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"Our Quietest Neighbor"

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Founded in 1838, Rochester's historic Mt. Hope Cemetery covers an inspiring natural setting of 196 acres and contains over 350,000 gravestones.

The University of Rochester, founded in 1850, has always maintained close ties with Mt. Hope Cemetery: many faculty and alumni rest there, undisturbed within its deep repose. With the founding of the River Campus, the University now shares both physical and spiritual bonds with its peaceful neighbor.

The exhibit, "Rochester's Hope," explores the connections between Mt. Hope cemetery and the University; it was displayed in 2001 in Rush Rhees Library, and was curated by students from Professor Th. Emil Homerin's "Speaking Stones" course.


Mount Hope Cemetery MapS. W. Parsons gravesiteRange 8: World War ISection A: Prof. Chester Dewey; William W. GilbertSection BB: Spanish-American WarSection D: Bausch and LombSection T: Frederick DouglassSection O: University of Rochester PlotSection G: Isaac F. QuinbySection C: Susan B. AnthonySection F: Lewis Henry MorganMt. Hope Entrance GatesSection BB: Civil WarRange 4: Carl PaulSection 6: Luedeke graveSection 6: Goldberg graveSection BB: Kolb gravesiteSection G: Hollister-Frost Family gravesiteSection G: Henry A. Ward monument

You can also explore the exhibit using this map of Mt. Hope cemetery from the 1885 A Guide or Hand-book for Mount Hope Cemetery by Edward Angevine. Place your cursor on the red dots to discover the links, then click on the section you want to see more about. (For example, Range O is the University of Rochester plot, and you'll find pictures and information about the UR presidents, faculty and students buried there.)