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The Hollister Family

Emily Weed Hollister's stone

Emily Weed Hollister (1857-1932) worked closely with Susan B. Anthony and the 1891 Committee to secure funds for admitting women to the University. A hall was named for her in 1955. Her husband was George C. Hollister, a University trustee from 1890 until 1932; the poet Elizabeth Hollister Frost was their daughter.

Eliott Frost's headstone

Eliott Frost was director of the University of Rochester extension and summer sessions from 1922 to 1926 when his untimely death due to blood poisoning occurred at the age of 42.

Plaque for Eliott Frost with picture in shape of stone
Elizabeth Hollister Frost Blair's stone

The wife of Eliott Frost was the noted poet Elizabeth Hollister Frost (1887-1958), who dedicated three books of poetry to the memory of her late husband.

Elizabeth Hollister Frost Blair
Wedding photo of Elizabeth Hollister Frost and Eliott Frost

The wedding of Eliott Frost and Elizabeth Hollister, June 3, 1916.