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ID Title or First Line Date Page Image
A774Comparative Trade of Troy and Albany.March 1, 1836
A867Vote No.1903?
A922Dear Sir: At a meeting of the Commissioners of the Rochester, Fitzhugh & Carroll Mill canal
A9751846. Red Bird Line. Packet-Boat1846
B63Sodus CanalApril, 1829
B64To the Honorable the Congress of the United States: The Memorial of the Subscribers, Inhabitants of the Counties of Wayne, Cayuga, Seneca and Ontario, in the State of New York--November, 1829
B65To the Honorable the Legilature of the State of New-York, in Senate and Assembly convened:January 1, 1836
C93New-York Canal Lands on Sale.October, 1823
C111Lake Ontario Route from Syracuse to Buffalo.July 8, 1841
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