence, subject files, press releases, clippings; approximately 200 linear feet 
Gift of Samuel Stratton, 1985-1988 
Stratton served as a Democratic congressman from upstate New York for 15 terms, 1959-1989, and became dean of the New York State Delegation in 1979. He was an active member of the House Armed Services Committee. 
The papers will be open in January 1999.

Vallance, William Roy (1887-1967) 
Correspondence, memoranda, reports, printed material, and memorabilia; approximately 100 linear feet 
Gift of William Roy Vallance 1964, 1967 
Vallance was a lawyer and a member of the State Department from 1918 to 1958. Papers relate to his involvement in international conferences and deal with immigration, smuggling, radio and telegraph law, and maritime problems, and with the formation and perpetuation of professional legal groups, such as the American Bar Association.

Weed, Thurlow (1797-1882) 
Correspondence; thirty linear feet 
Gift of Harriet Hollister Spencer, Elizabeth Hollister Frost Blair, and Isabella Hollister Tuttle, 1946 
Weed, a journalist and politician, was the editor of the Albany (New York) Evening Journal from 1830 to 1862. He was an associate of William Henry Seward and Horace Greeley in New York state politics and a vigorous supporter of Lincoln. The collection contains correspondence on New York state and national politics and the Anti-Masonic, Whig, and Republican parties, and includes approximately one thousand letters from Seward.
Other Holdings in American Political History
Papers of Theodore Medad Pomeroy, U.S. Congressman from New York State, 1861-1869; John Meredith Read, Civil War general and diplomat; Enos Thompson Throop, Governor of New York, 1829-1832.

Woman Suffrage

Anthony, Susan B. (1820-1906) 
Approximately seventy letters; photographs; memorabilia 
Acquired through various purchases since 1939; anonymous gift, 1972 
Anthony was a leader in the woman suffrage movement. Most of the letters in this collection are addressed to the Treasurer of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, Harriet Taylor Upton, and date from 1889 to 1893. A related collection is the ANTHONY-AVERY PAPERS, which contains 161 letters from Susan B. Anthony written between 1882 and 1904 to Rachel Foster Avery, the corresponding secretary of the National American Woman Suffrage Association. Also in the collection are 36 letters from Avery to Anthony and correspondence of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Carrie Chapman Catt, and Anna Howard Shaw.

Susan B. Anthony Memorial, Inc. 
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, printed material, photographs, memorabilia; three and one half linear feet 
On deposit since 1975 from the Susan B. Anthony Memorial, Inc. 
The collection contains letters from Genevieve Lel Hawley to her aunt. Written between 1897 and 1902, they describe her life as Anthony's secretary and as assistant to Anthony's biographer, Ida Husted Harper. There are also letters to and from Ella Hawley Crossett, president of the New York State Woman Suffrage Association from 1902 to 1910.

Additional material on deposit from the Susan B. Anthony Memorial, Inc. includes correspondence, printed material, photographs and memorabilia.

Sweet, Emma Biddlecom (1862-1951) 
Correspondence, photographs, printed material; three linear feet 
The collection came from the estate of Emma Biddlecom Sweet in 1952 
The collection contains letters to Sweet from Susan B. Anthony, Carrie Chapman Catt, and other suffrage leaders. Sweet was a suffragist who served intermittently as Anthony's secretary between 1895 and 1906.

Other Noteworthy Suffrage Holdings

Woman suffrage material can be found in the William Channing Gannett Papers, Post Family Papers, and the Papers of the Unitarian Church of Rochester.

Women's Rights

Women's Rights Ephemera Collection (1850- 2011) 
Print Material, 4 boxes, 2 flat boxes.
Staff members in the Rare Books, Special Collections and Rare Books Department collected the materials in the Women's Rights Ephemera Collection from the 1970s to the present. The provenance of the earlier items is unknown.
The collection epresents the media coverage Susan B. Anthony and her fellow activists received, as well as their lasting influence and impact. As women's history developed as a recognized field of study in the 1960s and 1970s, the world and Rochester, New York in particular, rediscovered their native daughter, Susan B. Anthony. The city held celebrations commemorating her birthday, the anniversary of her arrest for voting in the 1872 presidential election, as well as the founding and growth of the Susan B. Anthony House.

Rochester Feminist Collection (ca. 1970- 1986) 
Activism and Printed Materials, 1 box, 1 flat box.
Started by Rare Books and Special Collections staff member, Lana Sauciunac in November 1978.
The series Activism contains materials from the Speak- Out conference organized by the Genesee Region Women's group on June 4, 1977. Issue packets such as economic and health rights provide documentation of the later phase of the Second Wave feminism movement. The second series includes fliers and pamphlets regarding the campaign for the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s, which was never ratified, as well as reproductive rights campaigns and lesbian rights issues.

National Organization for Women, Rochester Chapter (ca. 1970- 1986) 
Local Campaigns and National Campaign Materials, 1 box.
Gift of Jane Pitts, September 15, 2005.
The National Organization for Women (NOW) was founded in 1966 by activists Betty Friedan, Reverend Pauli Murray and Shirley Chisholm. In 1970, activists in Rochester formed a local chapter of the national organization. Since then, their members have succeeded in ending the sex segregated help wanted ads in Gannett newspapers, published in Rochester, wrote and published the first edition of the Rochester Area Women's Business and Services Directory, as well as participated in an 1989 and 1992 marches held in Washington, D.C.
Social and Cultural History

Bellamy, Francis (1855-1931) 
Correspondence, reports, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, printed material; two linear feet 
Gift of David Bellamy (1952) and Mrs. David Bellamy (1962) 
While on the staff of The Youth's Companion, Bellamy wrote the "Pledge of Allegiance" in 1892, to be recited by schoolchildren across the nation on the 400th anniversary of the voyage of Columbus to America. The collection includes copies of the "Pledge" in Bellamy's hand and evidence gathered for hearings before the United States Flag Association and Congress to prove his claim of authorship. Bellamy was an 1876 graduate of the University of Rochester. Closely related are the papers of his son David Bellamy, which contain materials he wrote and gathered to establish his father as the author of "The Pledge of Allegiance."

Douglass, Frederick (1818-1895) 
Approximately 100 letters in the Frederick Douglass Papers, Post Family Papers, Porter Family Papers, and other collections 
Acquired through various gifts and purchases 
The abolitionist orator and writer lived in Rochester between 1847 and 1872. His correspondents include Amy and Isaac Post, Samuel Drummond Porter, Theodore Tilton, and Jenny Marsh Parker. Of particular interest are two underground railroad passes written by Douglass.

Florence, Minister Franklin D. R. (b. 1934) 
Correspondence, mimeographed flyers and other materials, reports; 4 linear feet. 
Gift of Minister Florence, 1980 
A social activist in Rochester, Minister Florence worked in the FIGHT organization of the 1960s and 1970s. Material relates to FIGHT and Florence's pastorates at the Reynolds Street Church of Christ and later the Central Church of Christ.

Monroe County Penitentiary Papers (1854-1971) 
Correspondence, financial and legal papers, ledgers, day books, cash books, etc.; fourteen linear feet (including 107 bound volumes) 
Gift of Monroe County 
Material relating to the financial operations of the penitentiary, the management of various shops and the penitentiary farm; some records of individual prisoners work, belongings, etc.; annual statistical reports, 1899-1948

Rochester Race Riot Papers 
Newspaper clippings, photographs, and audio tapes; 3 linear feet. 
Gift of Jean U. Bub, 1984 
Papers chronicle the July 24-26 1964 racial disturbances in Rochester, NY and their aftermath. The collection consists of materials collected and organized by William J. Bub, Jr. during research for his master's thesis.

Rochester Socialist Scrapbook Collection 
Four scrapbooks on the Rochester Socialist Sunday School, two on the Young People's Socialist League of Rochester, and one on the Rochester Labor Lyceum, kept between 1910 and 1919. The scrapbooks contain correspondence from prominent socialists and reformers (Margaret Sanger, Theodore Debs, Walter Rauschenbusch, and Emma Goldman), printed material, ephemera, and photographs. 
Purchased on the Tweddell Fund, 1978 
The scrapbooks chronicle the organizations and activities sponsored by the Rochester Labor Lyceum, the local branch of the Socialist Party.

Wile, Ira S. (1877-1943) 
Articles, pamphlets, and correspondence about the early birth control movement, including approximately thirty letters from its founder Margaret Sanger; research data on the study of right- and left-handedness; articles and speeches on pediatrics and mental hygiene. Ten linear feet 
Gift of Dr. Ira S. Wile, 1943, and Mrs. Wile, 1944 
Dr. Wile was a physician, lecturer, and author. He was commissioner of education in New York City from 1912 to 1918, and established the New York City school lunch system and the Manhattanville Nursery.

Family Papers

Porter Family (1785-1912) 
Correspondence; legal, financial, and business papers; seven linear feet 
Gift of Samuel Porter and Mrs. Craig P. Cochrane, since 1950 
Correspondence of the Porter, Farley, and Peck families of Connecticut, Maine, Philadelphia, and Rochester. Included are letters to Samuel Drummond Porter and Susan (Farley) Porter from fellow abolitionists Frederick Douglass and Gerrit Smith, and letters from the Porters' son, Samuel, while a soldier during the Civil War.

Post Family Papers (1817-1918) 
Correspondence; four linear feet 
Gift of Mrs. Ruden Post, 1975 
Papers of Amy (1802-1889) and Isaac (1798-1872) Post, who were abolitionists, spiritualists, and advocates of temperance and women's rights. Included are letters from leaders of these reform movements, including Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucy Stone, Frederick Douglass, William C. Nell, Sojourner Truth, and Harriet Jacobs, as well as letters from members of the Post family regarding family matters, farm activities, and day-to-day concerns.

Rochester, Nathaniel (1752-1831) 
Correspondence, financial, and legal papers; two linear feet 
Purchase, 1933, and gift of Emory M. Osgood, 1990 
Nathaniel Rochester was a resident of Hagerstown, Maryland, when he acquired a part interest in what is now downtown Rochester. He subsequently moved to upstate New York, and eventually to the growing village of Rochester in 1818, where he spent the rest of his life. The collection, especially strong for the period 1800-1830, concerns both family and business matters. Particularly noteworthy are more than thirty letters by two sons serving in the War of 1812 and seventeen letters, 1832-1834, written by a younger son to his mother and sisters during an extended trip through Europe.

Related collections include the papers of his eldest son William Beatty Rochester, one linear foot; and the Nathaniel Rochester Family Papers, one linear foot.

Other Noteworthy Holdings
The Department owns other significant collections of papers of Rochester and upstate New York families; typically, these contain correspondence from family members and friends, diaries, legal and financial papers, photographs, and genealogical material:

Religious Papers

Bernstein, Philip S. (1901-1985) 
Correspondence, drafts of sermons, speeches, miscellaneous printed material; ninety linear feet 
Gift of Rabbi Philip S. Bernstein 1977, 1982, 1985 (estate) 
Archive relates to Rabbi Bernstein's tenure at Rochester's Temple Brith Kodesh, as head of the Committee on Army and Navy Religious Activities of the National Jewish Welfare Board during World War II, as advisor on Jewish affairs to the U.S. Army Commanders in Europe following the war, as president of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, and as chairman of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

First Unitarian Church, Rochester, New York (1829-1969) 
Correspondence, financial and legal records, printed material, minutes of meetings; approximately ten linear feet 
Gift of the First Unitarian Church, 1976 
The Church's early history and the pastorates of William Channing Gannett, Edwin Alfred Rumball, and David Rhys Williams are represented in these papers. Included are records of the Women's Alliance, Laymen's League, and Boys Evening Home.

Florence, Minister Franklin D. R. (b. 1934) 
Correspondence, mimeographed flyers and other materials, reports; 4 linear feet. 
Gift of Minister Florence, 1980 
A social activist in Rochester, Minister Florence worked in the FIGHT organization of the 1960s and 1970s. Material relates to FIGHT and Florence's pastorates at the Reynolds Street Church of Christ and later the Central Church of Christ.

Gannett, William Channing (1840-1923) 
Correspondence; thirty-four linear feet 
Gifts of Lewis Stiles Gannett and Dr. E. Carleton MacDowell, 1953-1965; Dr. Charles H. Lyttle, 1954; Michael Gannett, 1981; and others 
William Channing Gannett was a Unitarian minister in St. Paul, Minnesota (1877-1883), and in Rochester, New York (1889-1908). The papers concern the Western Unitarian Controversy, the Port Royal Experiment during the Civil War, temperance, women's rights, Unitarian Church organization and membership.

Williams, David Rhys (1890-1970) 
Correspondence, sermons, speeches, prayers, newspaper clippings, church publications, manuscripts, memorabilia; approximately 150 linear feet 
Gift of David Rhys Williams, 1969, 1970 (estate), and George H. Williams, 1971 
Williams was the minister of the First Unitarian Church of Rochester from 1928 to 1958. His papers reflect his interest in many social matters, including birth control, woman suffrage, race relations, labor disputes and the protection of civil liberties and human rights in the United States and other countries.

Charitable and Civic Organizations

American Association of University Women, New York State Division 
Minutes, conference resumes, special project files 1920 to the present; two linear feet 
Gift of the American Association of University Women, New York State Division, 1977, and subsequent additions 
The AAUW is an organization of women holding university and college degrees.

Hillside Children's Center 
Minutes of board and committee meetings, indenture papers, correspondence, reports, records of children admitted, newspaper clippings, photographs; twelve linear feet 
Gift of Hillside Children's Center, 1979 
Founded in 1837 as the Rochester Orphan Asylum, the Center is now a residential facility for the treatment of emotionally disturbed children.

Industrial School of Rochester 
Printed annual reports, minutes of board meetings, financial records; two linear feet 
Gift of the Rochester Children's Nursery, 1977, 1991 
The Industrial School of Rochester was founded in 1856 as a vocational school for children of poor and working-class families. The collection contains minutes of the meetings of the Board of Managers, 1857-1925; treasurer's reports, 1885-1917; issues of the Industrial School Advocate, and annual reports from 1858 through 1927. The organization continues today as the Rochester Children's Nursery.

Planned Parenthood of Rochester and Monroe County 
Minutes of executive board meetings, records; five linear feet 
Gift of Planned Parenthood of Rochester, 1974 
The collection contains minutes of meetings from 1932 to 1974 and reminiscences of early members written in 1973.

Rochester Female Charitable Society 
Minutes of board meetings, financial records, printed material; five linear feet 
Gift of the Rochester Female Charitable Society, 1981 and 1982 
The organization was founded in 1822. The collection contains minutes of board meetings from 1832 to 1956 and records of the Charity School from 1830 to 1835, reports of goods and money distributed to the poor, financial records, printed histories, and ephemera.

The Rochester Friendly Home  
Journals, records; six linear feet 
Gift of the Rochester Friendly Home, 1978, 1991 
The Rochester Friendly Home, now a nursing facility for the elderly, was founded in 1849 as the Rochester Home for the Friendless. Papers include the Journal of the Home from 1860 to 1871, minutes of meetings of the Board of Managers and of the Board of Trustees, and records of inhabitants of the Home from 1849 to 1950.

Young Women's Christian Association of Rochester and Monroe County 
Minutes of the board of directors meetings, reports, scrapbooks, printed material; ten linear feet 
Gift of the YWCA, 1978 
The collection contains papers relating to this organization from its founding in 1883 through the 1960s.


Clarke, Freeman (1809-1887) 
Correspondence, financial and legal papers; ten linear feet 
Gift of Allan Mills, 1972 
Clarke was a Rochester businessman, with investments in banks, railroads, and the telegraph. He was also a politician, who served as a U.S. Representative for six years between 1863 and 1875. The correspondence reflects these activities and includes letters from his children and other relatives.

Colt, James Wood (1857?-1941) 
Correspondence and reports; sixty-one items 
Gift of Sylvia, Henry F., and Charles C. Colt, 1947 
The collection concerns business interests in Turkey (railroads and copper mines) and in Russia from 1908 to 1923. Colt, a native of Geneseo, New York, was a railroad developer in America and Asia Minor.

William H. Comstock Company Ltd. (1833-1959) 
Records, reports, advertising material, product samples; one linear foot 
Gift of Robert B. Shaw, 1975 
This patent medicine company was founded in New York City in 1833. From 1867 until it ceased business in 1959, it was located in Morristown, New York. Most of the papers in the collection date from the latter half of the nineteenth century; samples of company products and a 1972 history of the firm are included.

Dennis, Roland Russell (1831-1913) 
Papers; business and personal correspondence; three linear feet 
Gift of the estate of William Henry Seward III, 1951 
Dennis was the European agent for Whitman and Barnes Company during the 1890s and was in charge of their London office, concerned with the promotion and sale of binders, farm machinery, and rubber horseshoes. The material relates to European trade.

Dessauer, John H. (1905-1993) 
Correspondence, speeches, patents, photographs; thirty-five linear feet 
Gift of John H. Dessauer, 1977, and Margaret Lee Dessauer, 1994 
Dessauer was the director of research at Haloid, a specialty photographic paper company in Rochester, who oversaw the development of xerography that led to today's Xerox Corporation. Papers include material relating to the National Academy of Engineering, the National Research Council, and Xerox. 
Permission must be obtained to consult the collection.

Eastman, George (1854-1932) 
Correspondence, interviews, photographs, newspaper clippings, printed material; seventeen linear feet 
Gifts of Roger Butterfield, Lawrence Bachmann, International Museum of Photography at the George Eastman House, Mrs. George Hoyt Whipple, and consolidated from various University files, 1965 and subsequently 
George Eastman was the founder of Eastman Kodak Company, a Rochester civic leader, and a philanthropist. The collection relates to his life and career. Included are interviews with people who knew Eastman, a draft of a biography, research notes on Eastman, and materials relating to the construction of the Eastman House from 1902 to 1905.

A description of the George Eastman manuscript collection can be found at the George Eastman House.

Ellwanger and Barry Papers
Correspondence, account books, records, catalogues, extensive printed collection; seventy-five linear feet 
Gift of the Ellwanger and Barry Realty Company, 1963; additions from the former Barry home, 1968 
The Mount Hope Nursery was active from 1840 to 1918 and continued as a real estate company until 1963. The collection includes manuscript records, extensive files of their nursery catalogues; and the firm's library, which is strong in nineteenth-century horticultural books and periodicals; fruit and flower plates produced by Rochester printers LISTand by J. and G. Prestele at Amana, Iowa LIST; records of the Ellwanger and Barry Realty Company, including account books from 1854 through 1959 and blueprints of middle-class homes erected by the firm on former nursery lands in the Highland Park and Maplewood areas of Rochester. The 1982 issue of The University of Rochester Library Bulletin, vol. 35 contains several articles about the Ellwanger and Barry Nursery. The Prestele plates are described in Charles Van Ravenswaay's Drawn from Nature: the Botanical Art of Joseph Prestele and his Sons (Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution, 1984).

Michaels Stern Clothing Company 
Journals, ledgers, payroll records, agents sales accounts, personnel records, model books, and advertising material; four linear feet 
Gift of Michaels Stern and purchased with funds provided by the Hartmarx Charitable Foundation. 
Founded in 1849, Michaels Stern was one of the major manufac- turers of men's clothing in Rochester. The company closed in 1977. Robert M. Adler's The Rise and Decline of the Men's Clothing Industry of Rochester, New York, (1987) relates the history of Rochester's clothing companies.

Other holdings related to the Rochester clothing industry are: 

Miner, Edward Griffith (1863-1955) 
Correspondence, diaries, biographical data, financial and legal papers, speeches; 135 linear feet 
Gift of Edward G. Miner and his estate, 1930-1955 
Miner was the president of Pfaudler Company of Rochester and served on the University's Board of Trustees from 1910 to 1953, and as its chairman from 1937 to 1945. Papers in the collection date from 1897 to 1955.

Sibley, Hiram (1807-1888) 
Correspondence, business and legal papers, photographs; fifteen linear feet 
Gift of Mrs. F. Harper Sibley, 1975, and John Esty, 1986 
Hiram Sibley of Rochester was a founder and first president of the Western Union Telegraph Company. He also founded a large seed company and invested in land, timber, coal and railroads in the south, midwest, and west. Successive generations, including Hiram Watson Sibley (1845-1932) and F. Harper Sibley (1885-1959), carried on the family's business and civic endeavors. Three generations of the family's personal and business papers are represented in the collection.

Wilson, Joseph C. (1909-1971) 
Correspondence, speeches, memorabilia; seventy-five linear feet 
Gift of Marie C. (Mrs. Joseph) Wilson, 1977 
The executive at what is now Xerox, Wilson administratively oversaw the development of xerography. Collection includes business, civic, and philanthropic materials from the last decade of his life. 
Permission must be obtained to consult the collection. 

Military History

W.B. Renshaw Civil War letters
This collection consists of eight Civil War letters, five of them written to family members by Union gunboat commander W. B. Renshaw, who was active in the area of Fort Jackson, Louisiana.

 British and American Literature

Literature Before 1850

Beaumont, Francis (1584-1616) and John Fletcher (1579-1625) More than 130 first and early editions 
Acquired through various gifts and purchases 
The collection includes the first folio Comedies and Tragedies (1647) and the second folio Fifty Comedies and Tragedies (1679).

Dryden, John (1631-1700) 
Approximately 200 first and early editions 
Acquired through various gifts and purchases 
Works by this important British dramatist and poet include The Wild Gallant (1669), Marriage-a-la-Mode (1673), and Absalom and Achitophel (1681).

Eighteenth-Century Drama 
Approximately 100 titles 
Purchased mainly on the Hoeing fund, since 1978 
The collection includes works by Isaac Bickerstaffe, Colley Cibber,George Colman, George Colman the elder, Richard Cumberland, Henry Fielding, David Garrick, Elizabeth Inchbald, and Richard Brinsley Sheridan, with special strength in the works of Samuel Foote.

Johnson and His Circle 
Approximately 200 first and early editions by and about Samuel Johnson and members of his circle 
Gifts of Maude Motley, 1938, Robert Metzdorf, 1947, and various subsequent gifts and purchases
Includes the first edition, first issue of Johnson's Rasselas (1759), the first collected edition of The Rambler (1751-1752), the first edition of Boswell's The Life of Samuel Johnson(1791), as well as works by Hester Thrale Piozzi and David Garrick, and about fifty books from the library of Hester Maria Thrale.

Restoration Drama 
Approximately 125 first and early editions 
Various gifts and purchases
The collection's strength is in the works of Nathaniel Lee (1653?-1692),author of The Duke of Guise (1683) and Thomas Shadwell (1642?-1692), author of the comedies Epsom-Wells (1673) and Bury-Fair (1689). The collection also has representative works by William Congreve, Sir George Etherege, Thomas Otway, Sir John Vanbrugh, William Wycherley, and others, including the minor dramatists.

Shirley, James (1596-1666) 
Approximately twenty first and early editions 
Purchased on the Case-Hoyt Fund and since 1987 on D'Amanda, Tweddell,Gorton, and Metzdorf Funds
Works by this Caroline dramatist include the tragedy, The Maides Revenge (1639) and the comedy, The Lady of Pleasure (1637).

Southey, Robert (1774-1843) 
More than twenty manuscripts and 200 letters; approximately 250 first and early editions 
Acquired through various purchases
This prolific British poet and prose writer was Poet Laureate of England from 1813 to 1843. The letters are addressed chiefly to Mrs. Eliza Brayand Sir Humphrey Fleming Senhouse. Manuscripts include the second draft of Southey's first epic poem, "Joan of Arc."

Literature From 1850 to 1930

Bennett, Arnold (1867-1931) About 140 items of correspondence, manuscripts, and notes; strong printed collection 
Purchased on various funds since 1948
This British novelist, playwright, and journalist published his major novel, The Old Wives' Tale, in 1908. The collection includes the manuscript of the play Milestones, by Bennett and Edward Knoblock, as well as related correspondence.

Crapsey, Adelaide (1878-1914) 
Complete extant archive, including manuscripts, notes, drafts, correspondence, ephemera; complete collection of printed material; approximately two linear feet 
Gifts of Paul B. Crapsey, Esther Lowenthal, and Arthur H. Crapsey, Jr.,since 1961
Adelaide Crapsey was the inventor of the short verse form known as the cinquain. Her only book of poetry, Verse (1915), was published posthumously at Claude Bragdon's Manas Press in Rochester.

Howells, William Dean (1837-1920) 
About eighty letters; extensive printed collection 
Purchased on various funds since 1941
W. D. Howells' many novels include The Rise of Silas Lapham (1885) and A Hazard of New Fortunes (1890). The letters are addressed chiefly to Robert Underwood Johnson, editor of Century Magazine.

Masefield, John (1878-1967) 
More than twenty manuscripts, chiefly of individual poems; about seventy-five letters; extensive collection of printed material 
Gift of Mrs. Joseph Roby, 1969; purchased on various funds
Poet Laureate of England from 1930 to 1967, John Masefield is perhaps best known for his sea poems. Most of the letters are addressed to Helen Rochester Rogers, sister of the donor.

Ruskin, John (1819-1900) 
About fifty letters and drawings; extensive collection of more than 500 volumes of first and early editions by and about Ruskin. 
Gift of Sydney Ross, 1981, and subsequent purchases
John Ruskin wrote on many subjects, including art, architecture, economics, social reform, and labor. Works include The Stones of Venice (1851-1853) and Sesame and Lilies(1865). (See catalogue of exhibition: The Sydney Ross Collection of John Ruskin, Rochester: 15 February-15 May 1981.)

Tauchnitz Collection 
Approximately 1,100 volumes 
Gift of Robert F. Metzdorf in memory of James M. Spinning, 1975; augmented by various gifts and purchases
Tauchnitz Editions were published between 1841 and 1943 by Bernhard Tauchnitz in Leipzig. The original Metzdorf gift, consisting of 369 volumes, includes No. 2 of the English authors series, Charles Dickens Pickwick Papers (1842) and other scarce early numbers. They are from the library of the royal family of Hanover, and many bear the family arms on the covers.

Tennyson, Alfred (1809-1892) 
More than 100 letters, including manuscripts and a variety of Tennysoniana; major printed collection of more than 300 volumes 
Bequest of Rowland L. Collins, 1986; a small portion acquired by anonymous gift
Designated Poet Laureate of England in 1850, succeeding William Wordsworth, Tennyson is the author of In Memoriam (1850) and hundreds of other poems. A highlight of the collection is Tennyson's rare first book, the anonymous Poems, by Two Brothers (1827), by Alfred and his brother Charles. (See catalogue of exhibition: The Rowland L. Collins Collection of Alfred Lord Tennyson: An Exhibition, in The University of Rochester Library Bulletin, vol. 43, 1993.)

Thoreau, Henry David (1817-1862) 
Extensive collection of more than 500 volumes of first and early editions by and about Thoreau. 
Gift of and purchase from Raymond R. Borst (UR, 1933), 1996, with assistance from the Viburnum Foundation
The collection includes the first sixteen and numerous other important editions of Thoreau's best-known work Walden, or Life in the Woods (1854), as well as a virtually complete array of his many other publications. Although only two of Thoreau's works were published in his lifetime, books such as Excursions (1863) and Cape Cod (1865) have helped to bring him enduring fame. Also, a great many small editions of various previously unpublished works have appeared in this century from private presses around the country and the world. The collection also includes copies of some of the many magazines which published original work by Thoreau.

Raymond R. Borst is the author of four books on Thoreau, including Henry David Thoreau: A Descriptive Bibliography (1982) and The Thoreau Log: A Documentary Life of Henry David Thoreau, 1817-1862 (1992). The former is now the standard Thoreau bibliography; the latter a day-by-day account of Thoreau's life. In composing these impressive works, Mr. Borst drew extensively upon his distinguished personal Thoreau collection.

Victorian Biographies Collection 
In support of its considerable strengths in the literature and culture of the Victorian period, the Department holds a collection of 227 volumes of minor Victorian biography. Though sophisticated readers will recognize the names of some subjects in the collection - Herbert Spencer, for example, or Frank T. Bullen--the focus falls not upon the Matthew Arnolds and Benjamin Disraelis of the age but rather upon such lesser lights as Sir Henry Jones, Professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of Glasgow, and Elizabeth Brodie Gordon, last Duchess of Gordon. Among those treated are actors, businessmen, bishops, naturalists, artists, surgeons, lawyers, inventors, singers, and cricket players!
Acquired chiefly for their contents, the books in the collection--lives of relatively small people--were undoubtedly issued first in small editions and then reprinted as demand warranted. Most are not common in any edition. Biographies written in the nineteenth century had a moral, didactic purpose that modern, scholarly biographies avoid.

These are bursting with detail, with the daily doings that make up a life, and the cheap cost of printing together with leisure to read may help to explain their substantial length: two- and three-volume works are not uncommon! Taken together, the volumes in the collection offer a varied and comprehensive view not only of Victorian life but also of the character of Victorian biography.

Other Noteworthy Literary Holdings of This Period

Chiefly printed material, holdings include extensive collections of works by Robert Bridges, Benjamin Disraeli, Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Galsworthy, Edmund Gosse, Edward Everett Hale (including approximately eighty letters to his father), Julian Hawthorne, Washington Irving, Henry James, Alfred Noyes, William Makepeace Thackeray , Edward Thomas, and William Watson.

Literature Since 1930

Clune, Henry W. (1890-1996) Complete archive, including manuscripts, notes, drafts, correspondence, photographs, etc.; approximately eight linear feet. Also full printed collection. 
Gift of Mr. Clune and Syracuse University, 1980
A leading journalist, novelist, and chronicler of western New York, Henry W. Clune is well known to citizens of greater Rochester. He is the author of Main Street Beat (1947), The Rochester I Know (1972),and several other works. In 1983 the Friends of the University Libraries published his I Always Liked It Here: Reminiscences of a Rochesterian.

Doolittle, Hilda [H.D.] (1886-1961) 
Twenty letters from her, eleven from Winifred Ellerman ("Bryher"), and various family correspondence. Almost all of the letters are addressed to H.D.'s brother Harold Doolittle. Strong collection of printed materials, including inscribed copies of H.D's books. 
Gift of UR Professor James William Johnson.
Hilda Doolittle, known in literature by her initials, was a prominent Imagist poet and perhaps the best of those whose work consistently applied Imagist principles.

Exley, Frederick (1929-1992) 
Complete extant archive including manuscripts, drafts, proofs, correspondence, ephemera, and memorabilia; approximately three linear feet. Complete collection of printed material. 
Anonymous gifts, since 1981
Frederick Exley is the author of A Fan's Notes, which won theWilliam Faulkner Award for the best first novel of 1968 and was nominated for the National Book Award in that year.

Gardner, John (1933-1982) 
Complete archive: manuscripts, drafts, notes, correspondence, photographs, family papers, original paintings, documents, ephemera; approximately eighty-five linear feet; outstanding printed collection. 
Purchased 1987, with assistance from Robert C. Stevens and John Handy. Augmented 1988 and subsequently, with assistance from Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Schilling and from Mr. and Mrs. Merritt A. Cleveland.
Well known as the author of Grendel (1971), The Sunlight Dialogues (1972), October Light (1976), and On Moral Fiction (1978), John Champlin Gardner was one of America's foremost writers before his tragic death in a motorcycle accident in 1982. His work, which takes an extraordinarily wide range of forms, includes novels, short stories, libretti, lyric and epic poetry, children's books, literary theory and criticism, translations, and biography. He has received high critical praise for the power, passion, and craftsmanship of his work.

A facsimile edition of John Gardner's college notebook, Lies, Lies, Lies is now available.

Harvey, Dorothy Dudley (1884-1962) 
Personal correspondence; manuscripts by Theodore Dreiser, Carl Sandburg and others; one linear foot 
Purchased 1969 on Wilson Fund
Dorothy Dudley Harvey was a poet who published Forgotten Frontiers, a biography of Theodore Dreiser, in 1932. Correspondents include Dreiser, Sandburg, Alfred Stieglitz, Sherwood Anderson, Edgar Lee Masters, and Harriet Monroe. See also SANDBURG, Carl.

Heyen, William (b. 1940) 
Complete archive, less material donated in the 1960s to Boston University. Substantially complete collection of printed works, mostly the author's personal copies, including books, broadsides, small-press items, periodical appearances, and Christmas cards, in all printings. Some significant manuscript material, including the original manuscript of Heyen's only novel, Vic Holyfield and the Class of 57 (1986). 
Purchased on various funds since 1978 and from the author since 1993
A major American poet, William Heyen is the author of The Swastika Poems (1977), Long Island Light (1979), Lord Dragonfly: Five Sequences (1981), The Chestnut Rain (1986), among many otherworks. The Host: Selected Poems 1965-1990 appeared in 1994.

MacInnes, Colin (1914-1976) 
Complete extant archive, including manuscripts, drafts, proofs, notes, correspondence, juvenilia, ephemera; complete collection of printed material; approximately eleven linear feet 
Purchased in 1968 on the Wilson Family Fund and subsequently throughfunds provided by the Friends of the University of Rochester Libraries
A British novelist and social critic, Colin MacInnes is the authorof Absolute Beginners (1959), England, Half English (1961), Three Years To Play (1970), and other works of fiction and non-fiction.

Mangione, Jerre (b. 1909) 
Complete archive: manuscripts, drafts, notes, correspondence, photographs,documents, ephemera. Seventy-eight linear feet, and growing. More than 600 books, many inscribed to Mangione by their authors; a virtually complete run of the American Guide series 
Gift of Robert C. Stevens, 1986, and subsequently. Augmented by Ben Morreale, 1994
Formerly the National Coordinating Editor of the Federal Writers Project, Jerre Mangione is the author of Mount Allegro (1943), a minor classic set in Rochester; a history of the Federal Writers Project, a personal memoir, and several other works of fiction and non-fiction. The correspondence includes more than fifty letters from Kenneth Burke and important correspondence from Kay Boyle, Jack Conroy, Malcolm Cowley, Daniel Hoffman, Philip Roth,and many others. The archive also includes extensive printed ephemera relating to the Federal Writers Project. The gift provides for the acquisition of all future archival material generated by Mangione. (See catalogue of exhibition: The Jerre Mangione Archive in the University of Rochester Library, Rochester: 28 October 1990 through 15 March 1991.)

Morley, Christopher (1890-1957) 
About fifty letters, many to his bibliographer; also incidental manuscript items; virtually complete collection of printed materials by and about Morley, including numerous ephemeral publications; approximately 400 volumes 
Gift of Manuel Berlove, 1981
Christopher Morley produced more than seventy volumes of poetry, essays,and fiction, including Songs for a Little House (1917), Travels in Philadelphia (1920), and Kitty Foyle(1939). (See catalogue of exhibition: The Manuel Berlove Collection of Christopher Morley, Rochester; 20 September-20 November, 1981.)

Plutzik, Hyam (1911-1962) 
Complete extant archive, including manuscripts, worksheets, lecture notes, correspondence, ephemera; full printed collection; approximately seventeen linear feet 
Gifts of Hyam Plutzik, Kathrine Koller Diez, and Tanya Plutzik, since 1949
The Deane Professor of Rhetoric and Poetry at the University of Rochesterat the time of his death in 1962, Hyam Plutzik is the author of Aspects of Proteus (1949), Apples from Shinar (1959), and other volumes of poetry. (See catalogue of exhibition: The Hyam Plutzik Archive, Rochester: 5 December 1982-5 June 1983.)

Sandburg, Carl (1878-1967) 
Typescripts and unrevised carbon copies of poems, several prose pieces, a letter, and four photographs; approximately 100 items. Manuscripts sent to Dorothy Dudley Harvey over several years. 
Purchased on the Wilson Family Fund, 1985
Sandburg is perhaps best known to modern readers for his poem "Chicago," which appeared in Chicago Poems (1916). He was also a major chronicler of the life of Abraham Lincoln. See also HARVEY, Dorothy Dudley.

Williams, John A. (b. 1925) 
Nearly complete archive, including manuscripts, notes, drafts, and proof copies for the author's published works; minor unpublished works; photographs, memorabilia; correspondence that includes nearly 100 letters from Chester Himes; complete printed collection. Acquisition includes all future archival materials produced by the author. 
Purchased through special allocation, 1986
The most prolific serious African-American writer in American literary history, John A. Williams is the author of Sissie (1963), The Man Who Cried I Am (1967), Captain Blackman(1972), and !ClickSong (1982), along with seven other novels and several volumes of non-fiction, chiefly concerning the African-American experience in America. (See the online exhibition, Writings of Consequence: The Art of John A. Williams.)

Other Noteworthy Literary Holdings of This Period

Extensive collections of printed works: John Ashbery, John Barth, Donald Barthelme, Clifford Bax (including archival material), Thomas Berger, Donn Byrne, Robert Coover, Amber Dean (including archival material), Don Delillo, Margaret Drabble, Filmed Book Collection, Jim Harrison, William Hjortsberg, Anthony Hecht, Joseph Heller, Ken Kesey, Haniel Long, Thomas McGuane, Arthur Miller, Joyce Carol Oates, Sean O'Casey, Eugene O'Neill, and Thomas Pynchon. 

British and American Theater

Alexander, George (1858-1918) 
Thirty-four house scripts for plays produced between 1893 and 1913 at St. James's Theatre, London 
Purchased 1983 on the English Library and Wilson Family Funds 
Alexander was an actor and the manager of St. James's Theatre from 1891 to 1918. Some of the scripts include stage directions, photographs of sets and cast, and printed programs. The collection includes the script for Pearl Craigie's The Ambassador.

Elinore Sisters Vaudeville Act 
Notebooks, scrapbooks, scripts, photographs, and printed ephemera; approximately one and one half linear feet 
Purchased on a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, 1978 
This material relates to the careers of May and Kate Elinore, who traveled the vaudeville circuit in the United States and Europe from 1890 to about 1920.

Irving, Henry (1838-1905) 
Correspondence, financial records, newspaper clippings, prints, and photographs; approximately one and one half linear feet 
Purchased on the Wilson Family Fund, 1983 
The collection relates to the American tours (1883, 1884, and 1903) and several provincial tours of Irving's Lyceum Theatre Company; also correspondence to Irving and his secretary, Bram Stoker, regarding theater matters.

Lion, Leon M. (1879-1947) 
Correspondence, manuscripts, financial records, legal agreements, and memorabilia; approximately two linear feet 
Purchased on the Wilson Family Fund, 1969 
English actor, dramatist, and manager from 1900 to 1935, Lion produced several of John Galsworthy's plays in partnership with J.T. Grein. Principal correspondents include Clifford Bax, Mrs. Belloc Lowndes, J. T. Grein, Maurice Browne, Cecil Arthur Lewis, John and Sheila Hodgson, James Lewis May, and Jonathan Field.

Pinero, Sir Arthur Wing (1855-1934) 
Correspondence and memorabilia; approximately one linear foot 
Acquired through various gifts and purchases, since 1946 
English author of fifty-four plays, Pinero is best known for The Second Mrs. Tanqueray (1893). Of particular interest are fifteen letters written in 1875, when Pinero was a young actor, to his friend Tom Tomlin.

Russell, Lillian (1861-1922) 
Fifty-four letters 
Purchased on the Wilson Family Fund, 1972 
Lillian Russell was an American musical star. Written by Miss Russell and her husband, Edward Solomon, to Constance DuFlon, the letters relate to her American tour of 1885-1886.

Scott, Clement William (1841-1904) 
Correspondence, approximately four and one-half linear feet 
Acquired through various purchases, since 1951 
Clement William Scott was the principal drama critic for the London Daily Telegraph from 1871 to 1898, editor of the magazine Theatre from 1880 to 1889, and the author of minor plays adapted from the French. The correspondence includes letters of George Alexander, Squire and Marie Bancroft, Wilson Barrett, Frances Bowley Burnand, John Hare, William Terriss,William Moy Thomas, John Lawrence Toole, Herbert Beerbohm Tree, and Charles Wyndham.

Theater Posters 
131 posters 
Unknown source 
These colorful posters advertise performances of traveling companies in Rochester theaters during the early 1880s. Included are posters for productions of Uncle Tom's Cabin, Joseph Jefferson's Rip Van Winkle, William Jermyn Florence's The Mighty Dollar, and Carlotta Crabtree's Mussette, or Little Bright Eyes.

Theater Programs 
Approximately 2,000 playbills and programs for English and American theatrical productions and entertainments from the 1840s to the present 
Gifts of Wilbur Dunkel, Harold Kanthor, Malcolm Nanes, John Hassenauer, Harold Weiss, and Staring B. Wells, since 1944; some purchased on a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, 1978 
The collection concentrates mainly on Rochester productions, with a secondary emphasis on those of New York City and London.

Toole, John Lawrence (1830-1906) 
Correspondence, manuscript notes, programs, handbills, memorabilia, and photographs; approximately 300 letters to his brother Francis, from1852 to 1875, and correspondence and legal documents relating to the settling of the Toole estate, 1902-1909; approximately one linear foot 
Acquired through various purchases since 1951. Toole's letters to his brother were purchased in 1973 on the Wilson Family Fund; material related to Toole's estate was purchased in 1980 on the D'Amanda Fund 
Toole was an actor, comedian, and manager of Toole's Theatre, London.

Other Noteworthy Theater Holdings

Children's Books and Popular Literature

American and British Children's BooksApproximately 3,500 American and 300 British children's books 
Gift of Mrs. C. Schuyler Davis, 1950; various purchases; gift of Victor Markiewicz, 1983 
Strengths include books printed in the United States during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, especially by the publisher Mahlon Day, and works by the British illustrators Kate Greenaway and Randolph Caldecott. The Mary Faulk Markiewicz Collection of Children's Books, given in 1983, emphasizes nineteenth-century American children's books, especially those published in upstate New York. (See The Mary Faulk Markiewicz Collection of Children's Books: An Exhibition. Rochester, 27 October 1985-27 April 1986.)

Dime Novels 
Representative collection of more than ten thousand American dime novels, ca. 1860-1915 
Purchased mainly on a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, 1978 
Includes Nick Carter, Horatio Alger, Buffalo Bill, Frank Merriwell, Pluck and Luck and many others, most published by Street and Smith.

Filmed Books 
Approximately 1,000 volumes 
Acquired through various gifts and purchases since 1978 
The chief aim of the collection is to acquire first editions of English language books that have been made into films. The collection also includes Photoplay editions of novels, original film scripts, film posters, and what might be called "Booked Films" -- books, usually paperbacks, that follow or are based upon films.


Noteworthy collections in medicine include the papers of Elisha Bartlett (1804-1855), a prominent mid-nineteenth-century medical educator; Anson Colman (1795-1837), a Rochester physician whose letters describe his medical studies in Boston, Paris, and London; and Edwin George Munn (1804-1847), a pioneering specialist in diseases of the eye, who practiced in Scottsville, New York, and in Rochester.

Anthropology and Natural Science

Akeley, Carl Ethan (1864-1926) 
Papers and correspondence; three linear feet 
Gift of Lewis Ellsworth Akeley and Clarence L. Dewey, 1941 
Akeley was a taxidermist, inventor, naturalist, and explorer. The collection relates to his travels and inventions from 1895 to 1926.

Darwin, Charles (1809-1882) 
Fifty titles 
Acquired through various gifts and purchases 
Collection includes first-edition, first-issue copies of both On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection (1859) and The Descent of Man (1871).

Morgan, Lewis Henry (1818-1881) 
Complete archive, 1839-1881, including correspondence, field notes, manuscripts of books, travel journals; also extensive collection of printed material by and about Morgan; seventeen linear feet. Includes Morgan's personal library of nearly a thousand volumes and seven hundred pamphlets 
Bequest of Lewis Henry Morgan, 1909 
America's first anthropologist, Morgan spent his adult life in Rochester. His works on the Iroquois and the evolution of societal structure are classics.

Ward, Henry Augustus (1834-1906) 
Complete extant archive, 1840-1906, including correspondence, diaries, reports, photographs, and some printed material; eighteen linear feet 
Gift of Roswell Ward, 1938 Ward was a Rochester naturalist and founder of Ward's Natural Science Establishment, a supplier of scientific specimens for educational purposes. 
Related collections are the papers of his two sons Charles Howell Ward (1862-1943), an osteologist and dealer in anatomical models, six linear feet, and Henry Levi Ward (1863-1943), a museum director, three linear feet. Both sons worked for their father earlier in their careers. Included are the papers of Roswell Ward (1904-1966), the son of Charles Howell Ward and author of Henry Augustus Ward, Museum Builder to America (1948), the biography of his grandfather. These papers, two linear feet, relate chiefly to Roswell Ward's research for the book.

Ward's Natural Science Establishment 
Correspondence, business and financial records, historical material; twenty-two linear feet Gift of William C. Gamble, 1981-1994 
A continuation of the Henry Augustus Ward Papers as they relate to Ward's Natural Science Establishment, with special strength for the period 1930-1980, the latter part of this period being one of great growth for the company. Of special historical interest is the typescript reminiscence (1970) of Dean L. Gamble, "My Forty Years with Ward's." Anaddition was made to this collection in 1998. It includes material from the beginnings of Ward's Natural Science Establishment in 1862 through 1998 when the company was sold.

Earth Sciences

Dewey, Chester (1784-1867) 
Papers and correspondence, 1810-1877; one linear foot 
Gift of Charles Ayrault Dewey, 1927 
A Congregational minister and a scientist, Dewey was a founding faculty member of the University of Rochester. The papers include Rochester meteorological observations from 1837 to 1867 and correspondence with leading scientists of the day.

Fairchild, Herman LeRoy (1850-1943) 
Complete archive, including correspondence, manuscripts of published and unpublished material, scrapbooks and photographs, and an extensive collection of published works, 1869Ð1943; twenty-eight linear feet 
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Fairchild, 1936-1943 
Fairchild was professor of geology at the University of Rochester from 1888 to 1920. A student of the geological history of western New York, he was a founder of the Geological Society of America.

Howell, Edwin Eugene (1845-1911) 
Papers, diaries, field notes, 1867-1911; two linear feet 
Gift of Mrs. D. Dale Condit, 1969 
Howell was a geologist and cartographer. The collection includes field notes from U.S. geological surveys of the 1870s.


Several thousand trade catalogues and forty titles in the history of optics 
Acquired through gifts of Harrison D. Horblit, Bausch & Lomb Optical Co., various other gifts and purchases 
Included in the collection are American, Canadian, English, French, and German trade catalogues from the 1890s to the 1950s. These represent approximately one thousand companies producing and dealing in lenses, optical instruments, surveying equipment, microscopes, binoculars, and similar optical and scientific equipment. There are strong holdings for the American Optical Company (United States), W. Watson and Sons (England) and E. Leitz and Carl Zeiss (Germany). The collection also includes Christian Huygens' Traite de la Lumiere (1690), Pierre Bouguer's Essai d'Optique (1729) and Traite d'Optique (1760), and Sir David Brewster's first American edition of A Treatise on Optics (1833).


Rochester Academy of Science 
Records, correspondence, minutes, photographs, and materials relating to programs and lectures, 1881-present; eight linear feet 
Deposit of the Academy, 1967 and subsequently 
The collection includes business letters, lecture programs, and other printed material relating to the Academy. Also included is an album of photographs of Academy members, many of whom were also members of the University of Rochester faculty. 

Rochester, Western New York, and New York State

Basic Sources for Rochester and Local History

Broadsides and Circulars 
More than 1,000 items 
Acquired through various gifts and purchases 
Much of it relating to upstate New York, the collection is especially strong in mid-nineteenth-century social, cultural, political, and economic themes.

Farmers' Library of Wheatland 
One box of manuscript records; 800 printed volumes 
Purchased from Mrs. Eleanor M. Garbutt, 1934 
The Farmers Library was a private subscription library in Wheatland, Monroe County, from 1805 to 1870. The manuscript record includes minutes, treasurer's accounts, catalogues of books, and membership rolls. The books constituted a circulating library selected by the members.

Local Histories 
More than 1,500 volumes 
Acquired through various gifts and purchases 
County, town, city, and village histories. The collection is strongest in materials relating to Rochester and Monroe County and the adjacent counties. There is also a collection of more than 100 early upstate travel accounts.

Manuscript collections in state and local history are described under their subject areas.

More than 500 items 
Various gifts and purchases 
The collection consists of maps of Rochester, Monroe County, and western New York, from 1770 to the present, including pocket folding maps, atlases, and plat books, land developers' surveys, road maps, navigational charts, and the geological surveys. See Alma Burner Creek's Maps of the Genesee Valley and Finger Lakes Region, 1776-1950(1977).

Seventy-five bound volumes and several hundred loose issues 
Acquired through various gifts and purchases; gift of Erwin and Duryea, 1993 
Dating from 1820 to 1870, the collection is especially strong in newspapers of Auburn, New York, ca. 1820 to 1850.

Approximately 7,000 items 
Acquired through various gifts and purchases 
The collection consists of photographs of the Rochester area, including portraits, views, streets and buildings, the Genesee River and Falls, photographs of Rochester events, especially of the flood of 1865. Photographs can also be found in various other collections.

Approximately 1,600 postcards 
Gift of Mabel Harkness, 1986; and other sources 
Views of Rochester and surrounding areas.

Approximately 250 engravings, woodcuts, and lithographs in the Peter Barry and Local History Print Collection; fifteen woodcuts by Norman Kent 
Bequest of Peter Barry, 1973; various gifts and purchases 
The historical prints depict scenes and events in Rochester, localities in Monroe County and other sites in upstate New York. The Kent prints are of historical Rochester scenes executed for the Rochester Centennial in 1934.

Stereo Views 
Approximately 200 items 
Acquired through various gifts and purchases 
The collection consists of views of nineteenth-century Rochester and environs.

Upstate Imprints 
More than 500 items 
Acquired through various gifts and purchases 
The collection includes books and pamphlets printed through 1860 in Auburn, Buffalo, Canandaigua, Ithaca, Rochester, and other upstate communities.

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