Theatre Posters Collection: Results

Number Illustration Year
1 Portrait of M.B. Leavitt[1883]
2 Portraits of Bateman, Webber, Cook, and Ryder[1883]
3 Portrait of Katie Rooney, "The Faultless Little Soubrette"[1883]
4 Portrait of Minnie Maddern [Fiske][1883]
5 Portrait of Buffalo Bill in center w/ buffalo head; w/ surrounding action scenes[1883]
6 Portrait of man and woman (Ada Gray ?) embracing; woman's gown has long train[1883]
7 Portrait of Ada Gray[1883]
8 Portrait of Viola Clifton ?
9 Portrait of Herrmann[1882]
10 Portrait of M'lle Addie[1882]
11 Portrait of Cool White as Uncle Tom; cabin in background[ca 1880]
12 Portrait of Tony Pastor[1883]
13 Portrait of Minnie Hauk[1883]
14 Portrait of John F. Ward[1883]
15 Portrait of Topsy Venn[1883]
16 Portrait of Eloise Chandler, w/ boat in the water in background[1882]
17 Portrait of woman (Rose Coghlan ?), surrounded by multi-colored roses
18 Portrait of Helen Potter w/ Helen Potter's Pleiades; pictures of her, playing various characters[1880]
19 Portrait of Catherine Lewis, in cracked egg shell[1882]
20 Public gathering; elephant statues; storm clouds w/ lightning striking circular building[1883]
21 Portrait of Dollie Delroy, contralto[1883]
22 Portrait of William Pfaff[1883]
23 Portrait of Cyril Searle[1881]
24 Portrait of Rose Eytinge[1881]
25 Portrait of Clara Louise Kellogg[1883]
26 Portrait of "Hazel Kirke"; surrounded by figures portraying scenes from the play[1882]
27 Portrait of Emma Abbott[1883]
28 aPortrait of Adam Forepaugh[1883]
28 bPortrait of George H. Adams[1883]
29 Portrait of Lillian Spencer[1882]
30 Portrait of Louis Aldrich[1883]
31 Portrait of Camilla Urso, w/ two violins[1883]
32 Portrait of Mary Anderson
33 Portrait of Emma Thursby[1883]
34 Two portraits of Mattie Vickers in separate scenery and costume[1883]
35 Portrait of Fanny Davenport as Fedora[1885?]
36 Portrait of Fanny Davenport[1883?]
37 "The Road From Chatham to London in the Snow & Moonlight." Woman and two men in snow scene[1882]
38 Portrait of George S. Knight[1883]
39 Portrait of George S. Knight w/ beard and hat
40 Portrait of Mrs. George S. Knight[1883]
41 Portrait of Carrie Swain, carrying child on shoulders
42 Portrait of man serenading woman in window[1883]
43 Portrait of Jeffreys Lewis in bell[1883]
44 Portrait of Lillian Cleves[1883]
45 Portrait of Pauline Markham[1882]
46 Portrait of [Charles] Wyndham[1883]
47 Portrait of Kate Castleton[1884]
48 Portrait of Alice Gleason[1883]
49 Portrait of woman in ringlets (Emma Howe ?), surrounded by flowers and butterfly
50 Three separate portraits of Thatcher, Primrose, and West (?), respectively
51 Portrait of Louis F. Baum[1883]
52 Portrait of Lizzie Annandale[1883]
53 Portrait of Nathaniel C. Goodwin[1882 & 1883]
54 Portrait of Henrietta Chanfrau[1883]
55 Portrait of Marie Nellini[1883]
56 Portrait of Agnes Hallock[1882]
57 Portrait of Roland Reed, tipping hat to young girl[1883]
58 Portrait of Roland Reed[1883]
59 Scene w/ two cows pulling cart towards train tracks and train approaching, w/ Uncle Josh (?) holding stick[1883]
60 Portrait of Jennie Yeamans
61 Portrait of Charles T. Parsloe, w/ surrounding scenes in black background[1883]
62 Portrait of Kate Claxton as a nun[1883]
63 Scene w/ child on iceburg in rapid waters; two men trying to save her[1883]
64 Portrait of Kate Claxton
65 Portrait of Kate Claxton
66 Portrait of Barney McAuley as "Uncle Dan'l"[1882]
67 Portrait of Bobby Newcomb[1883]
68 Portrait of Theresa Vaughn; squirrels in tree surrounding the portrait[1883]
69 Portrait of woman w/ bird[1883]
70 Portrait of Helena Modjeska[1883]
71 Portrait of Joseph Jefferson as Rip Van Winkle, before the sleep of 20 years[1883]
72 Portrait of Joseph Jefferson as Rip Van Winkle, after the sleep of 20 years[1883]
73 Portrait of Margaret Mather[1883]
74 Portrait of Margaret Mather[1883]
75 The great forum scene in "Virginius"[1883]
76 Portrait of John McCullough[1883]
77 John McCullough as the Gladiator; duel scene w/ spectators[1883]
78 Portrait of Thomas W. Keene, tragedian[1883?]
79 Portrait of [Hortense] Rhea[1883]
80 Portrait of [Hortense] Rhea[1883]
81 Portrait of Charles E. Evans as "The Book Agent", sitting on keg of gun powder[ca 1883]
82 Portrait of Nellie McHenry on hammock[1883]
83 Portrait of Nellie McHenry, w/ surrounding drawings[1883]
84 Portrait of Elliott Barnes[1883]
85 Scene showing "the arrival of the boarders"; man pushing twins in a baby carriage[1883]
86 Portrait of Madelon Zolo[1883]
87 Portrait of John T. Raymond[1883]
88 Scene w/ man (Uncle Alvin ?) giving three women fruit in the streets of town[1884]
89 Two dogs and a barrel of money[1884]
90 Portrait of Harry Meredith[1884]
91 Scene w/ men and women working outside Coriander Smalley Grocery, Ranch 10[1884]
92 Funeral scene; gravesite of Terry Dennison[1882]
93 Portrait of Josie Sutherland, the elegant skipping rope artist; separate portraits of Tony Denier and Josie Sutherland ?[1883]
94 Performance scene w/ Silvo, the innovator; separate portraits of Tony Denier and Silvo[1883]
95 Portrait of W.J. Scanlan[1883]
96 Portrait of Carlotta Crabtree ("Lotta"), in hammock[1882]
97 Scene w/ men surrounding orange flag that reads "Byron"[1883]
98 Three men; one very tall, one holding caged birds[1883]
99 Portrait of Professor Hartz surrounded by various images of dancing and playing figures[1880]
100 "O'Hara and His Nora"; portrait of man (Joseph Murphy ?) and woman holding birds[1882]
101 Portrait of William Jermyn Florence[1884]
102 Portrait of Lillian Brown
103 "The Only Real Nubian Bull Ever Seen on This Continent"; two bulls in water
104 Scene from "Bleak House"; "The Meeting" in foyer of house[1882]
105 Outdoor scene w/ two men (one apparently a priest) and three women (one w/ many jewels, one w/ cross necklace, and one much older)[1882]
106 Portrait of The Great Zittella
107 Blonde man (J.K. Emmet ?) dancing on top of (same man's) head; holding many (of same man's) heads in his hands
108 Macbeth w/ three witches?
109 Old black man wiping bald head, w/ hat tipped and dress clothes on; bag on floor next to him
110 Woman riding horse cart, everything in disarray; person flying off cart, chicken flying, woman has evil, angry look in eyes
111 Portrait of woman standing, holding open a reddish curtain; woman wearing long white dress
112 Portrait of Corinne as the "Mascotte"
113 Portrait of Herndon Morsell
114 Portrait of Lizzie Harold as the Princess Chuck
115 Big golden bell chiming, which reads "Chimes of Corneville"1883
116 Portrait of Fay Templeton in a star through a golden horseshoe, on a black background
117 Portrait of man dressed in red and gold, holding a sword; standing before arched doorway
118 Portrait of Geraldine Ulmar, holding parasol
119 Portrait of Julia Holman1876
120 Portrait of Lytton Sothern1883
121 Portrait of unidentified woman w/ blond hair, wearing gold beaded necklace and gold earrings
122 Portrait of woman w/ flowers in hair
123 Portrait of woman w/ long red hair, wearing white and red; standing in a dark, wooded area
124 Four separate portraits surrounding the number "4". The top two portraits are of women and the bottom two are of men; also, a four-leaf clover
125 Tent scene, where man is lying on a curtained bed next to his sword, dying; he sees bright light where people are holding arms out to him
126 Portrait of bearded man, wearing a (captain's ?) hat, holding a whip, w/ stern look in his eyes
127 Outdoor scene, w/ man struggling in water, and young man jumps off bridge to save him; woman on bridge looks on
128 Portrait of woman, w/ torn dress and wearing hat; carrying knife, and has one foot resting on a mound on the ground
129 Portrait of woman in flowered dress, holding open a curtain next to a chair, w/ finger to her lips
130 Giraffe standing against sky background; trees on the side

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