The Interpres is the student yearbook, published each year since 1858, of the University of Rochester. From 1910 to 1941, a separate yearbook for the College of Women was also published, and called the Croceus.

In using the yearbooks, it is important to understand that the volumes were published by the Junior class; they are the students featured in the class section with the most prominence, but their achievements will be limited to those achieved as of their junior year. When researching the achievements of a student in his or her senior year, it is necessary to check the next issue of the yearbook. The results of athletic teams are similarly "delayed," along with various student activities, like theater productions.

The Interpres online is made available through the courtesy of the Interpres Board of Managers, which holds the copyright for the publication.

The project to put the Interpres and Croceus online was the work of:

  • David Bates (UR 2014)
  • Emma Morgan (UR 2016)
  • Lisa Wright (Digital Humanities Center)
  • Melissa S. Mead (John M. and Barbara Keil University Archivist)