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2nd Falls Roaring BrookA.D. Lampson
Arch Bridge on Roaring BrookArch Bridge Roaring Brook
Barnum side showBarnum's show
Below Lyons FallsBend in Roaring Brook
Big Bend in Roaring BrookBreaking Jam Roaring Brook
Bridge--Roaring BrookBrooklyn Bridge
Butter Tub Fct'ryCarding Mill on Roaring Brook
Castor Oil Plant; House (exterior)Christmas family group 1895
Christmas family group. 1895 At Vienna St. House--Connie?Cisin's Drug Store
Cleveland Store/Warehouse; Canal St., PalmyraClifton Springs Sanitarium from afar; Clifton Springs, NY
Clifton Springs Sanitarium; Main St., Clifton Springs, NYCuyler St., Palmyra
Dog Creek, Jackson FarmEsther & Eva looking up
Esther Eva TOJEva with cat looking down
Family Group--Griffith FarmFamily Group--New Years at Oscar's
Family New Years 96 Group at Oscar'sFred (?) Grox (?)
From Arch Bridge Roaring BrookG.W. Boyle
Garlock Packing display case for use by distributorsGladys & Gertrude
Gladys & Miss Breen?Goulds Pulp & Paper Mill, Lyons Falls, N.Y.
Grandfather & Grandmother MalitteGriffille Horses
Group Boys & Girls At Oscar's Jan. 1--1896Guns
House--glass crackedJohn and Louise Hitchcock Davis in automobile. First attempt to drive across the country.
Lilla & Louise hanging up clothesLilla Thray in Parlor
Lilla Thray out w/...Looking up Eva with cat
Lottie & Lilla with catsLottie in Grapevine
Lottie in HammockLottie with wheel 57 Ed.
Louise with cat flashMaude Boyle
May & Mary BabMay in Tree
Most probably Olin J. Garlock (1861-1942) and his young son Harold. The automobile, thought to be the first in Palmyra, is an 1899 Locomobile.North side Main St., Palmyra
North side Main St., Palmyra; further west than 3:37; probably 1914O. Garlock front room upstairs
O.J. Garlock Building, Palmyra, corner of Main and William Sts.; office on left torn down 1926; main building torn down late 1960'sO.J. Garlock home, Palmyra
O.J. Garlock's garage on Fayette St.; left to right: unknown, Nelson Garlock, "Uncle John" Garlock, O.J. Garlock (Olin), ---- Whiting; Harold Garlock in circleOla Boyle with cat
Palmyra High School, Palmyra, 1889Presbyterian Church, Palmyra
Pulp Drive on Roaring BrookPulp in Roaring Brook
Raceway to Gristmill, Martinsburg, N.Y.Rural landscape
Rural landscape, farmRural landscape, garden
Sampson Day Parade or political parade, October 1892; Main St. looking east, PalmyraSampson Day Parade or political parade, October 1892; North side Main St., Palmyra
Sampson Day Parade or political parade, October 1892; South side Main St., PalmyraSampson Day Parade or political parade, October 1892; South side Main St., Palmyra, further west than 3:24
Sampson Day Parade or political parade, October 1892; South side Main St., Palmyra; Sampson may be person in carriageScene on Dog Creek
Scene on Dog Creek, Jackson FarmSky
Stone Bridge Prospect ParkSummit House, Martinsburg, N.Y.
Up from bridge Independence CreekVillage Hall, Palmyra
West Main St., PalmyraWhitaker Falls No. 1
Ws wreckYards back of 770 Halsey

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