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May 29, 1882
August 5, 1880
January 2, 1889
October 1, 1886
March 5, 1880
March 1888
A7Sir: The undersigned having formed a Real Estate and General Commission Agency for the purpose of buying and selling Real Estate…February, 1861
A8Real Estate and General Commission Agency1861?
A15Notice. The business of Wm. T. Coleman & Co., and of "Coleman's California Line," will be conducted in future by Wm. T. Coleman…March 13, 1865
A16Dear Sir: You may have noticed in the daily papers, that a Company has been formed for the purpose of …March 30, 1865
A52Circular. Important to Bankers and the PublicMarch 1, 1862
A53The Fourth National Bank of the City of New YorkJune, 1864
A90Information Relative to the American Portrait Gallery.September 19, 1854
A102Sir: I am now receiving orders for Madeira Wine, to be shipped by the House of I. Howard, March & Co. via. Canton…September 28, 1838
A106The Young Ladies Benevolent Society of theDecember 19, 1838
A157Sir, Annexed I beg leave to hand you a Price Current of Wines;March 16, 1849
A196To Old Soldiers, Their Widows and Orphans.January 1, 1851
A244Dear Sir: In asking your attention to the inducements presented to capitalists, for the employmeny of their means in this Territory, I remark first, upon a few of the prominent causes which have influenced so large an emigration hither for the past two..December 1, 1856
A247Sir: We have established ourselves at this point as Land Agents, and beg to submit to your notice the following features of our business.March 1856
A251Sir: I beg leave to tender you my services as an Agent for the transaction of Patent business of every description, either in this country or in Europe.June 1857
A252The undersigned beg to inform you, that having entered into copartnership, they will in future, carry on the commission of business of the former house of Geo. Edward Burr under the name of G. E. Burr & Co., and request that you will please take note ..November 18, 1857
A253Dear Sir: In selecting your newspapers for the present session of Congress, we beg to call your attention to The Evening Post, It may be ordered by members, for any length of time, at the rate of the yearly subscription, which is as follows:December 5, 1857
A254Sir: We respectfully call your attention to our Agency, in connection with any business your constituents may have with the Patent Office.January 1, 1858
A259Dear Sir: We take the liberty to forward you a document, which, were it a common one, would need an apology, but for which we trust the character of its claims to attention will secure a favorable reception.May 1, 1858
A273Metropolitan Tailoring, Army and Navy Uniform Establishment.September 1863
A288Mr. W. H. Seward, Compliments of Messrs. Sykes, Chadwick & Co., and will be happy to see you on Wednesday evening, May 11, at a private opening of their New Billiard Saloon, on F Street, (Willards' Ha'') from 7 to 9, P. M.May 9, 1864
A290The undersigned have opened Law Offices in New York City, on the corner of Pine and Nassau Streets..May 1864
A297Union Congressional Committee Rooms: Sir: The importance of the Pending contest for the Presidency caanot be exaggerated.June 29, 1864
A313Pacific Cottage and Land CompanyFebruary 1, 1866
A318Dear Sir: I have the honor to inform you that I have become the Proprietor of this beautiful Hotel,June 1, 1866
A344Dear Sir, I have recently established a branch of my American House in Nos 1, rue Scribe, for the purpose of producing the latest American FashionsJune 1870
A349Dear Sir: We take pleasure in informing you that we have secured an Office and Warerooms at No. 554 Broadway.March 23, 1872
A350Savery & Chadeayne, Plumbers, Gas & Steam Filters, 146 Genesee Street, Auburn, N.Y.March 25, 1872
A372Sir:--We invite your attention to our extensive stock of ladies' and gentlemen's very superior Watches, Diamond, and all other styles of Rich Jewelry
A373Sir: Your attention is respectfully asked to the following statement: Owing to the contemplated retirement of the senior partner in one of the largest Watch and Jewelry establishments
A374Sir, I desire to call your attention to a Square of ground No. 144 which I propose selling, as I am directed to do without limitation.
A375J. P. Crutchett Begs leave most respectfully to inform his patrons and those in want of a French Cook, that he continues
A377Office of Elkhorn Independent. To Buisness Men: Allow us to introduce to you Robert C. Munro1863
A378Henry S. Clubb & Co., proprietors of the Weekly Clarion, Grand Haven, Mich.,1863
A379Office of the Waukegan Weekly Gazette. Gentlemen: Allow me to introduce to you, Mr. Rob't. C. Munro1863
A380To whom all Dispatches, Letters, &c, should be addressed. All business entrusted to our care, will be promptly attended to.
A381Circular. The undersigned would respectfully announce that they have opened a law office, and land agency, at Titusville, Pa.
A386L. Menand, Florist, &c. Green and Hot House plants, etc., Camelia Japonica, Tea and China Roses, Budhia, Acacia, Hodtzia and other fine and rare flowers, for Bouquets, &c.December 28, 1842
A387United states and Foreign Agency, at Washington City D.C.February 23, 1846
A388Moffat & Co., Assaying and Smelting Association, San Francisco, CaliforniaFebruary 7, 1849
A390Seven Per Cent Stock. Interest Guaranteed and Payable Quarter Yearly.February 22, 1849
A391Prospectus. To the Honorable Members of the Senate and House of Representatives of the 31st CongressFebruary, 1850
A392Circular. To Owners of Patent and Genuine Titles to Lands in the Military District of Illinois.July 13, 1850
A393Agency for Claims. William J. Niles, Washington, D. C. will attend to the prosecution of claims upon the GovernmentSeptember 2, 1850
A394Sir: The undersigned, who was at the head of the Pesnion Office for upwards of thirty years, has opened an Office in this cityDecember 6, 1850
A397The Augusta Rose.March 1, 1853
A400Carver & M'Clung, Attorneys at Law, Brokers in Real Estate, and General Collecting AgentsApril 4, 1856
A401John J. Diossy & Co., Law Booksellers, and Publishers, No. 49 Nassau StreetMay 1, 1856
A402North-West Land Company. Organized under the General Incorporation Law of Illinois, and established for the purpose of transacting all Business connected with Real EstateMay 1, 1856
A403T. Slater & Co., Commission Merchants, and salesmen for all kinds of country produce.January 10, 1856
A404General Land Agency for Kansas.January 1, 1857
A405Iowa Land Agency. Davenport, Iowa.1856
A406Advertising.--Yates County Whig. The Yates County Whig is a large and well printed weekly sheet, published every Thursday Morning,1856
A407Bulletin. The Lower Broadway Book Store, No. 118. Between Cedar and Pine Streets,1856
A408"The Herald of Freedom!" (A Paper for all who are interested in Kansas Affairs.)1856
A409Removal G. W. Yerby has removed his land office, from 139 Randolph Street, to 82 Dearborn Street1857
A410Julius Crone, Real Esate Agent, N. E. corner Clark and Randolph Streets, Chicago, - Illinois.1857
A411Real Estate and General Agency, Camanche, Clinton County, Iowa.1857
A412The Undersigned, for many years past the admirers and supporters of the National Intelligencer, for its nationality--its conservative character-- its devotion to the Union--its ability and its decorum--as well as combining a first-class newspaper with a hDecember 5, 1860
A416Office of McAllister and Wallis, General Agents and Attorneys for Claims,August 26, 1864
A417Philadelphia Evening JournalAugust 26, 1865
A418College Hill, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. This well-known and desirable property is now offered for sale, to close up the estate.November, 1865
A420The undersigned respectfully announce that they have opend an office at No. 2 Exchange Court,April, 1872
A421Messrs. Chas. H. Winfield (late of Orange County, N. Y.), John H. Anthon, and Charles C. Leeds, have this day formed a copartnership, by the firm-name of Winfield, Anthon & Leeds,November 11, 1872
A422Special Notice to the Agents and Applicants for Agencies for the Sale of William H. Seward's "Travels around the World."December 12, 1872
A423William H. Seward's "Travels Around the World." The undersigned respectfully announce that their Agent will present the order book containing specimen pages of the paper, printing, illustrations, engravings, and styles of binding of1872
A424William H. Seward's Travels Around the Worl.1872
A425Gibson & Reilly, Merchant Tailors, No. II Exchange-St., Auburn N.Y.March 12, 1873
A427Confidential. About 33,000 acres for Sale, with 20 miles shore front and ferry rights,--enclosed within the red lines on the above diagram.
A432Dancing Academy of Mr. & Mrs. Hlasko.January 21, 1851
A434Miss Brooke's English and French Boarding and Day School, Washington City, D. C.September, 1855
A437French and English Seminary for Young Ladies, at the corner of Ninth and E Streets, Washington City.
A440The Morabian Seminary for Young Ladies at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.1854
A446To the Friends of Liberal Education.March 25, 1862
A447The Young Ladies' Collegiate Institue of Union Springs.February 22, 1864
A449Mrs. Frederick Jonson and Miss Agnes L. Jones, French and English Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies, No. 13 East 31st Street, between Fifth and Madison Avenues.
A450Classical and Scientific School for Boys, in Cambridge.August, 1856
A452Family Boarding School for Boys, at Pottstown, Montcomery County, PA.
A455Miss Elizabeth Parsons, proposes to receive a limited number of young ladies as day pupils, at number fifty-six Elm Street, New Haven, Connecticut.
A456Female Collegiate Institution, Washington D.C.1855
A459Waterloo Academy. The friends of education in Waterloo and vicinity, have recently erected a spacious, convenient, and attractive building, dedicated to the cause of Academical learning.April 3, 1842
A460Home for Little Ones and Kindergarten.December 1, 1864
A461Montvert Hotel, Middletown Springs, VT. Edward Rickords, Proprietor.March, 1872
A462United States Hotel, Atlantic City, N. J., Jnd G. Mitchener, proprietor.April 6, 1856
A463Everett House, North Side Union Park, New York.
A464New Summer Resort in the Catskill Mountains. Overlook Mountain House, Via City of Kingston, Ulster Co., N. Y.
A465Nahant House. One hours drive, or forty minutes sail from the City of Boston. Open from June to October
A466The Fanquier White Sulphur Springs, VA.
A467New Caboose Establishment, No. 239 Water St., New York, Austin Packard, Proprietor.July 1, 1850
A468The American Elevating Spring Mattress.
A470Dear Sir: the undersigned Patentees, take this method of bringing to your notice, their "Patent Cordage Machine," for making Cordage of any length and size, by a new, simple, and greatly cheapened process, and to solicit your examination of the Model at1850
A471The following is a description of our Patent Machinery.18??
A472Kite's Patent Safety Beam for Rail Road Cars.December 24, 1839
A473E.P. Needham's American Pneumatic Way.September 4, 1867
A474New and Improved mowing and reaping machine.1852
A496Grand Sacred and Classic Concert in aid of the German Relief Association at Grover's New Theater, Sunday., February 5, 1865.February 5, 1865
A556Circular. The undersigned would respectfully inform the Hon. Members of the Senate and the House of Representatives,January, 1851?
A565Prospectus of the Constitution, A new daily paper to be published in Washington City, D.C.November 12, 1850
A639Hiram Nash's Giant Self acting Well Curb and Bucket.1862?
A640Use the Best, Winslow's Patent Adjustable Slide Wrought Iron Wrenches.1862
A641Strangers and Others visitng Rochester, are invited to call and inspect the establishment of Case & Mann.
A642Sloat's Elliptic Lock-Stitch Sewing Machines, the Champion Sewing Machines of the Nineteenth Century.
A646Mexico Academy, Mexico, Oswego Co., N.Y., 1872-3.1872
A647Dear Sir: We desire to call your attention to the superior advantages of Chicago, as a Wool market, for Western dealers and growers, as compared with Eastern cities.May 10, 1873; June 1, 1873
A648Corinthian Hall. A musical and dramatical entertainment, will be given in Corinthian hall1871
A650Geo. G. Clarkson & Co., merchant Tailors, No. 35 State Street, Rochester, N.Y.September, 1871
A651To Sportsmen!June, 1862
A666The Rochester Boot and Shoe Store!
A667Davis' Matchless Compound for making the best and cheapest soap in the world!!
A668The National Feed Cutter.April 29, 1862
A669Lines' Patent Ash and Coal Separator.October 1, 1862
A670Go to the Great Gift Book StoreSeptember, 1862
A671Dewey's Mammoth Lamp and Oil Emporium,
A672Rochester Evening Express, A cheap daily newspaper, published every afternoon, and giving all the Telegraphic News
A673Prindle's Patent Agricultural Caldron and Steamer.1862
A674H. Pease Table for 1862.1862
A675Dewey's Kerosene Oil and Lamp Emporium.
A676Oil and Lamp Emporium!September 26, 1862
A677For the Best and Cheapest Hosiery, ladies and Gentlemen's furnishing and millinery, including velvet and silk bonnets,
A678Walter A. Wood's Celebrated Light Draft Two Wheel Prize Mower Manufactured at Hoosick Falls, N.Y.1862
A679A word about Mustard!
A680Bryant, Stratton & Co's Albany Mercantile College, 43 & 45 North Pearl St.
A681Union Water Wheel, Patented. July 8th, 1862.1862
A682Pyle's dietetic Saleratus Challenges the World!
A683New Combined Shingle and Heading Machine.1862
A684Diploma Awarded by the New York State Agricultural Society, To Phelps & Chase, for the Best Melodeons.1860
A685Boss's American Chemical Writing Fluid
A687Improved Saw Gumming Machine
A688Syracuse Prize Machine. Buckeye Premium Mower.
A689Improved Saw Gumming Machine
A690Fish's Patent Nursery, or Night Lamp.1862
A691Sanford & Mallory's Patent, September 16th, 1862.September 19, 1862
A698Albany AcademyAugust 14, 1870
A70025th (349-4) 26th An actual reduction of ten per cent, from former Low Prices on the stock of Stationery, Fancy Goods, &c.,
A702The Riverside Library, The Brightest Works of the Greatest Authors in the Cheapest Library in the World
A707Circular and Catalogue of St. Mark's School, Clover Street.1869
A710Turkish Bath. Over 59 & 61 State St., Rochester, N.Y.
A728God Save the Union!February 27, 1863
A733Medina Academy.September 1, 1851
A766Take One. Mrs. Emma P. Ewing, Superintendent of Chautauqua Assembly Cooking School, will give Eight Lessons on the Art of CookingJanuary 26, 1893
A767The Noon Rest Lunch Club, 61 North Clinton Street.
A781Dear Sir: Several excellent furnished Rooms at No. 492 E street, between 5th and 6th, fronting South, one door from Judiciary Square, well adapted for the family of a member of CongressOctober 28, 1864
A782A New Edition of the Statutes of New-York.October 23, 1862
A783Law and Claims.June, 1864
A784National Trust Company of the City of New York, Incorporated April 19, 1867.May 14, 1867
A812Look Here!!
A832Removal. The subscriber has removed to Corner of Jay and Oak StreetsMay 29, 1856
A835The Wonderful Kanguroo, from Botany Bay, To be feen at the Lyceum, in the Strand, from 8 in the morning till 8 in the Evening.
A838Circular. To Officers of Rail Road Companies:1874
A841Time Globes, Relative Time Globes, Tellurians, Terrestrial, Celestial, and Slated Globes, etc.1881?
A842A Magnificent Quarto Volume! Encyclopedia of Contemporary Biography of New York.December, 1883
A845Phipps Union Female Seminary, Albion, Orleans Co., N.Y.1867
A967Coal Takes a Drop in Price but the Quality Remains the SameApril 1, 1914
A1134Millinery Goods and Pattern BonnetsMarch 9, 1868
A1136Great Sale of Sewing Machines, Watches, Jewelry
A1157Burke, Fitz Simmons, Hone & Co. "Dress Goods!"ca. 1900
B4Diagrams and Price List of Dr. Sherman's Hernial Appliances.1872
B25Clinton's Thermo-HydrometerJune 14, 1842
B26Cornell's Patent Stave MachineJune 1836
B49Snow & Laing's Price List of Children's Carriages.
B50Rochester City Garden, Main Street: Established in 1841.July 4, 1847
B67Property on Great Sodus Bay, Wayne County, N.Y.1842
B85Fare reduced from Buffalo to Boston, $9.1853
B86Fun, Fun, Fun, Get a Sweetheart and Run, Run, Run, Run to Ben Peer's
B88Lyons Musical Academy.June 16, 1868
B89New Route! Between Rochester, Detroit, Chicago and St. Louis!1855?
B90Notice! Dr. Asa Lowel Clairvoyant and Root-Doctor, can be found at
B92Lumber for Sale.March 3, 1848
B93You Must Go Now or Never! Only Five Days More of the Great World's Fair1893
B99R. L. Samson, dealer in Pianos, Organs and all kinds of musical merchandise.
B101New Collegiate Institute, an English and Classical High School.September, 1856
C18September 23, 1862
C19September 25, 1862
C26So simple that any boy or girl can operate them, so perfect in lens and shutter that they are capable of making most excellent pictures--such are the Brownie Cameras1907?
C48Hl. Familien Schule,February 4, 1883
C50Notice! Having located a Wood Pump Manufactory at Brockport, N.Y., I am prepared to make all kinds of Wood Pumps
C54Columbian Horse Rake.November, 1836
C55"Compressed Air Treatment," an Important Discovery.June, 1865
C591812 Pensions!1879
C60Elocutionary and Patriotic Entertainment!April, 1863
C70Great Central Route from The Atlantic to the Pacific!1870
C71The School District Library, Published by Harper & Brothers, 82 Cliff-Street, New York,
C111Lake Ontario Route from Syracuse to Buffalo.July 8, 1841
C113Hot Soda Springs and Mineral Baths,1873
D10February 3, 1872
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