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November 15, 1879
A50Joint Resolutions Asking an Appropriation of Lands by Congress to Endow Female Colleges in the Several StatesMarch 19, 1863
A97Sir, A meeting of citizens has recently been held in this city, for the purpose of considering the present condition of the American Press;June 18, 1836
A107Sir: Several gentlemen have proposed to meet this evening,February 11, 1839
A108The Rev. Robert Breckinridge, of Baltimore..July 11, 1839
A172The success of the first application of the Students of Burlington College, in behalf of the Chapel of the Holy Child Jesus..May 18, 1850
A176You are respectfully invited to attend a meeting of the Literary Societies of this Institution..June 1850
A178The Sisters of the Visitation respectfully invite the Hon. Wm. H. Seward & Lady to attend..July 15, 1850
A183Dear Sir: I beg leave to inform you that the "Rochester School" is removed to 111, Buffalo St., Wadsworth's Block, up one flight of stairs.August 29, 1850
A217Sir: The Pennsylvania State Teachers' Association having instrcuted me to "collect statistics upon subjects connected with Education," throughout the several States, I have thought proper, with the view of carrying out the objects of the Association, to .June 1, 1853
A218Dear Sir: The Clio Society of Capitol University, being about to fit up a Hall in the New University Building for its own use, and desiring also to build up a good Library for its Members, takes this opportunity of enlisting your sympathies in its behalf.June 24, 1853
A239Dear Sir: The undersigned having been appointed a Committee, by the Ohio State Teachers' Association, to report at its meeting in December next, upon the best method of giving Moral Instruction in Schools, would respectfully ask your opinions upon the .October 15, 1856
A250Office of the Regents of the University, Albany, Jan. 30, 1857.January 30, 1957
A296Georgetown College: You are respectfully invited to attend the Lectures on Chemistry and Natural Philosophy..June 20, 1864
A303Sir: The inauguration of the Rev'd F. A. P. Barnard, D. D., LL. D., as President of the CollegeSeptember 15, 1864
A322Dear Sir: You will confer a favor that will be gratefully appreciated, by contributing your own to a collection of AutographsDecember 7, 1866
A334Sir: An address commenorative of the life and services of the late Prof. Charles Anthon, LL.D., will be delivered before the Trusteesmay 29, 1868
A337Dear Sir: The lack of any means of easy intercourse and free communication, and consequently of united effort and mutual support, has been felt for some years past by men ofMay 29, 1868
A356Union College Alumni Association. Dear Brother: The committee appointed to make arrangements for the fourth assembly of the Union College Alumni of the NorthwestMay 4, 1872
A371To Parents: In making application for admission to the College, the name and age of your daughters should be stated, with the studies she has pursued, and the class she wishes to enter
A431Waterloo Union School. Order of Exercises, Wednesday Evening, March 26, '51.March 26, 1851
A433At the General Meeting of the Members of the Mercantile Library association, on Friday evening, 23d November, the following was read by the President.November 24, 1838
A434Miss Brooke's English and French Boarding and Day School, Washington City, D. C.September, 1855
A436Griswold College. Diocese of Iowa. The undersigned respectfully calls the attention of the members and friends of the Protestant Episcopal Church to the following statement:January, 1860
A437French and English Seminary for Young Ladies, at the corner of Ninth and E Streets, Washington City.
A438Regents of the University of the State of New-York.May 30, 1842
A439Resolutions of the general assembly of the state of Illinois, relative to the establishment of industrial universities, and for the encouragement of practical and general education among the people-unanimously adopted.February 8, 1853
A440The Morabian Seminary for Young Ladies at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.1854
A441The undersigned have associated themselves to institute a School at the Raritan Bay Union, Perth Amboy, New Jersey, designed to combine the advantages of home nurture, with instruction in Literature, Science and Art.1854
A445The Wells College Founder's Day. 1872. Meeting of Trustees at 11, A.M.1872
A446To the Friends of Liberal Education.March 25, 1862
A447The Young Ladies' Collegiate Institue of Union Springs.February 22, 1864
A448New York College of Veterinary Surgeons, Trustees' Office, 69 Wall Street, New York.1862
A449Mrs. Frederick Jonson and Miss Agnes L. Jones, French and English Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies, No. 13 East 31st Street, between Fifth and Madison Avenues.
A450Classical and Scientific School for Boys, in Cambridge.August, 1856
A451Columbia Institution, for the deaf and dumb, and the blind.February 21, 1861
A452Family Boarding School for Boys, at Pottstown, Montcomery County, PA.
A453Residence of Rev.d Matthew Meigs, near Pottstown, Montgomery Co. PA.March, 1864
A454Societas Adolescentium, Academiae Fredonia, in oppido pomfrete, Republica New-York.April 18, 1849
A455Miss Elizabeth Parsons, proposes to receive a limited number of young ladies as day pupils, at number fifty-six Elm Street, New Haven, Connecticut.
A456Female Collegiate Institution, Washington D.C.1855
A459Waterloo Academy. The friends of education in Waterloo and vicinity, have recently erected a spacious, convenient, and attractive building, dedicated to the cause of Academical learning.April 3, 1842
A460Home for Little Ones and Kindergarten.December 1, 1864
A484Hon. Wm H. Seward and family, You are respectfully invited to attend the Representations of Richelieu and Hamlet,June 17, 1863
A528Memorial. To the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States:
A538Headquarters, Army & Dist. Of North Carolina, Newbern, N.C., March 11, 1864.March 11, 1864
A541Regulations Relative to the Admission of Midshipmen into the Navy.April 28, 1849
A549Hampton Normal & Agricultural Institute, at Hampton, VA.January 25, 1872
A591Thoughts for the People.1864?
A613Circular. Rockland Female Institute, Nyack, N. Y.March, 1858
A614To the Stockholders and Patrons of the Albany Pearl-street Academy.January 20, 1840
A616Select School at Rhinebeck, Dutchess County, New York.March 30, 1842
A617Seward Institute. Hon. Wiliam H. Seward, President. Young Ladies' Seminary, Florida, Orange County, N.Y.1865
A618The S. S. Seward Institute, At Florida, Orange County, N.Y.October 8, 1849
A619Episcopal Institute, For the Education of Young Gentlemen, Troy, N.Y.February 11, 1839
A626Sir- In 1836, the Legislature of New-York passed "An act to incorporate the New-York State Agricultural School," with a capital of $100,000, and liberty to icrease it to $200,000November 15, 1838
A630New York Conference Seminary, and Female Collegiate Institute, Charlotteville, Schoharie Co., N. Y.1860
A646Mexico Academy, Mexico, Oswego Co., N.Y., 1872-3.1872
A652Callisophia Literary Society desires the Pleasure of Your Company at the College chapelDecember 17, 1872
A653Callisophia, Tuesday Evening, Dec. 17, 1872.December 17, 1872
A680Bryant, Stratton & Co's Albany Mercantile College, 43 & 45 North Pearl St.
A698Albany AcademyAugust 14, 1870
A703Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.
A707Circular and Catalogue of St. Mark's School, Clover Street.1869
A733Medina Academy.September 1, 1851
A736Female Education in Haytl.
A739Constitution and By-Laws of the Antes Lyceum.
A746School for Colored Girls.January 1856
A760Shurtleff College Annual Exhibition, Tuesday Evening, March 27th, 1855.March 27, 1855
A766Take One. Mrs. Emma P. Ewing, Superintendent of Chautauqua Assembly Cooking School, will give Eight Lessons on the Art of CookingJanuary 26, 1893
A779Dear Sir: The Trustees of the University of Albany desire to call your attention to the following announcement.December, 1853
A780Sir: Allow me to draw your attention to certain strange facts that have taken place in the Naval Academy at Annapolis, which are calculated to destroy the good results which we had reason to expect from that institution.July 15, 1867
A794The Courtship of Miles Standish, Dramatized, in Seven Scenes.May 14, 1889
A807Tracy Female Institute185?
A810Whitesboro Academy. Order of Exercises, at the exhibition Sept. 14, 1820.September 14, 1820
A811Subscription for Pious Books, for children.1840?
A845Phipps Union Female Seminary, Albion, Orleans Co., N.Y.1867
A917The Famous Highlands of the Hudson.1881?
A920Educational Commission.March 14, 1862
A1083An Appeal to the Friends of Education.May 1, 1862
B18Dear Sir, The Howard University chartered by the 39th Congress and intended for the education of persons of every class without restrictions of race, has by the action of its Trustees been placed upon such a footing as to justify an appeal to the friendsOctober 1, 1867
B46Dear Sir: I am requested by a number of the members of the Livingston County Education Society, to forward you a copy of a Memorial to the Legislature, which is now receiving the signatures of the friends of Common School Education in this County--January 14, 1838
B80Common Schools.1839?
B88Lyons Musical Academy.June 16, 1868
B101New Collegiate Institute, an English and Classical High School.September, 1856
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