From Haloid to Xerox


We are a company which pays a premium on imagination, on the use of creativity, on the use of brains to think of new ideas. We don't want to do things that same old way - we suspect the same old way. Therefore, as you come here, I hope you come with an attitude that changes will be a way of life for you. You will not be doing things tomorrow the way you are doing them today. And if you do, we will feel that some way or other the momentum that has taken years and years to build up, is perhaps slowing down. Therefore, we’re seeking people who are willing to accept risk, who are willing to try new ideas, who have new ideas of their own, who are not afraid to change what they are doing, from one day to the next, or one year to the next, who welcome new challenges, who welcome new people, who welcome new positions. And if you're that sort of person you'll be very welcome here at Xerox.

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