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January 2, 1889
A81The largest consumption of cotton in any one year, was in 1860, when the total consumption of the United States, north and south, was about 400,000,000 lbs.April 20, 1866
A107Sir: Several gentlemen have proposed to meet this evening,February 11, 1839
A142To His Excellency William H. Seward, Sir: You are respectfully invited to attend the Cattle Show and FairAugust 20, 1842
A144Dear Sir: Acting under general instructions from the Executive Board of the New York..September 5, 1842
A169To The President of the United States, Members of Congress, and friends of Agriculture..March 18, 1850
A227SirL Today I forward you One bundle containing 6 varieties of garden seeds.March 8, 1856
A403T. Slater & Co., Commission Merchants, and salesmen for all kinds of country produce.January 10, 1856
A474New and Improved mowing and reaping machine.1852
A481Metropolitan Fair in aid of the United States Sanitary Commission.February 1, 1864
A492Agricultural Ball, at the Town Hall in Pittsfield, on Thurday Evening, October 6th, at 6 o'clock.October 5, 1842
A548Proposition to the President To Employ the Emancipated Negroes at Port Royal.January 27, 1863
A591Thoughts for the People.1864?
A696The Producers' Price-Current.May 20, 1871
A786Fruit Growers' Society of Western New York.January 23, 1867
A789Empire Cheddar Cheese Factory. Rules.
B82Directions for making a large rake.
B84Facts for the consideration of the Farmers of Orange County.
B102Rochester Seed Store Catalogue--1841.March, 1841
C54Columbian Horse Rake.November, 1836
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