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A130Sir: I have the honor to transmit to your Excellency, for the use of the State over which you preside..February 16, 1842
A133Sir; I have the honor to transmit herewith a copy of Acts passed by the General Assembly ofApril 11, 1842
A134In pursuance of a Resolution of the General AssemblyMay 3, 1842
A135State of Maine. Secretary's Office, His Excellency, The Govenor of New YorkMay 6, 1842
A136Sir: In pursuance of a law of the Territory of Florida, entitled, "An Act relatingMay 12, 1842
A139State of Maryland, Department of State, City of Annapolis, To his Excellency, The Governor of New YorkJune 25, 1842
A140State of New Jersey, Department of State. City of Trenton, To His Excellency the Governor of New YorkJuly 12, 1842
A141State of Maine. Secretary's OfficeAugust 18, 1842
A147To His Excellency, The Governeor of New YorkOctober 19, 1842
A149His Excellency the Governor of New YorkNovember 25, 1842
A164Hon. William Seward, Dear Sir: I take the liberty of addressing you upon the subject of a claim against the U.S..January 28, 1850
A204Sir, You are respectfully invited to accompany the Members of the Common Council..March 24, 1851
A393Agency for Claims. William J. Niles, Washington, D. C. will attend to the prosecution of claims upon the GovernmentSeptember 2, 1850
A394Sir: The undersigned, who was at the head of the Pesnion Office for upwards of thirty years, has opened an Office in this cityDecember 6, 1850
A416Office of McAllister and Wallis, General Agents and Attorneys for Claims,August 26, 1864
A430Extracts from the proceedings of the National Institute for the Promotion of Science.October, 1842
A469The following 'glances' are furnished by a correspondent to the New York Express:--if half be true, the subject would seem to be worthy of the most serious consideration of Congress.December, 1850?
A600Instructions to the People of the United States for Preliminary Movement toward Governmental Re-organizationMay, 1865
A602National Transition Moonly Voice.July 20, 1872
A608The Word of the Lord that came unto the Patriarch Moses, an Israelite of the tribe of Joseph, and of the lineage of his son Ephraim, o the fourteenth day of the second month, called February, in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-eight ..March 28, 1865
A620Let Us Have Genuine Freedom in Missouri.November 15, 1864
A803Letter to Senator Johnson. War, Compromise or Separation.March 28, 1861
A818The word of the Lord that came unto the Patriarch Moses, an Israelite of the trive of Joseph and of the lineage of his son EphraimFebruary 14, 1865
B34Keep Government Within Its LimitsApril 2, 1842
B60Letter to Hon. J. J. Crittenden.February 22, 1861
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