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A948"Union is Strength."January 16, 1860
A949Annual banquet 1892. Veteran Corps, R.U.G.November 19, 1892
A950Banquet Meeting. Veteran Corps, R.U.G. Fiftieth Anniversary.November 15, 1897
A951Dinner Given By Jesse W. Hatch to the Rochester Union Greays November Twentieth Nineteen Hundred and FiveNovember 20, 1905
A952Annual Banquet 1894 Veteran Corps, R.U.G.November 19, 1894
A953Complimentary Banquet, to be given by Gen. James H. Kelly, to the Veteran Corps, R.U.G.December 27, 1892
A954Complimentary Banquet, tendered by Jas. H. Kelly to the Rochester Veteran Greys,November 19, 1837
A955Union is Strength.October 28, 1892
A956Rochester Union Grays. Company Orders.February 25, 1895
A957Union is Strength.January 13, 1891
A958Fellow Soldier: You are hereby notified that there will be a meeting of the "Veteran Grays," at the office of the President,October 22, 1879
A959"Union is Strength."October 26, 1886
A960Portage Excursion.July 3, 1891
A961Forty-Sixth Anniversary. "Union is Strength."October 9, 1883
A962Social Greeting. Gen. Jas. H. Kelly Veteran Corps R.U.G. and guestsJanuary 10, 1893
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