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August 30, 1880
A55House of RepresentativesJune 29, 1864
A95Sir: The undersigned, citizens of the City of Rochester and vicinity, observe that the Committee of the House of Representatives on that branch of the President's Message relating to the defence of the Northern Lakes and Rivers, have recommended the estabFebruary 26, 1862
A117To His Excellency Wm. H. Seward, Commander in Chief of the State of New YorkApril 18, 1840
A119Camp WashingtonJuly 3, 1840
A126Pulawski CadetsJanuary 10, 1842
A168Letters: In relation to the Claim of Purser Francis B. Stockton, U.S. Navy, for the allowance of expenses of an Entertainment and Ball given at Southampton, England, by Captain Paulding, Commanding the U.S. Frigate St. Lawrence..February 27, 1850
A205Sir: The application of ..1851
A291The ceremony of dedicating the site for the Battle Monument, will take place at West Point, N. Y., June 15th, 1864.June 15, 1864
A307{Confidential} "National Bureau of Correspondence,"February 22, 1865
A317Soldiers' and Sailors' Union, of Washington, D. C' Exhibition of Left-Hand PenmanshipMay 1, 1866
A340Sir: Our National Holiday, the Fourth of July, being set apart by the Albany Burgesses Corps to commemorate theJune 29, 1868
A345Hon. Wm H. Seward. Dear Sir: You are respectfully invited by the Albany Burgesses Corps, to accompany themSeptember 28,1870
A358Memorial Committee, Grand Army of the Republic.May 23, 1872
A361Sir: You are cordially invited to meet the Albany Burgesses Corps, upon the occasion of their visit to the city of PoughkeepsieOctober 8, 1872
A376Sir:-- The object of this paper is to place before you the plain unvarnishe statement of one, who was placed on the Reserved List by the late Naval Retiring Board.
A435Memorial Committee, Grand Army of the Republic.May, 1872
A475Banquet tendered by the Municipal Authorities of the city of New York.October 19, 1863
A487Mr & Mrs Cyrus W. Field request the pleasure of Hon Wm H Seward's Company on Thurdsay evening the 8th instr.October 1, 1863
A490Loyal League of Union Citizens, ProgrammeMay 11, 1863
A525The Memorial of J. N. Maffitt, Lieutenant in the Navy of the United States, respectfully sheweth:1855?
A527To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States in Congress assembled:
A529First Company, Union Riflemen.August 22, 1840
A531To the People of Indianna: The quota of Indiana, under the last call of the President for three hundred thousand men, was about nineteen thousand.January 14, 1864
A532Circular Commanding Officer Post of in assuming command of your post the following instructions will serve as your guidance:August 1, 1865
A533Headquarters United States Forces, Martinsburg, Va., October 22, 1864.October 22, 1864
A534Headquarters United states Forces, Martinsburg, Va., October 24, 1864.October 24, 1864
A535Headquarters United States Forces, Martinsburg, Va., October 19, 1864.October 19, 1864
A536Headquarters United States Forces, Martinsburg, Va., October 19, 1864.October 19, 1864
A537The painful task devolves on the General-n-Chief of announcing to the Army the death of Colonel and Brevet major General Roger Jones, Adjutant General, who expired in this city about sunset yesterdayJuly 16, 1852
A538Headquarters, Army & Dist. Of North Carolina, Newbern, N.C., March 11, 1864.March 11, 1864
A539head-Quarters, Army & Dist. Of North Carolina, Newbern, N.C., March 9, 1864.March 9, 1864
A540Proclamation.May 5, 1858
A541Regulations Relative to the Admission of Midshipmen into the Navy.April 28, 1849
A543Military Order, Loyal Legion, U.S. Circular No. 50October 16, 1871
A544Military Order, Loyal Legion, U. S. Circular No. 51April 24, 1872
A545War Department, General Orders, No. 287.November 28, 1864
A546War Department, Circular, No. 86.December 1, 1864
A547Headquarters First Army Corps, Circular No. 2.December 3, 1864
A552Heirs of Continental Officers.January, 1856?
A568Cincinnatti Chamber of Commerce
A592National Sailors' Fair.April 19, 1864
A594Army Relief Bazaar.January 18, 1864
A595Army Relief Bazaar at Albany.January 18, 1864
A596Soldiers' Aid Society of Northern Ohio, 95 Bank Street, Cleveland.February 22, 1864
A599Sick and Wounded Soldiers.March, 1864
A604Fair to the Soldiers' and Sailors' Home.April 14, 1865
B13From The PalladiumSeptember 28, 1839
B43To the Loyal Citizens of the United States of America.
B66Duties in Garrison.January 11, 1838
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