Rochester's Hope: "Ours the Memory": Memorial

Rochester's Hope

The University of Rochester's Connection to
"Our Quietest Neighbor"

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"Ours the Memory": Memorial

Gravestones vividly attest to the broken connection between the living and the dead, but their images and words also bear witness to an undying bond. While death results in biological and psychic annihilation, life includes perceptions of symbolic connections preceding and outlasting death. Cemeteries, with their monuments and inscriptions, often reveal words and symbols that say "no" to death and "yes" to life. Along with funeral rites, eulogies, and elegies, gravestones help individuals to place their personal sorrow in larger, more public contexts, and thereby to share and make sense of grief. Often, this is done through a rhetoric of "death as transformation," as death becomes sleep, a journey, or a gateway to some form of transcendence. Thus, the deceased may live on in children or creative works, while many religions proclaim a life after death, whether through the soul's transmigration or heavenly ascent, or by a continued existence in the universe, albeit in a new form. Mt. Hope Cemetery is the final destination for many who lived and learned at the University. Yet, before going there to rest, many students and graduates led productive lives full of happiness and joy. Their gravestones mark an end, but sometimes too, they point to a new beginning. Today we remember those connected to the university through their gravestones and the buildings named after them for their contributions.


"Where immortal spirits reign, there we shall meet again"



The following monuments in Mount Hope Cemetery illustrate the idea of memorial:

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