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February 5, 1880 (ca?)
January 20, 1883
A104The female aid society of the FirstNovember 19, 1838
A106The Young Ladies Benevolent Society of theDecember 19, 1838
A110Sir: Being aware that your station in Society enables you to exercise considerable influence..September 1, 1839
A178The Sisters of the Visitation respectfully invite the Hon. Wm. H. Seward & Lady to attend..July 15, 1850
A233Dear Sir: "The Society for Promoting Gospel among Seamen in the Port of New York," was organized June 5th, 1818, immediately after which they erected the Mariners' Church in Roosevelt Street, the first of the kind on terra firma, where the lamented HenryMay 6, 1856
A258Sir, The honor of your company is respectfully requested at a Complimentary Dinner to be given to the Rev. Robinson Scott, senior member of the Irish Deputation, at Niblo's Saloon, on Tuesday, May 11th, at half past 6 o'clock, P. M.April 24, 1858
A275Dear Brethren: I hereby recommend that Thursday, the twenty-sixth day of November, be duly observed in the Dioceses of Iowa and Kansas as a day of Public Thanksgiving and Praise to Almighty God for our National mercies, vouchsafed to us in the midst ofNovember 14, 1863
A315The Young Men's Christian Association of Albany, N. Y.,May 1, 1866
A316Dear Sir: I am instructed by the Committee of Arragnements on International Convention of the Young Men's Christian Associations of the United States and British ProvincesMay 15, 1866
A319Dear Sir: -- You are aware of the efforts being made to establish a "Congregational Church" at the Capital of the NationJune 5, 1866
A323Hon. Wm H Seward, Washington D. C. St. John's Parish proposes to celebrate the Semi-Centennial AnniversaryDecember 13, 1866
A341Dear Sir:The Domestic Committee of the Board of Missions are unable to meet their engagements (entered into at the beginning of the present year) with four Missionary Bishops and more than one hundred and fifty other Missionaries.July 1, 1868
A436Griswold College. Diocese of Iowa. The undersigned respectfully calls the attention of the members and friends of the Protestant Episcopal Church to the following statement:January, 1860
A606Rev. Dr. Sunderland, Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church..June 1, 1866
A607"The Constitutional Church in Washington City"January 7, 1851
A608The Word of the Lord that came unto the Patriarch Moses, an Israelite of the tribe of Joseph, and of the lineage of his son Ephraim, o the fourteenth day of the second month, called February, in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-eight ..March 28, 1865
A609Order of Public Worship Provided by the House of Bishops of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, For Its Use on..October 8, 1862
A610To My Imperial and Royal Friends and Fellow Creatures..May 5, 1856
A661Hymn of Welcome to the Pastor.
A662The Children's Welcome to their Pastor.
A694The Sunday School Association of Chili.1860
A713International Christian Convention.1866
A736Female Education in Haytl.
A750To the Congregation of St. Peter's Church, Auburn:March 27, 1863
A765Rochester Sabbath-School Union.July 13, 1862
A804An Appeal for the Sabbath.
A827The Great Day of the Lord is Come!September, 1853
A849Protracted Meeting this week at First Presbyterian Free Church.March 17, 1834
A877Catholic Opinions
A968Constitution of the Society of Christian Endeavor f the Presbyterian Church, of Sodus, N.Y.July 11, 1887
A997Sir: you are invited to attend a meeting of the male members of the First Presbyterian Congregation, in the city of RochesterDecember 27, 1853
A998Sunday, September 27th, will be the Rallying Day and reunion of our historic Sunday School, the first organized in Rochester.September 22, 1891
A1135First Presbyterian Free Church Sabbath School183?
B7Konigliche SchlobfircheDecember 14, 1895
B74To Sovereigns and those in Authority in the Nations of Europe and in other parts of the World where the Christian Religion is professed.1849
B91Proposals for publishing Volume II. Of Priestcraft Exposed, and Primitive Christianity Defended.January, 1929
C6December 17, 1850
C47At a Special Meeting of the SS. Peter and Paul's Union, held at their Hall January 22d, 1882, the following Resolutions were unanimously adopted.January 22, 1882
C49Field Day of the Roman Catholic Uniformed Union, at the Driving Park, Rochester, Monday, August 30th, 1880.August 30, 1880
D1Fourth Quarter, 1884
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