Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
3354 68th U.S. Open Golf Championship, June 13-16, 1968, Oak Hill Country Club, Rochester, N.Y.
3355 "Story of Rochester's Amerks."
3352 "New Stadium Brings Top Scholastic Football."
3351 "Major-League Citizens of Rochester."
6545 Seth Green and the Caledonia Fish Hatchery: Centennial, 1864-1964.
3333 ADAMS, JOSEPH T. "Red ,Wing Stadium Observing Twenty-Fifth Anniversary."
3348 ANGEVINE, ELBERT. Parade of the Grid Ghosts; the Story of Football in Rochester.
3349 ANGEVINE, ELBERT. Basketball in Rochester.
6536 ASTIFAN, PRISCILLA. Baseball in the 19th Century.
6544 BARSHIED, ROBERT D., and B. E. ANDERSON and DONALD L. LONGACRE Seth Green's Hatchery - 1980.
6554 BASIL, MAUREEN Tennis Club of Rochester, 1886-1986.
6537 BENSON, MICHAEL. Ballparks of North America, a Comprehensive Historical Reference to Baseball Grounds, Yards and Stadiums, 1845 to Present.
6547 CARPER, STEVE. From Flower Pots to Giant Oaks.
6546 CARROLL, BOB. No Heart at Home.
3334 COCHRANE, HESTER HOPKINS. "The Great Auburn Tournament."
6540 EHLING, WILLIAM P. Canoeing Central New York.
6548 EHLING, WILLIAM P. Fifty Hikes in Central New York: Hikes and Backpacking Trips From the Western Adirondacks to the Finger Lakes.
3343 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. Aquatic Sports on the Genesee River.
3344 GRINNELL, LAWRENCE I. Canoeable Waterways of New York State and Vicinity.
3350 HANMER-CROUGHTON, ANN. "Bicycles and Sidepaths."
3339 KELLEY, MICHAEL. Valley Horses: A Book about and for Those Who Love Fox Hunting in the Genesee Valley.
6552 KIEL, DAVID L. The Many Uses of Carlton Hill.
5596 LEARNED, A.M. 75 Years of Hobart Football.
6549 LYONS, CHUCK. Moving Along: The Finger Lakes Trail.
6542 MAGUIRE, THOMAS P. Big Lakers on Seneca.
3335 McCARTHY, WILLIAM F. Rochester Diamond Echoes.
3331 McKELVEY, BLAKE. Rochester Learns to Play: 1850-1900.
3340 MENARD, JEANNE. History of the Genesee Valley Hunt, 1876-1959: A Bib-liography.
3345 MONROE COUNTY. Planning Council- Design for Boating.
3346 NEWELL, GEORGE H. Chips from Our Log, or, Glimpses of Life Aboard the Yacht "Ripple."
3353 PARKER, ARTHUR C. "A Thousand Visitations of an Area."
3341 PEER, FRANK S. The Hunting Field with Horse and Hound in America, the British Isles and France.
3336 REMINGTON, JOHN L. The Red Wings--A Love Story: A Pictorial History of Professional Baseball in Rochester, New York.
6550 REZELMAN, JEAN DOREN. Early Work on the Finger Lakes Trail.
6553 ROCHESTER TURNERS, INC. Historical Journal; a Souvenir of the Centennial Celebration of the Rochester Turners, Inc., January 1st to December 31st, 1952.
3347 ROCHESTER YACHT CLUB. Rounding the Century Mark: One Hundred Years at Rochester Yacht Club, 1877-1977.
6539 ROTH, MARK and SALLY WALTERS. 20 Bicycle Tours in the Finger Lakes.
3342 ROWE, MARTHA BELKNAP. "Wyoming Gun Club."
6541 SEBRING, THOMAS A. A Fine Romance, Canoeing in Upstate New York.
6538 SENZEL, HOWARD. Baseball and the Cold War, Being a Soliloquy on the Necessity of Baseball.
3337 SEYMOUR, HAROLD. "How Baseball Began."
3332 SMITH, VIRGINIA JEFFREY. “Fun at the Falls of the Genesee.”
6543 SPRAGUE, ARNOLD. Fishing Along Tonawanda Creek.
3338 TRUESDALE, DOROTHY S. "International Cricket at Jones Square."
6551 WADSWORTH, W. AUSTIN. The Hunting Diaries of W. Austin Wadsworth, M.F.H., Genesee Valley Hunt, 1876-1909.

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