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The collection consists of 131 posters advertising attractions coming to Rochester, New York theatres during the early 1880s. The lithographed posters are a graphic record of the public amusement available in Rochester during this period and provide a broader view of the theatrical offerings of the era including drama, comedy, melodrama and vaudeville.

The information about the collection was either gleaned from the posters or from contemporary newspaper accounts of the productions. All information supplied from sources other than the posters is in brackets.

The posters were collected into a folio volume by their original owner. Unfortunately, when this was done, they were trimmed to a standard size (19.5 x 26.5 inches) resulting in missing text on many of the posters.

The images displayed with the descriptive records were scanned from color microfiche of the original posters. The scans are intended for reference purposes only, and may not accurately reflect the color of the original lithographed posters. The microfiche were created through a grant by the New York State Conservation/Preservation Program.

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