Streets, Buildings, & Exterior Scenes

Streets, buildings, and shots of desolate areas make up the exterior frames shown in the RG&E lantern slides. Some of them are clearly labeled, serving as maps or points of direction towards understanding the specific locations and their relevance, but most are still pending further inspection. 

Some of the slides here are shown in multiple images taken under different lighting conditions, to show details in the slides which were hidden by the black frames. 

If you have any details you'd like to add, email us at Images will be updated with details, names, locations, and anything you can help us learn! 

Check back soon as we add more images and materials to these pages. 


Plate 5:48

Image of a fallen elecrtricity line. There are two people observing the damage. Behind the power line are two houses, and in front is a vehicle, possibly a firetruck. It might be connected to the same time that Plate 5:2 was taken. Details and names unknown.


Image of a street situated next to a railroad line. In the background, there are lectricity lines,buildings, and an advertisement by the Rochester Safety Council, Chamber of Council and Rochester Public Bureau, Monroe County Sheriff. The advertisement is on the public and traffic officials being partners. The building behind the advertisement is named Heckroth Trailer Shop and there's a person walking towards it. There's a glimpse of a street sign on the right of the image.


Plate 8:18

Image from a street parallel to Main St. On the left, there's a gas station, Rochester's Municipal Parking, and an optics building. The Kodak Tower is in the center. On the right, there's a store with the name 'Bryan'. Behind it is a building with a sign that says 'GRAND' and a church. There's also an advertisement for Rochester's oil burning system.


Plate 8:19

Image of three roads, merging into two. There are two cars coming out of the two roads on the right. There's a church-like building, similar to that of the church in Plate 8:18, on the left with parked cars surrounding it.


Plate 8:28

Image of a building being built. The foundation is in place and there's around eight people working on the site. There's a building with arched windows, possibly a church, in the top left of the scene. 

Streets, Buildings, & Exterior Scenes