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A91State of New York. In AssemblyApril 23, 1864
A216Sir: Mr. Webster, years ago, emancipated a negro man named "William," with whose good service as "body servant," up to the death bed at Marshfield, you may be acquainted, and whom he so kindly mentioned in his will.January 1, 1853
A223Sir, Herewith we send you a blank petition, many copies of which, with signatures, will probably be presented to Congress at the present session.January 4, 1856
A230Sir: You are respectfully requested to attend a meetig of the citizens of New York opposed to the measures and policy of the present Administration for the extension of Slavery over territory embraced within the compact of the Missouri Compromise .April 10, 1856
A261Sir: A number of Young Men, unconnected, at this time, with any organization, but earnestly desirous of devoting themselves to the work of eradicating Slavery in the United States, respectfully invite you to meet them in a public Convention, to be held inNovember 2, 1860
A282Office of the Women's Loyal National League. Dear Friend: With this you will receive a Form of a Petition to Congress, the object of which you can not mistake nor regard with indifference.March 12, 1864
A305Office of the Railroad Record, Hon. Wm H. SewardJanuary 26,1864
A370Letter of D. Lieber to Senator E. D. Morgan, on the Amendment to the Constitution Extinguishing Slavery.February 1, 1865
A551A Fact for History!November, 1850
A601A Book for the Times. Out of Work: Or, Walks Among Empty Workshops and Dreary Firesides.February 5, 1856
A623Respected and Dear Sir-The Excecutive Committee of the Eastern New-York Anti-Slavery Society take the liberty to address you this note, hoping that it may be in your power to aid them in their work of mercy and benevolenceMay 31, 1842
A722In General Committee of Democratic Whig Young Men, the following Resolutions were unanimously adopted:February 15, 1850
A738Labor is the duty of all. Declaration of the Radical Political Abolitionists of Burlington, Vermont and vicinity.1856
A858Anti-Slavery Convention. For Western New York.January 18, 1841
A871American State Convention.May 2, 1856
B47Important Intelligence from Liberia.November 24, 1838
B53Circular from the Chaplin Fund Committee.August 22, 1850
B74To Sovereigns and those in Authority in the Nations of Europe and in other parts of the World where the Christian Religion is professed.1849
B77Fugitive Slave Law!1850
B105Address Reported by Gerrit Smith to the Jerry Rescue Convention, held in Syracuse October 1, 1857.October 1, 1857
B106Gerrit Smith To C.P. Kirkland.September 24, 1864
B113Address of the Convention of the New York Anti-Dramshop Party,August 17, 1870
C1November 1850
C6December 17, 1850
D11ca. 1856
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