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A99Dear Sir, It is doubtless known to you we have in our city an ably conducted paper called "The Times and Commercial Intelligencer."July 17, 1838
A102Sir: I am now receiving orders for Madeira Wine, to be shipped by the House of I. Howard, March & Co. via. Canton…September 28, 1838
A104The female aid society of the FirstNovember 19, 1838
A110Sir: Being aware that your station in Society enables you to exercise considerable influence..September 1, 1839
A144Dear Sir: Acting under general instructions from the Executive Board of the New York..September 5, 1842
A151Acting under the advice of judicious friends, I have adopted this method of acquainting those who approved..December 9, 1848
A160Dear Sir: You will confer a special favor by transmitting through the mail Five dollars..August 22, 1849
A164Hon. William Seward, Dear Sir: I take the liberty of addressing you upon the subject of a claim against the U.S..January 28, 1850
A172The success of the first application of the Students of Burlington College, in behalf of the Chapel of the Holy Child Jesus..May 18, 1850
A182Be it remembered, that on this 17th day of April, 1848..August 22, 1850
A186Public Demonstration in Favor of Smith O'BrienSeptember 4, 1850
A192Hon. And Dear Sir: On the death of the late Dr. James A. Houston..December 1, 1850
A203Lexicon of Living MenMarch 5, 1851
A206Dear Sir: You will learn by the subjoined correspondence that a subscriptionhas been opened for the purpose of presenting to the illustrious Louis Kossuth a testimonial of American sympathy and liberality, worthy of him and of the country which is …October 8, 1851
A217Sir: The Pennsylvania State Teachers' Association having instrcuted me to "collect statistics upon subjects connected with Education," throughout the several States, I have thought proper, with the view of carrying out the objects of the Association, to .June 1, 1853
A218Dear Sir: The Clio Society of Capitol University, being about to fit up a Hall in the New University Building for its own use, and desiring also to build up a good Library for its Members, takes this opportunity of enlisting your sympathies in its behalf.June 24, 1853
A222Sir:-- The "Dansvile Literary Association" have concluded to secureDecember 10, 1855
A233Dear Sir: "The Society for Promoting Gospel among Seamen in the Port of New York," was organized June 5th, 1818, immediately after which they erected the Mariners' Church in Roosevelt Street, the first of the kind on terra firma, where the lamented HenryMay 6, 1856
A239Dear Sir: The undersigned having been appointed a Committee, by the Ohio State Teachers' Association, to report at its meeting in December next, upon the best method of giving Moral Instruction in Schools, would respectfully ask your opinions upon the .October 15, 1856
A260Sir: I beg leave you will read the following extract from page 20 of Senate Report No. 397, 34th Congress, 3d Section, and ask you aid in the passage of an act of Congress for my relief.May 13, 1858
A269Dear Sir: I beg leave most respectfully to solicit your aid, influence, and suffrage in my behalf for the post of Sergeant at Arms of the U. S. House of Representatives for the Thirty Eigth Congress.June 10, 1863
A277Yonkers Sanitary FairJanuary 25, 1864
A278Brooklyn and Long Island Fair, in the Aid of the United States Sanitary Commission, to Be Held February 22d, 1864.January 30, 1864
A283Metropolitan Fair. Committee on Contributions from Without the City.March 15, 1864
A284Office of the A. A. Provost Marshal General, Southern Division of New York.March 18, 1864
A289I have the honor to state that the Ladies of Chambersburg and vicinity are actively engaged in getting up a Fair..May 23, 1864
A304Young Men's Sodality Committee RoomNovember 21, 1864
A314My Dear Sir: Mrs. T. J. Welby, one of Maryland's noblest daughtersApril 15, 1866
A319Dear Sir: -- You are aware of the efforts being made to establish a "Congregational Church" at the Capital of the NationJune 5, 1866
A321November 12, 1866
A322Dear Sir: You will confer a favor that will be gratefully appreciated, by contributing your own to a collection of AutographsDecember 7, 1866
A341Dear Sir:The Domestic Committee of the Board of Missions are unable to meet their engagements (entered into at the beginning of the present year) with four Missionary Bishops and more than one hundred and fifty other Missionaries.July 1, 1868
A347Abolition of the Gallows. Eleventh Annual Campaign. Iowa the Field of Labor.October 13, 1871
A360The Hon Wm H Seward Sir: At the suggestion of several Artists and patrons of a series of large-size photographic negatives, illustrating yosemite and other grand and picturesque portions of our Coast.May 1872
A363My Dear Sir: I am endeavoring to procure the autographs of some of the most prominent men of our country, and take the liberty of soliciting your name to place among thoseMarch 29, 1873
A367Prominent Americans. A Valuable Work. To Hon: F. W. Seward.
A376Sir:-- The object of this paper is to place before you the plain unvarnishe statement of one, who was placed on the Reserved List by the late Naval Retiring Board.
A478Dear Sir: The total expense of the Reception and Entertainment of his excellency President Johnson and suite, amounts to $20,643.65.September 6, 1866
A494American Association for the Advancement of Science.April 22, 1872
A595Army Relief Bazaar at Albany.January 18, 1864
A607"The Constitutional Church in Washington City"January 7, 1851
A623Respected and Dear Sir-The Excecutive Committee of the Eastern New-York Anti-Slavery Society take the liberty to address you this note, hoping that it may be in your power to aid them in their work of mercy and benevolenceMay 31, 1842
A768My Lords and Gentlemen, The Painted Hall of Greenwich Hospital, originally employed as the Refectory for the Pensioners, but now and for many years past unoccupied, consists of three Apartments.October 23, 1823
B18Dear Sir, The Howard University chartered by the 39th Congress and intended for the education of persons of every class without restrictions of race, has by the action of its Trustees been placed upon such a footing as to justify an appeal to the friendsOctober 1, 1867
B51Dear Sir: Daniel Palmer and his friends, some of whose names are annexed to this, respectfully sheweth, that at an early period of the late war between the U. S. and Great Britain, animated by the hallowed feelings of patriotism and the enthusiasm of youtNovember 30, 1849
B53Circular from the Chaplin Fund Committee.August 22, 1850
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