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A49History of the Bank of England, Its Times and Traditions, From 1694 to 18441862
A62Terms of Subscription to the Reference Book1862?
A68Books on Political Economy
A75Clerk's Office, House of Representatives
A76Office Superintendent Folding Room, House of Representatives1874
A90Information Relative to the American Portrait Gallery.September 19, 1854
A187Sir: By a Joint Resolution of the 3rd day of March, 1849, authorizing a subscription for 1000 copies of the History of Congress..September 6, 1850
A203Lexicon of Living MenMarch 5, 1851
A218Dear Sir: The Clio Society of Capitol University, being about to fit up a Hall in the New University Building for its own use, and desiring also to build up a good Library for its Members, takes this opportunity of enlisting your sympathies in its behalf.June 24, 1853
A224Sir: I send you one copy of the Executive Documents of the Senate of the First Session of the Thirty Third Congress, in thirteen volumes, and one copy of the Miscellaneous Documents of the Senate of the same session, in one volume, the receipt whereof I .February 9, 1856
A232The Honorable W. H. Seward, Sir: I send to you, this day, a package containing the "Annals of Congress" for the Seventeenth Congress, in 3 volumes, the receipt whereof I will thank you to acknowledge.April 21, 1856
A240Sir: I send to you, this day, a package containing the first and tenth volumes of "The Life and Works of John Adams," the receipt whereof I will thank you to acknowledge.October 22, 1856
A246In consideration of your distinguished literary applications, and untiring zeal in the cause of literature, the members of the Linnean Literary Society of this place, have elected you to honorary membership.December 13, 1856
A362Dear Sir: We herewith enclose order blanks for the copies which you wish to supply to your subscribers for "William H. Seward's Travels Around the World."January 22, 1873
A401John J. Diossy & Co., Law Booksellers, and Publishers, No. 49 Nassau StreetMay 1, 1856
A407Bulletin. The Lower Broadway Book Store, No. 118. Between Cedar and Pine Streets,1856
A422Special Notice to the Agents and Applicants for Agencies for the Sale of William H. Seward's "Travels around the World."December 12, 1872
A423William H. Seward's "Travels Around the World." The undersigned respectfully announce that their Agent will present the order book containing specimen pages of the paper, printing, illustrations, engravings, and styles of binding of1872
A424William H. Seward's Travels Around the Worl.1872
A426Messrs. D. Appleton & Co., Publishers, New York.1873
A515To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives, In Congress Assembled.
A601A Book for the Times. Out of Work: Or, Walks Among Empty Workshops and Dreary Firesides.February 5, 1856
A670Go to the Great Gift Book StoreSeptember, 1862
A70025th (349-4) 26th An actual reduction of ten per cent, from former Low Prices on the stock of Stationery, Fancy Goods, &c.,
A702The Riverside Library, The Brightest Works of the Greatest Authors in the Cheapest Library in the World
A761Library of the Lesbian Society Connecticut Literary Institution.
A775Sir--The Public nature of the work proposed in the annexed prospectus, will, I trust, apologize for the liberty I have taken in addressing it to you.March 2, 1835
A782A New Edition of the Statutes of New-York.October 23, 1862
A811Subscription for Pious Books, for children.1840?
A844Biography of the Hon. Ezra Cornell, founder of the Cornell University.
A852Old and Rare Books1984
A869The Great War Novel.186?
A916The Life and Times of Abraham LincolnSeptember, 1865
A1112Hesperia; An epic of the Past and Future of America.n.d.
A1115Liberal Religious Books, Pamphlet Sermons and Speeches, Kept for sale by H. L. Green..n.d.
A1131Fisher's Book Store Located for Over 30 Years at No. 6 Exchange St., Rochester, NY1869
B38Republican Landmarks: Or, The Views and Opinions of American Statesmen, on Foreign Immigration.
B80Common Schools.1839?
B109Rochester and Western New-York. Notices of Settlement, arranged, from Various Sources.February 13, 1838
C71The School District Library, Published by Harper & Brothers, 82 Cliff-Street, New York,
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