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Anthony Family ReunionAnthony Homestead, Adams, Mass. - Barn
Anthony Homestead, Adams, Mass. - HouseAnthony Homestead, Adams, Mass. - View
Anthony Homestead, Adams, Mass. - View of GreylockAnthony, Bust of Susan B.
Anthony, JessieAnthony, Lucy (?)
Anthony, Lucy Read HouseAnthony, Mary S.
Anthony, Susan B.Anthony, Susan B. (and unidentified group)
Anthony, Susan B. - House (Attic)Anthony, Susan B. - House (Exterior)
Anthony, Susan B. - House (Interior - back parlor)Anthony, Susan B. - House (Interior - dinning room)
Anthony, Susan B. - House (Interior - front parlor)Anthony, Susan B. - House (Interior - study)
Anthony, Susan B. - House (Sampler done by Susan B. Anthony)Anthony, Susan B. and Annie Fitzhugh Miller
Anthony, Susan B. and Anna Howard Shaw in unidentified group of womenAnthony, Susan B. and Annie Fitzhugh Miller
Anthony, Susan B. and Elizabeth Cady StantonAnthony, Susan B. and Emily Gross
Anthony, Susan B. and Emma B. SweetAnthony, Susan B. and Jean Brooks Greenleaf
Anthony, Susan B. and Mary S. AnthonyAnthony, Susan B. and Rachel Foster Avery
Anthony, Susan B. and Susan B. Anthony HouseAnthony, Susan B., Anna Howard Shaw, Laura N. Johns, Rachel Foster Avery
Anthony, Susan B., Anna Howard Shaw, Mary Garritt Hay, Lucy Anthony(?)Anthony, Susan B., Caroline M. Severance, Rebecca Spring
Anthony, Susan B., Caroline M. Severance, Rebecca Spring, Charlotte N. WillisAnthony, Susan B., Elizabeth Smith Miller, Annie Fitzhugh Miller, Mary S. Anthony
Anthony, Susan B., Margaret McLean Baker, and Guelma BakerAnthony, Susan B., Mary S. Anthony, Annie Fitzhugh Miller, Elizabeth Smith Miller
Anthony, Susan B., Mary S. Anthony, Mary Thayer Sanford CrossettAvery, Rachel Foster
Barton, ClaraBennett, M. Toscan and her two children
Blackwell, Alice StoneBlackwell, Antoinette Brown
Blackwell, Antoinette L. BrownBlake, Lillie Devereux
Blatch, Harriet StantonBlinn, Nellie Holbrook
Bones, Marietta M.Bradwell, Myra
Brown, OlympiaBush, Abigail
Butler, BenjaminCampaign Committee of the first Woman Suffrage Campaign in California
Catt, Carrie ChapmanCatt, Carrie Chapman standing with another woman
Catt, George W.Clay, Laura
Clay, Mary B.Coggeshal, Mary J.
Colby, Clara BewickCork, Eliza Hoper Shore (?)
Crittenden, FredrickCrossett, Ella Hawley (?)
Davis, Paulina WrightDuniway, Abigail Scott
Eaton, Cara SmithFour daughters of Hannah Anthony and Abram Osborne
Gage, Frances D.Gage, Matilda Joslyn
Gates, Elizabeth UptonGilman, Charlotte Perkins
Gordon, Kate M.Gordon, Laura deForce
Hallowell, MaryHallowell, Mary and Sarah
Hanaford, Phebe A.Harbert, Elizabeth Boynton
Harper, Ida HustedHay, Mary Garritt
Henry, AliceHepburn, Katherine Houghton
Hooker, Isabella BeecherHosmer, Harriet
Howe, Julia WardHowell, Mary Seymour
International Suffrage Alliance in Copenhagen, DenmarkInternational Woman Congress
Lapham, PhebeLivermore, Mary A.
Lozier, Clemence SophiaLutz, Alma
Members of National Women's Party at memorial services for Susan B. AnthonyMemorial service at the gravesite of Susan B. Anthony
Miller, Annie FitzhughMinor, Virginia L.
Moore, GeorgeMorris, Mrs.
Mott, LucretiaMott, Lucretia with three younger generations
National Suffrage Committee in Adams, Mass.NAWSA Officers
New York State Woman Suffrage ConventionNichols, Clarina Howard
Pankhurst, EmmelinePankhurst, Emmeline at Suffrage rally in London
Parker, E.O.Pethick-Lawrence, Emmeline
Ricker, Marilla M.Robinson, Harriet H.
Rose, Ernestine L.Sands, George
Sargent, Ellen ClarkShaw, Anna Howard
Shaw, Anna Howard and Lucy Anthony campingShaw, Anna Howard, Emma B. Sweet (?) in unidentified group of women
Shaw, Anna Howard, Lucy Anthony, Emma B. Sweet, Clara Schlingheyde, and Eleanor Shaw SmithSmith, George
Spofford, Jane H.Stanton, Bust of Elizabeth Cady
Stanton, Elizabeth CadyStearns, Sarah Burger
Stone, LucyStowe, Harriet Beecher
Suffrage ParadeSweet, Emma B.
Sweet, Emma B. and a group of womenSweet, Emma B. and an unidentfied woman
Sweet, Emma B. and group of womenSweet, Emma B. and her high school Latin class
Sweet, Emma B. and unidentified friends in Hamburg, GermanySweet, Emma B. with a group of people
Sweet, Emma B., and four other womenSweet, Emma B., House
Sweet, Emma B., Mary Garritt Hay (?), and three other womenSweet, Emma B., Mary Garritt Hay, Carrie Chapman Catt
Sweet, Fred G.Taylor, Mentia
The Farm House - Home Near Rochester, N.Y. 1845-65Unidentified woman
Upton, Harriet TaylorWhite, Armenia S.
Willard, Frances E.Willis, Sarah L. .Hallowell.
Wright, FrancesWright, Martha C.

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