Additional Research and Resources

Our goal in transcribing these two manuscripts was to make their content more accessible for the researcher. It is our hope that they will be utilized more widely in studies of religion, for they reveal a lot concerning the unique thought processes of the writers at the time. 

For more avenues of research, please refer to our resources below. 

Additional Research

You should notice Bible verses as a part of our transcriptions. If you would like more information on these verses and what each writer was referring to, search online at by typing the verse into the search bar at the top. 

You may also notice that Jerimyes Prognostication of Jerusalem's Overthrow was the latter half of a document entitled, The Calendar of Salomon's Wife. To find a fully transcribed PDF of The Calender of Salomon's Wife, please visit the Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts Collection Page for the University of Rochester and search for Box 3, Folder 1. 

Resources for Further Study

Although from an earlier time period, around 397 AD, Augustine's "Confessions", is a great account of the Christian journey for an individual. This book provides insight into many of the ideological struggles that are present in these manuscripts, exhibiting the internal struggle of many Christians or Christian converts, in Augustine's case. 

For more primary sources from Ancient Times through the Early Modern era and to the Enlightenment, "Sources of Western Tradition" by Marvin Perry is a great resource. This book explores documents from the beginning and spread of Christianity to the writings of individuals like Thomas Paine. 

English Paleography Databases

Our paleography page is a small one, but if you would like to continue learning how to transcribe, or want more information about the process, these links below are a good place to start. They include practice that you may find helpful, along with more tips, tricks, and abbreviation guides to get you started. 

National Archives: Paleography 

University of Chicago Libguides: Medieval Manuscript Research

Script Tutorial: Making Sense of Old Handwriting 

Additional Research and Resources