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A128Sir- We are happy to inform you that the Washington Temperance Benevolent Society..February 1, 1842
A132Celebration of the Thirteenth Anniversary of the New York State Temperance SocietyMarch, 1842
A137To Wm, H, Seward, Esq Dear Sir--The undersigned, a CommitteeJune 6, 1842
A173Dear Sir: The Anniversary of the new York State Temperance Society, is to occur on Thursday, the 20th instant, in this city, commencing at 10 o'clock, A.M.June 5, 1850
A605Temperance address delivered to the Coloured Sons of Tuscaloosa by iss Sarah Hullum, Dec. 26, 1850.December 26, 1850
B100To the Young Men of the Village of Rochester.December, 1832
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