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A77Supreme Court. Thomas M. Flandrau , as Executor of Ruth H. Foot, deceased, agst. Newell F. Thomas, as Administrator of James S. Thomas, deceased, Francis H. Thomas and George R. ThomasJuly 18, 1883
A79House of Representatives, Office of the Superintendent Folding RoomJuly 1, 1874
A87Know all Men by these Presents, That I…183?
A91State of New York. In AssemblyApril 23, 1864
A127Your attention is respectfully erquested to the foloowing popular Measures.January 23, 1842
A129State of Michigan, Secretary of State's OfficeFebruary 3, 1842
A138Sir: I have the honor to call your attention to the provisions of the subjoined section of the Act of CongressJune 24, 1842
A167Dear Sir: The undersigned citizens of the United States, residing at Brownsville, desire to call your attention..February 5, 1850
A290The undersigned have opened Law Offices in New York City, on the corner of Pine and Nassau Streets..May 1864
A400Carver & M'Clung, Attorneys at Law, Brokers in Real Estate, and General Collecting AgentsApril 4, 1856
A401John J. Diossy & Co., Law Booksellers, and Publishers, No. 49 Nassau StreetMay 1, 1856
A416Office of McAllister and Wallis, General Agents and Attorneys for Claims,August 26, 1864
A421Messrs. Chas. H. Winfield (late of Orange County, N. Y.), John H. Anthon, and Charles C. Leeds, have this day formed a copartnership, by the firm-name of Winfield, Anthon & Leeds,November 11, 1872
A444The Story Association of Harvard University.May, 1850
A572An act, in relation to proceedings in criminal cases.
A588The Prisoners' Friend--Extra.January, 1851
A649To all whom it may Concern. We, the undersigned, Commissioners, appointed by Hon. Jerome Fuller, Monroe County Judge, upon the petition of F. Ansel Booth, Sarah A. Harris and Henry C. IvesNovember 25, 1870
A783Law and Claims.June, 1864
A809Geneva Gazette.October 3, 1845
A1072Supreme Court. The People ex. Rel., Isaac Butts, Clark Johnston & Benjamin McFarlin. Agt. The Common Council of the City of Rochester.June 26, 1871
B134th Congress, 1st Session. S. 397.July 25, 1856
B11Supreme Court. County of Erie.June 18, 1851
B35Testimonial to Rufus Waples, U. S. Attorney..March 10, 1865
B110Court of Appeals. The following opinion of the Court of Appeals, delivered by Chief Justice Bronson, decides a very important quesstion, and must be interesting to readers generally:1849
C90By William H. Seward, Governor of the State of New-York. A Proclamation.December 10, 1839
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