This page gathers images ranging from advertisements to cartoons that take part in amplifying the spread of information. The cartoons shown depict different scenarios that might have taken place in RG&E or were used as forms of advertisements. The obvious forms of advertisement allude to possible RG&E partners and companies that were prevalent during that time. The rest are illustrations that might have been part of RG&E presentations. Details of the artists and contributors are unknown. 

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Plate 5:9

Colored title slide: "ROCHESTER, N.Y. THE LILAC CITY Home of Parks and Skilled Industries 'ROCHESTER MADE MEANS QUALITY'"


Plate 5:25

Graph with two concentrations: Capacity in terms of milllions of KW and Ouput in terms of billions of KWHR. The formert taking the left side and the latter, the right. The left y-axis ranges from 0 to 90; meanwhile the right ranges from 0 to 500. They both share the same x-axis whose years range from 1925 to 1955. Cartoon drawings of a thunder cloud, house, air conditioner, car, money, and men are scattered on the graph.


Plate 8:4

A map of Hurricanes & Tropical Storms of 1955 by the U.S. Department of Commerce. There are multiple lines. The countries highlighted include the U.S., Honduras, and Venezuela.


Plate 8:13

Cartoon image of two people, sweating, with shovels in their hands, screaming at each other. The one on the left is saying, "I'll go up and move the car," and the one on the right responded with, "Oh! No you don't, I'll go up and you shovel." The bottom caption is "Frayed Nerves".


Plate 8:26

A map of the eastern United States, Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico, the Bermuda Triangle, Jamaica, and the northern part of South America. There are multiple lines stretching from these countries to other countries and/or the ocean. Each one is a different month, from June to October, and year, from 1888 to 1935. There are also Roman numerals, ranging from I to XIV.


Plate 8:47

Colored image of a purple and white kitchen with cupboards, countertops, gas oven/stove, and miscellaneous kitchen décor. Might have been the site of a commercial or other form of advertisement. Other images of this kitchen are present in the collection, but have not yet been digitally imaged for this exhibit.