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ID Title or First Line Date Page Image
A61Resolutions adopted by the Southern Commercial Convention Held in Cincinnati, October, 1870October, 1870
A124Dear Sir: We send you the first page of a tabular Statement of the financial..April 29,1841
A483You are respectfully invited to attend a Lecture at the Smithsonian Institution, on The Commercial Policy of The Great Powers,February 24, 1863
A591Thoughts for the People.1864?
A601A Book for the Times. Out of Work: Or, Walks Among Empty Workshops and Dreary Firesides.February 5, 1856
A1071Dear Sir: A meeting of the Association will be held on Friday, 30th inst., at eight o'clock P.M.March 26, 1883
B12New Hartford, Oneida County, N. Y.May 6, 1839
B19Southern Commercial ConventionAugust 16, 1869
B31Dear Sir: Below we present to you a printed copy of a petition to Congress, signed by our most influential merchantsFebruary 17, 1864
B32To the Honorable the Legislature of the State of New York, in Senate and Assembly convened:July 7, 1831
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