Why Pink?


Pussy Power Hat, by Kat Coyle, 2017.

With an exhibition that spans centuries, movements, ideals and ideas, it is challenging to find a unifying design element that speaks and resonates throughout. Rather than a single key image, the exhibit was designed around the color pink. Why pink?

A member of the RBSCP staff, through one of their friends, was able to acquire for us a "Pussy Power Hat" hand-knitted by the designer of the hat, Kat Coyle. It is included in the exhibition. The use of various shades of pink in the physical exhibition created a unified look and allowed us to pay homage to this movement, where, since January of 2016, the color pink has taken on new power and strength. The digital exhibition uses pink in much the same way. 

"A global women’s movement, created almost overnight. Millions of women, men and children at over 600 rallies in countries touching virtually every continent. Young and old, rich and poor. Educated and not, religious and secular. Straight and LGBTQ, every race and color. All wearing hand-made, knitted caps on a single day, awash in a sea of pink, arm-in-arm in solidarity for women’s rights and in protest against the rhetoric used toward women and minorities in the previous year’s state and federal elections. And it all started with two sticks and a ball of yarn."  https://www.pussyhatproject.com/our-story