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March 5, 1880
Dec 188?
March 1888
January 2, 1889
October 1, 1886
May 29, 1882
June 7, 1880
August 5, 1880
February 5, 1880 (ca?)
January 20, 1883
November 15, 1879
August 30, 1880
January 1, 1883
May 26, 1880
June 18, 1880
A1Bureau of Topographical Engineers: InstructionsJanuary 31, 1823
A2The Copper Rock Mining CompanyDecember 4, 1845
A3Complimentary Dinner to Hon. Sanford E. ChurchNovember 13, 1857
A4Sir: We have the honor to invite you to attend a Complimentary Dinner, to be given to the Hon. Sanford E. Church…November 21, 1857
A5Dear Sir: The meeting of Stockholders passed a resolution for a call of 25 per cent. Upon the stock of each Stockholder…November 24, 1857
A6Dear Sir: The Stockholders not having met all their engagements, or responded to the call made upon them, according to expectation, a meeting of Stockholders will be held…December, 1857
A7Sir: The undersigned having formed a Real Estate and General Commission Agency for the purpose of buying and selling Real Estate…February, 1861
A8Real Estate and General Commission Agency1861?
A9Sir: The Directors of this Company have deemed it expedient to increase the number of Shares of the Capital Stock so as to…January 9, 1864
A10First National Bank of La Porte, Ind.May 2, 1864
A11To the Stockholders of the W. U. Telegraph Co.: This Company having purchased valuable and productive property…October 15, 1864
A12To the Stockholders of the W. U. Telegraph Co.: The response of the Stockholders to the circular of the 15th inst., offering them the seven per cent. Convertible Bonds of the Company…October 28, 1864
A13To The Inspector of ElectionsMarch 4, 1865
A14Dissolution: The Co-partnership heretofore existing between Edw'd Mott Robinson and WM. T. Coleman…February 23, 1865
A15Notice. The business of Wm. T. Coleman & Co., and of "Coleman's California Line," will be conducted in future by Wm. T. Coleman…March 13, 1865
A16Dear Sir: You may have noticed in the daily papers, that a Company has been formed for the purpose of …March 30, 1865
A17American Association for the Advancement of Science. Circular of the Local Committee of the Burlington MeetingJune 25, 1867
A18Dear Sir: Referring to the annexed notice of dissolution of the firm of Wm. T. Coleman & co. …December 31, 1867
A19United States Internal Revenue. Annual Taxes, 1867.March, 1867
A20American Association for the Advancement of Science. The Eighteenth Meeting will be held at Salem, Massachusetts.October 8, 1868
A21American Association for the Advancement of Science. Seventeenth Meeting, at Chicago, August, 1868. Circular of the Local CommitteeOctober, 1868
A22Circular to Members of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Office of the American Naturalist, Peabody Academy of Science.April, 1871
A23To the Citizens of Augusta: Your Council, appreciating the necessity for some action which will revive your trade…May 10, 1871
A24Dear Sir: We are pained to announce the death of our esteemed Associate Mr. George Platt, which occurred in this City on 2nd instant and by which event the firm of Platt & Newton became dissolved.May 3, 1871
A25It becomes my painful duty to inform you that at nine o'clock this morning, my father, Rev. Dr. John Barnard, passed, as we trust, to a higher and better life.March 24, 1872
A26Executive Office: Western Union Telegraph Co., 145 Broadway, New York.September 14, 1872
A27American Philological AssociationJune, 1873
A28Atlanta and Richmond Air-Line RailwayMarch 12, 1874
A29Commercial Bank of RochesterJune 1, 1875
A30American Association for the Advancement of Science. Office of the Permanent Secretary.June 29, 1875
A31Atlanta and Richmond Air-Line RailwayNovember 9, 1875
A32Atlanta and Richmond Air-Line RailwayNovember 16, 1875
A33Redemption of Sacramento City Bonds187_?
A34The object of the accompanying memorial is sufficiently explained.
A35Anniversary Hymn, written for the occasion, by Rev. Chas. E. Furman
A36Notice to Old Members of the Association
A37Ward Nominating Committee
A38Lines Addressed to Miss Hannah Warner, By Her Father1783
A39Fourth National Bank of the City of New-YorkJanuary 19, 1864
A40House of Representatives, Washington, January, 1864.January, 1864
A41Fourth National Bank, of the City of New YorkFebruary 4, 1864
A42Detroit and Milwaukee Railroad Company.November, 1863
A43Whereas, I, ___ of ___ in the State of ___ have subscribed for, and am entitled to become an associate and stockholder to the amount of ___ Shares of the Capital Stock in the National Bank,…February 25, 1863
A44Circular: To Banks, Concerning the Semi-Annual Tax on Circulation and Deposits.March 24, 1864
A45Fourth National Bank of the City of New YorkMay 18, 1864
A46Honorable Freeman Clarke, Comptroller of the Currency.1866
A47We take pleasure in informing you that we have formed a co-partnership for the transaction of a Stock Commission business…January 1, 1866
A48Office of the United States Telegraph Co.,March 16, 1866
A49History of the Bank of England, Its Times and Traditions, From 1694 to 18441862
A50Joint Resolutions Asking an Appropriation of Lands by Congress to Endow Female Colleges in the Several StatesMarch 19, 1863
A51Treasury Department, Office of Comptroller of the CurrencyAugust 1, 1866
A52Circular. Important to Bankers and the PublicMarch 1, 1862
A53The Fourth National Bank of the City of New YorkJune, 1864
A54At a Meeting of the Shareholders of the Fourth National Bank of the City of New-York…April 28, 1864
A55House of RepresentativesJune 29, 1864
A56Dear Sir: We are requested, by the Detroit and Cleveland committees of Arrangement for the National Convention of Manufacturers…December 10, 1867
A57Offices of the Great Western Railway Company of CanadaNovember 6, 1867
A58Sir: In January, 1856, the Trustees of the Rochester, Lockport and Niagara Falls Railroad Co. made a dividend from the assets of the company…June 17, 1867
A59Offices of the Great Western Railway Company of CanadaMay 9, 1867
A60Offices of the Great Western Railway Company of CanadaApril 26, 1871
A61Resolutions adopted by the Southern Commercial Convention Held in Cincinnati, October, 1870October, 1870
A62Terms of Subscription to the Reference Book1862?
A63Fourth National Bank of the City of new YorkDecember 9, 1864
A64"Monroe Doctrine" Committee RoomsDecember 20, 1865
A65Office of the United States Telegraph CompanyJune 6, 1866
A66Sir: In reply to your inquiry as to the capacity of the Botanic Garden to meet the numerous calls made upon it, I beg leave to state that there are, or will be, duplicate plants to supply eighty or ninety per cent. Of the Senators and member of the House.December 16, 1872
A67Rice's New Photography GalleryDecember 13, 1873
A68Books on Political Economy
A69Sir: I have the pleasure to invite you to be present at the ceremonies of laying the corner stone of the new Government Building in Chicago…May, 1874
A70Office Sergeant at Arms, House of RepresentativesJune 1, 1874
A71Office, Washington and Georgetown Railroad Company.1874
A72Office, Washington and Georgetown Railroad Co.February 2, 1874
A73Offices of the Great Western Railway Company of CanadaOctober 25, 1870
A74Dear Sir, You are respectfully invited to attend the Annual Convention of our Association, to be held in this City on the 12th, 13th and 14th of September next.August 11, 1877
A75Clerk's Office, House of Representatives
A76Office Superintendent Folding Room, House of Representatives1874
A77Supreme Court. Thomas M. Flandrau , as Executor of Ruth H. Foot, deceased, agst. Newell F. Thomas, as Administrator of James S. Thomas, deceased, Francis H. Thomas and George R. ThomasJuly 18, 1883
A78To the Holders of the Bonds secured by the Toledo, Wabash and Western Railroad.January 24, 1877
A79House of Representatives, Office of the Superintendent Folding RoomJuly 1, 1874
A80To Honroable Freeman Clark: Sir: I deem it due to you, as one of those who kindly consented to assist me in entering upon and discharging the duties of the honorable and responsible office of Collector of Internal Revenue…December 20, 1876
A81The largest consumption of cotton in any one year, was in 1860, when the total consumption of the United States, north and south, was about 400,000,000 lbs.April 20, 1866
A83Valedictory Address by S. Edwina Brown, Spingler Institute, June 21st, 1854June 21, 1854
A84Order of Exercises for Commencement in the Chapel of the Spingler Institute, Union Park, on Wednesday, June 21st, 1854, at 11 o'clock, A. M.June 21, 1854
A85In Consideration of the agreement hereby entered into by Dun, Boyd & Co., to furnish, to the best of their ability information of the Mercantile Standing and Credit…1860
A86United States Revenue Commission. Interrogatories on Cotton1866?
A87Know all Men by these Presents, That I…183?
A88Metropolitan Trust CompanyOctober 7, 1884
A89Metropolitan Trust Company
A90Information Relative to the American Portrait Gallery.September 19, 1854
A91State of New York. In AssemblyApril 23, 1864
A92To the Citizens of the United StatesJanuary 28, 1864
A93This company will be prepared to accept any Trusts, and to transact any business within the limits of its charter, on and after December 1st, proximo.November, 1881
A94To the National Banks: The undersigned members of the Executive Committee of the National Banking Association have visited Washington for the purpose of explaining to members of Congress that the eigth section of the Funding Bill…March 14, 1870
A95Sir: The undersigned, citizens of the City of Rochester and vicinity, observe that the Committee of the House of Representatives on that branch of the President's Message relating to the defence of the Northern Lakes and Rivers, have recommended the estabFebruary 26, 1862
A96Quarterly Report of the Condition of "The Clarke National Bank of Rochester," in Rochester, in the State of New York, on the morning of the first Monday of April, 1866:April, 1866
A97Sir, A meeting of citizens has recently been held in this city, for the purpose of considering the present condition of the American Press;June 18, 1836
A98Steam Ship Great Western.April 26, 1838
A99Dear Sir, It is doubtless known to you we have in our city an ably conducted paper called "The Times and Commercial Intelligencer."July 17, 1838
A100Dear Sir, In the absence of other business in which you may be interested at the present time, I have respectfully to request a favor of you…July 20, 1838
A101Dear Sir, The enclosed prospectus of the United States Insurance Company, of the City of New York, is respectfully presented for your perusal and that of your friends…September 10, 1838
A102Sir: I am now receiving orders for Madeira Wine, to be shipped by the House of I. Howard, March & Co. via. Canton…September 28, 1838
A103Erie County Whig FestivalNovember 14, 1838
A104The female aid society of the FirstNovember 19, 1838
A105Dear Sir, The undersigned, a committee appointed to make arrangementsDecember 6, 1838
A106The Young Ladies Benevolent Society of theDecember 19, 1838
A107Sir: Several gentlemen have proposed to meet this evening,February 11, 1839
A108The Rev. Robert Breckinridge, of Baltimore..July 11, 1839
A109Twelfth Annual FairAugust 1, 1839
A110Sir: Being aware that your station in Society enables you to exercise considerable influence..September 1, 1839
A111Sir, You are respectfully invited to attend the Exhibition of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association..September 12, 1839
A112The President and Director of the New York and Harlem Rail Road Company..September 20, 1839
A113Dear Sir. The Western Rail Road is nearly completed to this place..September 25, 1839
A114Sir: You are respectfully invited by the Commisioners of Health..September 26, 1839
A115Firemen's BallJanuary 29, 1840
A116Dear Sir: The undersigned, acting on behalf and under the direction of the Delegates from the city of Baltimore..April 15, 1840
A117To His Excellency Wm. H. Seward, Commander in Chief of the State of New YorkApril 18, 1840
A118Dear Sir: The Whigs of Plattsburgh are desirous of improving..May 20, 1840
A119Camp WashingtonJuly 3, 1840
A120Dear Sir: The friends of "Retrenchment and Reform" in the South and West..July 4, 1840
A121Sir, A general Convention of the Whigs of Massachusetts will be held on Bunker Hill..July 15, 1840
A122Sir: The friends of Harrison and Tyler in Erie County, Pa., have constituted the undersigned a Committee of Correspondence..July 20, 1840
A123Thirteenth Annual FairAugust 24, 1840
A124Dear Sir: We send you the first page of a tabular Statement of the financial..April 29,1841
A125Sir, A number of friends of the General and State administration in the City and neighboring counties..May 3, 1841
A126Pulawski CadetsJanuary 10, 1842
A127Your attention is respectfully erquested to the foloowing popular Measures.January 23, 1842
A128Sir- We are happy to inform you that the Washington Temperance Benevolent Society..February 1, 1842
A129State of Michigan, Secretary of State's OfficeFebruary 3, 1842
A130Sir: I have the honor to transmit to your Excellency, for the use of the State over which you preside..February 16, 1842
A131St. Patrick's Day. Irish Repeal.February 17, 1842
A132Celebration of the Thirteenth Anniversary of the New York State Temperance SocietyMarch, 1842
A133Sir; I have the honor to transmit herewith a copy of Acts passed by the General Assembly ofApril 11, 1842
A134In pursuance of a Resolution of the General AssemblyMay 3, 1842
A135State of Maine. Secretary's Office, His Excellency, The Govenor of New YorkMay 6, 1842
A136Sir: In pursuance of a law of the Territory of Florida, entitled, "An Act relatingMay 12, 1842
A137To Wm, H, Seward, Esq Dear Sir--The undersigned, a CommitteeJune 6, 1842
A138Sir: I have the honor to call your attention to the provisions of the subjoined section of the Act of CongressJune 24, 1842
A139State of Maryland, Department of State, City of Annapolis, To his Excellency, The Governor of New YorkJune 25, 1842
A140State of New Jersey, Department of State. City of Trenton, To His Excellency the Governor of New YorkJuly 12, 1842
A141State of Maine. Secretary's OfficeAugust 18, 1842
A142To His Excellency William H. Seward, Sir: You are respectfully invited to attend the Cattle Show and FairAugust 20, 1842
A143Sir, A Public Dinner will be given by Merchants..August 25, 1842
A144Dear Sir: Acting under general instructions from the Executive Board of the New York..September 5, 1842
A145The Trustees of Columbia College request the attendance of Hon. Wm. H. Seward LL.D…September 28, 1842
A146Sir: The Whigs of Franklin County are preparing a Public Dinner in honor of..September 30, 1842
A147To His Excellency, The Governeor of New YorkOctober 19, 1842
A148The honor of His Excellency The Governor's Company is requested at the Anniversary Dinner..November 15, 1842
A149His Excellency the Governor of New YorkNovember 25, 1842
A150Dear Sir, In accordance with a Resolution of the General Committee of Democratic Whig Young Men..November 29, 1849
A151Acting under the advice of judicious friends, I have adopted this method of acquainting those who approved..December 9, 1848
A152Dear Sir, The friends of Taylor and Fillmore intend celebrating..December 14, 1848
A153Sir: We take the liberty of presenting for your consideration the name of Gen. John A. McElwain..December 1848
A154Sir: The Original Rough and Ready Club of this city, will celebrate the coming anniversary of the Birth of Washington..January 1849
A155Sir: The term of office of the present Marshall, of the Northern District of New York having nearly expired..February 9, 1849
A156United States Patent OfficeMarch 6, 1849
A157Sir, Annexed I beg leave to hand you a Price Current of Wines;March 16, 1849
A158Sir, The Whig Citizens of the City of Philadelphia are making preparations..June 11, 1849
A159Sir, It affords us much pleasure to announce to you, that the Twenty Second Annual Fair of the American Institute..August 15, 1849
A160Dear Sir: You will confer a special favor by transmitting through the mail Five dollars..August 22, 1849
A161Circular. American Association for the Advancement of Science.October 5, 1849
A162Sir: Endeavoring to trace up the history of American inventions as a duty appertaining to this bureau..November 8, 1849
A163Sir: A copy of the accompanying circular has been addressed to each of the Governors of the States and Territories of the Union..November 12, 1849
A164Hon. William Seward, Dear Sir: I take the liberty of addressing you upon the subject of a claim against the U.S..January 28, 1850
A165Sir: I take the debates in the Senate from the National Intelligencer..February 4, 1850
A166Sir: I have the agreeable duty of informing you of your election as a member of the "Minnesota Historical Society."February 5, 1850
A167Dear Sir: The undersigned citizens of the United States, residing at Brownsville, desire to call your attention..February 5, 1850
A168Letters: In relation to the Claim of Purser Francis B. Stockton, U.S. Navy, for the allowance of expenses of an Entertainment and Ball given at Southampton, England, by Captain Paulding, Commanding the U.S. Frigate St. Lawrence..February 27, 1850
A169To The President of the United States, Members of Congress, and friends of Agriculture..March 18, 1850
A170Sir, The large and highly respectable Convention to promote the construction of a National Rail Roadto the Pacific Ocean..March 22, 1850
A171Hon. Sir: I am now engaged in procuring the Autographs of some of the members of the United States Congress..March 25, 1850
A172The success of the first application of the Students of Burlington College, in behalf of the Chapel of the Holy Child Jesus..May 18, 1850
A173Dear Sir: The Anniversary of the new York State Temperance Society, is to occur on Thursday, the 20th instant, in this city, commencing at 10 o'clock, A.M.June 5, 1850
A174Sir: On the 25th inst., the citizens of Burlington intend to celebrate, with appropriate festivities, the establishment of Railroad communication between the State of Vermont and the Atlantic Sea-Board.June 5, 1850
A175Sir, The Democratic Whig Citizens of Philadelphia, friends of the National and State Administrations..June 17, 1850
A176You are respectfully invited to attend a meeting of the Literary Societies of this Institution..June 1850
A177Sir: The Joint Committee appointed by the Common Council of the city of New York..July 15, 1850
A178The Sisters of the Visitation respectfully invite the Hon. Wm. H. Seward & Lady to attend..July 15, 1850
A179Sir: You are respectfully invited to inspect a Museum of rare and curious articles..August 3, 1850
A180Sir: The difficulty of even learning the daily invented calumnies concerning me which are secretly circulated among Honorable Senators..August 5, 1850
A181Dear Sir, Permit us to call your attention to an Affidavit in the hands of the Hon. Thomas Corwin..August 6, 1850
A182Be it remembered, that on this 17th day of April, 1848..August 22, 1850
A183Dear Sir: I beg leave to inform you that the "Rochester School" is removed to 111, Buffalo St., Wadsworth's Block, up one flight of stairs.August 29, 1850
A184Oratorio of the SeasonsAugust 1850
A185Sir, It affords us much pleasure to announce to you, that the Twenty-Third Annual Fair of the American Institute..September 2, 1850
A186Public Demonstration in Favor of Smith O'BrienSeptember 4, 1850
A187Sir: By a Joint Resolution of the 3rd day of March, 1849, authorizing a subscription for 1000 copies of the History of Congress..September 6, 1850
A188To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives of the Thirty-First Congress.September 10, 1850
A189Dear Sir: I am a candidate for Clerk of the Assembly, to which you have been elected a Member.November 14, 1850
A190Sir: The heirs of Gen. Thaddeus Kosciusko beg to leave to submit to your consideration what follows:December 2, 1850
A191The undersigned, on behalf of the New England Society..December 7, 1850
A192Hon. And Dear Sir: On the death of the late Dr. James A. Houston..December 1, 1850
A193Sir, The undersigned, Committee of Invitation, cordially invite you to attend the "First Annual Ball" of the New York Printers' Union..December 26, 1850
A194To the Creditors and Bondholders of the State of Illinois:December, 1850
A195Christmas Ball.December 1850
A196To Old Soldiers, Their Widows and Orphans.January 1, 1851
A197Sir, If you can be present at the Hall of Representatives on Saturday Evening next..January 14, 1815
A198Sir: Our Society, composed chiefly of adopted citizens, connected by birth with Ireland, earnestly and respectfully ask you attention to the following inquiry.January 15, 1851
A199Sir: The undersigned have been appointed a committee of the Rope-Makers of this vicinity..January 1851
A200Sir: I have the honor to submit herewith an attested account of the nett receipts..February 15, 1851
A201Honored and Dear Sir: We beg leave to call your attention to an important oversight in the Postage Bill now before the Senate..February 26,1851
A202To the Honorable Committee on Naval Affairs of the House of Representatives.February 1851
A203Lexicon of Living MenMarch 5, 1851
A204Sir, You are respectfully invited to accompany the Members of the Common Council..March 24, 1851
A205Sir: The application of ..1851
A206Dear Sir: You will learn by the subjoined correspondence that a subscriptionhas been opened for the purpose of presenting to the illustrious Louis Kossuth a testimonial of American sympathy and liberality, worthy of him and of the country which is …October 8, 1851
A207Dear Madam, The Anniversary Committee take pleasure in informing you that the Annual Examination of the Medina Academy, will begin on Monday, April 5th, and end on Wednesday Evening 7th, with an exhibition in Declamation and Composition.March 4, 1852
A208Sir: I forward to you a copy of the Concurrent Resolutions of the Legislature of this State, requesting our Senators and Representatives in Congress, to urge "the propriety of making grants of land upon some equal and just principle of appropriation to ..April 22, 1852
A209Sir: You as Endorser of Austin Smith's Note for Two Hndred Thirty Five Dollars Interest this day payable at the Bank of Auburn, will please take Notice that said Note has this Evening been Protested for Nonpaymeny, payment thereof having been demanded ..May 3, 1852
A210Sir: The claim of John Phillips for Bounty and, under the Act of September 28, 1850, has been received, and will be attended to as soon as practicable, of which you will be duly informed.May 11, 1852
A211Sir: The application of Jos. Chaffe for Bounty Land under the act of September 28th, 1850, has been examined, and the following report is made by the Auditor ..May 20, 1852
A212Sir: The application of Isaac Mills for Bounty Land under the act of September 28th, 1850, has been examined and the following report is made by the Auditor ..May 21, 1852
A213Sir: The claim of Vincent Peet for Bounty Land, under the Act of September 28, 1850, has been received, and will be attended to as soon as practicable, of which you will be duly informed.August 3, 1852
A214Sir: A due regard to the economical and efficient administration of this Department forbids the multiplication of Post Offices within short distances of each other or at points not directly on mail routes.August 9, 1852
A215Sir: I have the honor to inform you, that the Postmaster General has this day established a Post Office at Knoxville, in the County of Steuben, and State of New York, and appinted Geo. L. Dvis Postmaster thereof.August 14, 1852
A216Sir: Mr. Webster, years ago, emancipated a negro man named "William," with whose good service as "body servant," up to the death bed at Marshfield, you may be acquainted, and whom he so kindly mentioned in his will.January 1, 1853
A217Sir: The Pennsylvania State Teachers' Association having instrcuted me to "collect statistics upon subjects connected with Education," throughout the several States, I have thought proper, with the view of carrying out the objects of the Association, to .June 1, 1853
A218Dear Sir: The Clio Society of Capitol University, being about to fit up a Hall in the New University Building for its own use, and desiring also to build up a good Library for its Members, takes this opportunity of enlisting your sympathies in its behalf.June 24, 1853
A219You will please take notice, that by an order of the Common Council of the City of Auburn,August 27, 1853
A220Sir, It affords us much pleasure to anounce to you, that the Twenty Seventh Annual Fair of the American Institute of the City of New York, will open at the Crystal Palace, on the third day of October next.September 10, 1855
A221Sir: The application of Stephen Sweet for bounty LandNovember 9, 1855
A222Sir:-- The "Dansvile Literary Association" have concluded to secureDecember 10, 1855
A223Sir, Herewith we send you a blank petition, many copies of which, with signatures, will probably be presented to Congress at the present session.January 4, 1856
A224Sir: I send you one copy of the Executive Documents of the Senate of the First Session of the Thirty Third Congress, in thirteen volumes, and one copy of the Miscellaneous Documents of the Senate of the same session, in one volume, the receipt whereof I .February 9, 1856
A225Sir: A number of the friends of Civil and Religious Liberty, in this city, have formed themselves into an Association to rescue from misreperesentation the tolerant and enlightened sentiments and principles of the Beloved Father of our common Country.February 12, 1856
A226Dear Sir: The undersigned, a Committee appointed at a meeting of the citizens of Albany, held at the Capitol on the 18th day of February instant, propose, at the suggestion of several friends in different parts of the state, to call a meeting in said cityFebruary 29, 1856
A227SirL Today I forward you One bundle containing 6 varieties of garden seeds.March 8, 1856
A228Sir: On the 28th of January last, a numerous Public Meeting was held at the Merchant's' Exchange, in this city, for the purpose of obtaining from Congress a substantial and efficient improvement in the Postal arrangements of the Government ..March 17, 1856
A229The Trustees of the Boston Athenaeum Have received "Speech of Wm. H. Seward, for the immediate admission of Kansas into the Union. U.S. Senate, 9 April, 1831."April 21, 1856
A230Sir: You are respectfully requested to attend a meetig of the citizens of New York opposed to the measures and policy of the present Administration for the extension of Slavery over territory embraced within the compact of the Missouri Compromise .April 10, 1856
A231Hon. W. H. Seward. There will be a meeting of the Senate and House this evening, in the Hall of the House, at 8 'clock.April 14, 1856
A232The Honorable W. H. Seward, Sir: I send to you, this day, a package containing the "Annals of Congress" for the Seventeenth Congress, in 3 volumes, the receipt whereof I will thank you to acknowledge.April 21, 1856
A233Dear Sir: "The Society for Promoting Gospel among Seamen in the Port of New York," was organized June 5th, 1818, immediately after which they erected the Mariners' Church in Roosevelt Street, the first of the kind on terra firma, where the lamented HenryMay 6, 1856
A234My Dear Sir: The offices of the No. Bridgewater Library Association ar desirous of securing your services for a lecture, the coming Winter, on such subject as you may select.May 10, 1856
A235Hon. W. H. Seward, There will be a meeting of the Anti-Nebraska members of the Senate and House this evening, in the Hall of the House, at 8 o'clock.May 12, 1856
A236Mrs. Benedict regrets that the alarming illness of her grand-daughter will prevent her receiving her friends on Thursday evening next. May 26, 1856
A237Sir, We have the honor to send you herewith the Circular of the Local Committee of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.July 15, 1856
A238You are invited to attend the Literary Anniversaries of Union College, to be held in the Presbyterian Church, in Schenectady, on the 20th, 21st, 22d, and 23d days of July, 1856.July 20, 1856
A239Dear Sir: The undersigned having been appointed a Committee, by the Ohio State Teachers' Association, to report at its meeting in December next, upon the best method of giving Moral Instruction in Schools, would respectfully ask your opinions upon the .October 15, 1856
A240Sir: I send to you, this day, a package containing the first and tenth volumes of "The Life and Works of John Adams," the receipt whereof I will thank you to acknowledge.October 22, 1856
A241Sir, I have the honor of informing you that, at a meeting of the Society, you was duly elected a Corresponding Member of the Society;October 23, 1856
A242American Association for the Advancement of Science. The next meeting of the Association will be held in Montreal, commencing Wednesday, August 12th, 1857.October 1856
A243Republican Festival. Dear Sir: You are especially invited to be present and participate in the Republican Festival and Supper, to be given at the house of Abraham F. Miller of this city, on Tuesday evening, Dec. 9th in honor of the Republican Victory..December 1, 1856
A244Dear Sir: In asking your attention to the inducements presented to capitalists, for the employmeny of their means in this Territory, I remark first, upon a few of the prominent causes which have influenced so large an emigration hither for the past two..December 1, 1856
A245The State of Texas demands that Congress shall repeal an Act passed at the last Session, which provided for the disbursement to the revenue creditors of the late Republic of Texas, such balance of the $7,750,0000 appropriated for their relief, as may ..December 8, 1856
A246In consideration of your distinguished literary applications, and untiring zeal in the cause of literature, the members of the Linnean Literary Society of this place, have elected you to honorary membership.December 13, 1856
A247Sir: We have established ourselves at this point as Land Agents, and beg to submit to your notice the following features of our business.March 1856
A248Sir: You are hereby notified that the Second instalment of Twenty per cent, or Ten Dollars on each Share of the Capital Stock subscribed, will be payable to the Treasurer at the office of the Company, in the city of New York, or at the office of Charles..December 16, 1856
A249To the Members of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.January 1, 1857
A250Office of the Regents of the University, Albany, Jan. 30, 1857.January 30, 1957
A251Sir: I beg leave to tender you my services as an Agent for the transaction of Patent business of every description, either in this country or in Europe.June 1857
A252The undersigned beg to inform you, that having entered into copartnership, they will in future, carry on the commission of business of the former house of Geo. Edward Burr under the name of G. E. Burr & Co., and request that you will please take note ..November 18, 1857
A253Dear Sir: In selecting your newspapers for the present session of Congress, we beg to call your attention to The Evening Post, It may be ordered by members, for any length of time, at the rate of the yearly subscription, which is as follows:December 5, 1857
A254Sir: We respectfully call your attention to our Agency, in connection with any business your constituents may have with the Patent Office.January 1, 1858
A255Dear Sir, You and your Ladies are respectfully invited to attend the Twelfth Annual Ball of Washington Association, No. 2, O. U. A., on Monday Evening, February 22, 1858, at the Apollo Rooms, 410 Broadway.February 9, 1858
A256Dear Sir: As different bills have been submitted to Congress relative to ceding to actual settlers sufficient land for the purpose of emabling them to enjoy a free and independent homestead, we take this opportunity of urging upon individual members..February 3, 1858
A257Sir: I send to you this day 1 bag containing the Senate Journal, one volume: Senate Executive Documents, volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19 parts1, 3, and 4;March 31, 1858
A258Sir, The honor of your company is respectfully requested at a Complimentary Dinner to be given to the Rev. Robinson Scott, senior member of the Irish Deputation, at Niblo's Saloon, on Tuesday, May 11th, at half past 6 o'clock, P. M.April 24, 1858
A259Dear Sir: We take the liberty to forward you a document, which, were it a common one, would need an apology, but for which we trust the character of its claims to attention will secure a favorable reception.May 1, 1858
A260Sir: I beg leave you will read the following extract from page 20 of Senate Report No. 397, 34th Congress, 3d Section, and ask you aid in the passage of an act of Congress for my relief.May 13, 1858
A261Sir: A number of Young Men, unconnected, at this time, with any organization, but earnestly desirous of devoting themselves to the work of eradicating Slavery in the United States, respectfully invite you to meet them in a public Convention, to be held inNovember 2, 1860
A262You will herewith find enclosed an Annual Ticket - please acknowledge its receipt.January 1, 1862
A263Dear Sir: Herewith I send you the first number of my paper, issued on American soil.October 1, 1862
A264Sir: The Music Department of the Cooper Union of the City of New York propose giving a Grand Vocal and Instrumental Concert, in the Large Hall of the Cooper Union, on the 23rd of December, for the benefit of the "Ladies' Association for the Relief of..November 6, 1862
A265Sir: The following is a sketch of a method by means of which the Government may conveniently, economically, and with the least damage practicable to the people and their business concerns, possess itself of the necessary pecuniary means for the reductionJanuary 18, 1863
A266Gentlemen: As I have passed from the Mississippi River to the Rio Grande of Western Texas, and from thence through Monterey, San Luis Potosi, Queretaro, the city of Mexico, and thence west of the Rocky Mountain chain at Toluca, you think that I am..April 8, 1863
A267To the People of the State of New York: The undersigned, a Committee of members of the Loyal League, appointed at a mass meeting of the loyal people of the City of New York, held at Madison Square, in said city, on the 20th day of April, 1863, do hereby,May 6, 1863
A268Sir, A Mass Assemblage of Loyal Citizens has been called to meet at the City of Utica on Wednesday, the 27th instant, for the purpose of manifesting their fixed determination to sustain the Government in its rightful efforts to quell the rebellion, and..May 12, 1863
A269Dear Sir: I beg leave most respectfully to solicit your aid, influence, and suffrage in my behalf for the post of Sergeant at Arms of the U. S. House of Representatives for the Thirty Eigth Congress.June 10, 1863
A270City of Boston. Eighty-Seventh Anniversary of American Independence.July 1863
A271German Union Club. Sir, At a well attended meeting of the German Union Club, held last evening, a Committee of three Gentlemen, consisting of Mssrs. F. T. Loes, Professor L. Angele and Peter Fasel reported the following resolutions, which were unanimouslySeptember 5, 1863
A272New York Young Men's Republican UnionSeptember 7, 1863
A273Metropolitan Tailoring, Army and Navy Uniform Establishment.September 1863
A274Dear Sir: After a careful and very thorough canvass of every election district, we have now the satisfaction of announcing to you, that we claim with confidence the success of the Democratic ticket, and the triumph of Constitutional Union principles inOctober 27, 1863
A275Dear Brethren: I hereby recommend that Thursday, the twenty-sixth day of November, be duly observed in the Dioceses of Iowa and Kansas as a day of Public Thanksgiving and Praise to Almighty God for our National mercies, vouchsafed to us in the midst ofNovember 14, 1863
A276Sons of Michigan. Thirty-Seventh Anniversary of the Admission of the State of Michigan into the Union.January 12, 1864
A277Yonkers Sanitary FairJanuary 25, 1864
A278Brooklyn and Long Island Fair, in the Aid of the United States Sanitary Commission, to Be Held February 22d, 1864.January 30, 1864
A279Sir: I most respectfully beg to be permitted to lay before you the subjoined suggestions, which, if in your wise opinion you should deem them at all practicable, woud tend:January 1864
A280Sir: We would respectfully ask you to donate something to the Metropolitan Fair, which will open here on the 28th March, next.February 10, 1864
A281Dear Sir: Your cooperation is respectfully solicited by the Board of Control, in the Public Reception of George Thompson, Esq.February 27, 1864
A282Office of the Women's Loyal National League. Dear Friend: With this you will receive a Form of a Petition to Congress, the object of which you can not mistake nor regard with indifference.March 12, 1864
A283Metropolitan Fair. Committee on Contributions from Without the City.March 15, 1864
A284Office of the A. A. Provost Marshal General, Southern Division of New York.March 18, 1864
A285Mr. J. W. Forney respectfully requests the honor of your company at his Rooms, 553 New Jersey Avenue, (Capitol Hill,) Wednesday Evening, March 30, at 8 o'clock, to meet Mr. Edwin Forrest.March 30, 1864
A286Am heutigen Tage endete der Tod das mir so theure Leben meines geliebten Mannes, des Senator J. H. Adami; er starb im fast vollendeten 72.April 4, 1864
A287Dear sir: The Government of the United States, a little more than a year ago, with a wisdom looking far beyond the burdens and anxieties of the hour, provided aid for the construction of a Railroad from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean.April 4, 1864
A288Mr. W. H. Seward, Compliments of Messrs. Sykes, Chadwick & Co., and will be happy to see you on Wednesday evening, May 11, at a private opening of their New Billiard Saloon, on F Street, (Willards' Ha'') from 7 to 9, P. M.May 9, 1864
A289I have the honor to state that the Ladies of Chambersburg and vicinity are actively engaged in getting up a Fair..May 23, 1864
A290The undersigned have opened Law Offices in New York City, on the corner of Pine and Nassau Streets..May 1864
A291The ceremony of dedicating the site for the Battle Monument, will take place at West Point, N. Y., June 15th, 1864.June 15, 1864
A292Sir, You are respectfully invited to attend a meeting of the Cooper Institute..June 15, 1864
A293Mr. J. W. Forney presents you his compliments, and has the honor to invite you to be present at his rooms..June 21, 1864
A294Mr. J. W. Forney presents you his compliments, and has the honor to invite you to be present at his rooms..June 25, 1864
A295Columbian College: You are invited to attend the Exercises of the Forty-first Annual Commencement of the Columbian College..June 15, 1864
A296Georgetown College: You are respectfully invited to attend the Lectures on Chemistry and Natural Philosophy..June 20, 1864
A297Union Congressional Committee Rooms: Sir: The importance of the Pending contest for the Presidency caanot be exaggerated.June 29, 1864
A298Georgetown College: You are respectfully invited to attend the Annual Commencement of Georgetown College..June 1864
A299City of Boston. Eighty-Eighth Anniversary of American Independence.July 4, 1864
A300Dear Sir: The undersigned have been designated a Committee to confer with you and other Officials of the Federal Government..August 1, 1864
A301To the Hon. Wm. Pitt Fessenden, Secretary of the Treasury:August 25, 1864
A302New-York Historical Society.September 15, 1864
A303Sir: The inauguration of the Rev'd F. A. P. Barnard, D. D., LL. D., as President of the CollegeSeptember 15, 1864
A304Young Men's Sodality Committee RoomNovember 21, 1864
A305Office of the Railroad Record, Hon. Wm H. SewardJanuary 26,1864
A306Sir: You are respcetfully invited to attend a meeting of the "American Union Commission," at the Hall of the House of RepresentativesFebruary 9, 1864
A307{Confidential} "National Bureau of Correspondence,"February 22, 1865
A308To the Honorable William H. Seward, How , Member of the New York Hiftorical Society.April 14,1865
A309Columbian College. "Dens nobis fiducia."June 28, 1865
A310"Monroe Doctrine" Committee Rooms, No. 5, Cooper InstituteDecember 20, 1865
A311Confidential. Office of John W. Corlies & Co., and Financial Agency of the Republic of MexicoJanuary 8, 1865
A312Dear Sir: Permit me to tender for your acceptance, herewith enclosed a pass over our road for yourselfJanuary 10, 1865
A313Pacific Cottage and Land CompanyFebruary 1, 1866
A314My Dear Sir: Mrs. T. J. Welby, one of Maryland's noblest daughtersApril 15, 1866
A315The Young Men's Christian Association of Albany, N. Y.,May 1, 1866
A316Dear Sir: I am instructed by the Committee of Arragnements on International Convention of the Young Men's Christian Associations of the United States and British ProvincesMay 15, 1866
A317Soldiers' and Sailors' Union, of Washington, D. C' Exhibition of Left-Hand PenmanshipMay 1, 1866
A318Dear Sir: I have the honor to inform you that I have become the Proprietor of this beautiful Hotel,June 1, 1866
A319Dear Sir: -- You are aware of the efforts being made to establish a "Congregational Church" at the Capital of the NationJune 5, 1866
A320Mr Hon Secy of State and Family, You are respectfully invited to attend a Private TournamentAugust 20, 1866
A321November 12, 1866
A322Dear Sir: You will confer a favor that will be gratefully appreciated, by contributing your own to a collection of AutographsDecember 7, 1866
A323Hon. Wm H Seward, Washington D. C. St. John's Parish proposes to celebrate the Semi-Centennial AnniversaryDecember 13, 1866
A324Eigth Ward Pioneer Clay Club, of the City of New YorkJanuary 1867
A3251815 Celebration of the 8th of January, 1867.January 1, 1867
A326Sir: The Painting of "The Last Hours of Lincoln" is completed, and will soon be taken from the cityMarch 13, 1867
A327St. Patrick's Festival 1867March 1867
A328Dear Brethren: The the Lodge has made it our duty to make known to you the destitute condition of a large number of indigent Master MasonsApril 17, 1867
A329Dear Sir: The legislature of the State of New York granted on the 19th instr. A Special CharterApril 23, 1867
A330American Institute, New York Sir: A grand Exhbition of American Industrial ProductsJuly 1867
A331Sir: A Solemn High Mass of Requiem for the late Gen'l T. F. Meagher,August 8, 1867
A332The honor of Hon Wm H. Seward's company is requestedd at a DINNER in compliment to Senor RomeroSeptember 16, 1867
A333Camden & Amboy Rail Road & Trans. Co.January 1, 1868
A334Sir: An address commenorative of the life and services of the late Prof. Charles Anthon, LL.D., will be delivered before the Trusteesmay 29, 1868
A335Original May Ball Lewis Caeusi requests the honor of your attendance at his May Festival LeueeMay 6, 1868
A336You are cordially invited to attend the ceremonies of Decorating the Graves of Union Dead,May 27, 1868
A337Dear Sir: The lack of any means of easy intercourse and free communication, and consequently of united effort and mutual support, has been felt for some years past by men ofMay 29, 1868
A338Died: At Brooklyn, New York, on the 3d June 1868, Gold S. SillimanJune 3, 1868
A339You are respectfully invited to be present at the Grand Lodge of Sorrow, In Memoriam, Charles R. StarkweatherJune 25, 1868
A340Sir: Our National Holiday, the Fourth of July, being set apart by the Albany Burgesses Corps to commemorate theJune 29, 1868
A341Dear Sir:The Domestic Committee of the Board of Missions are unable to meet their engagements (entered into at the beginning of the present year) with four Missionary Bishops and more than one hundred and fifty other Missionaries.July 1, 1868
A342The honor of your company is requested to a Banquet, to be given by citizens of Baltimore, to Hon. Reverdy JohnsonJuly 15, 1868
A343My Dear Mrs. Martin: I am sure that you will long to hear everything any of us can possibly tell you of these days of dear Emily's drawing nearer to the heavenly home of peace and restMarch 27,1870
A344Dear Sir, I have recently established a branch of my American House in Nos 1, rue Scribe, for the purpose of producing the latest American FashionsJune 1870
A345Hon. Wm H. Seward. Dear Sir: You are respectfully invited by the Albany Burgesses Corps, to accompany themSeptember 28,1870
A346Dear Sir: I would hereby notify you that at the Annual Meeting of the Pilgrim Society you were chosen to the position below mentioned:June 8, 1871
A347Abolition of the Gallows. Eleventh Annual Campaign. Iowa the Field of Labor.October 13, 1871
A348Rooms of the Pioneer and Historical Society of OregonOctober 21, 1871
A349Dear Sir: We take pleasure in informing you that we have secured an Office and Warerooms at No. 554 Broadway.March 23, 1872
A350Savery & Chadeayne, Plumbers, Gas & Steam Filters, 146 Genesee Street, Auburn, N.Y.March 25, 1872
A351First Annual Railroad Ball at Shauer & Son's Hotel, FreevilleMarch 29, 1872
A352Seventh Annual Ball. Seward Hose Co. No. 4,April 1, 1872
A353Mr. & Mrs. Lyman Tremain request your presence at the marriage of their daughter, Miss Helen E TremainApril 18, 1872
A354Your presence is requested at a Complimentary Ball, to be given by the Patrons and Pupils of Mr. A. W. Cobleigh,April 22, 1872
A355Sir, We beg leave to notify shipment of the Goods specified as at foot which we trust will reach their destination in satisfactory orderMay 3, 1872
A356Union College Alumni Association. Dear Brother: The committee appointed to make arrangements for the fourth assembly of the Union College Alumni of the NorthwestMay 4, 1872
A357Hon Wm H. Seward, You are respectfully invited to visit the "Central Park Menagerie, International Circus and Iroquois Indian Troupe,"May 17, 1872
A358Memorial Committee, Grand Army of the Republic.May 23, 1872
A359We have this day, as requested, forwarded to you by Amer ExpressMay 27, 1872
A360The Hon Wm H Seward Sir: At the suggestion of several Artists and patrons of a series of large-size photographic negatives, illustrating yosemite and other grand and picturesque portions of our Coast.May 1872
A361Sir: You are cordially invited to meet the Albany Burgesses Corps, upon the occasion of their visit to the city of PoughkeepsieOctober 8, 1872
A362Dear Sir: We herewith enclose order blanks for the copies which you wish to supply to your subscribers for "William H. Seward's Travels Around the World."January 22, 1873
A363My Dear Sir: I am endeavoring to procure the autographs of some of the most prominent men of our country, and take the liberty of soliciting your name to place among thoseMarch 29, 1873
A364Mr. __acknowledges the receipt of your letter requesting a copy of ___ and will take pleasure in sending you a copy1856
A365To the Hon. Wm. H. Seward. Sir: We have the honor to enclose herewith a copy of a Petition, which will be presented by the Hon. Geo. Ashmun
A366Dear Sir: You are respectfully inivited to attend the Third Annual Meetings of the National Freedmens' Relief Association
A367Prominent Americans. A Valuable Work. To Hon: F. W. Seward.
A368Dear Sir: After the completion (so long delayed by the late war) of the Canopy over Forefather's Rock,
A369Foreign Immigration. Sir: There are two questions of fundamental and primary importance which the present Congress seem exceeding loth to take properly in hand.
A370Letter of D. Lieber to Senator E. D. Morgan, on the Amendment to the Constitution Extinguishing Slavery.February 1, 1865
A371To Parents: In making application for admission to the College, the name and age of your daughters should be stated, with the studies she has pursued, and the class she wishes to enter
A372Sir:--We invite your attention to our extensive stock of ladies' and gentlemen's very superior Watches, Diamond, and all other styles of Rich Jewelry
A373Sir: Your attention is respectfully asked to the following statement: Owing to the contemplated retirement of the senior partner in one of the largest Watch and Jewelry establishments
A374Sir, I desire to call your attention to a Square of ground No. 144 which I propose selling, as I am directed to do without limitation.
A375J. P. Crutchett Begs leave most respectfully to inform his patrons and those in want of a French Cook, that he continues
A376Sir:-- The object of this paper is to place before you the plain unvarnishe statement of one, who was placed on the Reserved List by the late Naval Retiring Board.
A377Office of Elkhorn Independent. To Buisness Men: Allow us to introduce to you Robert C. Munro1863
A378Henry S. Clubb & Co., proprietors of the Weekly Clarion, Grand Haven, Mich.,1863
A379Office of the Waukegan Weekly Gazette. Gentlemen: Allow me to introduce to you, Mr. Rob't. C. Munro1863
A380To whom all Dispatches, Letters, &c, should be addressed. All business entrusted to our care, will be promptly attended to.
A381Circular. The undersigned would respectfully announce that they have opened a law office, and land agency, at Titusville, Pa.
A382Daily Evening Bulletin186?
A383Communication. Geological Report--Imporant information relative to the New-York and Albany Rail-Road.April 22, 1839
A384At a Convention of the Safety Fund Banks, held pursuant to notice at the American Hotel, in the village of AuburnNovember 9, 1839
A385American Government and State Stock Agency, London, For the Purchase, Sale, and Negotiation, Exclusively, of American Stocks in EuropeMay 10, 1842
A386L. Menand, Florist, &c. Green and Hot House plants, etc., Camelia Japonica, Tea and China Roses, Budhia, Acacia, Hodtzia and other fine and rare flowers, for Bouquets, &c.December 28, 1842
A387United states and Foreign Agency, at Washington City D.C.February 23, 1846
A388Moffat & Co., Assaying and Smelting Association, San Francisco, CaliforniaFebruary 7, 1849
A390Seven Per Cent Stock. Interest Guaranteed and Payable Quarter Yearly.February 22, 1849
A391Prospectus. To the Honorable Members of the Senate and House of Representatives of the 31st CongressFebruary, 1850
A392Circular. To Owners of Patent and Genuine Titles to Lands in the Military District of Illinois.July 13, 1850
A393Agency for Claims. William J. Niles, Washington, D. C. will attend to the prosecution of claims upon the GovernmentSeptember 2, 1850
A394Sir: The undersigned, who was at the head of the Pesnion Office for upwards of thirty years, has opened an Office in this cityDecember 6, 1850
A395Virginia Six Per CT. State Loan, for $4,000,000, irredeemable before useMay 10, 1851
A396Copartnership Notice. The subscribers have formed a copartnership, and will conduct the Wholesale Grocery BusinessJune 1, 1853
A397The Augusta Rose.March 1, 1853
A398Monthly Quotation Sheet. Sweeny, Rittenhouse, Fant & Co., Bankers and Dealers in Exchange, Coin, and Bank Notes,January 10, 1856
A399Dissolution. The limited Copartnership heretofore existing between the subscribersMarch 1, 1856
A400Carver & M'Clung, Attorneys at Law, Brokers in Real Estate, and General Collecting AgentsApril 4, 1856
A401John J. Diossy & Co., Law Booksellers, and Publishers, No. 49 Nassau StreetMay 1, 1856
A402North-West Land Company. Organized under the General Incorporation Law of Illinois, and established for the purpose of transacting all Business connected with Real EstateMay 1, 1856
A403T. Slater & Co., Commission Merchants, and salesmen for all kinds of country produce.January 10, 1856
A404General Land Agency for Kansas.January 1, 1857
A405Iowa Land Agency. Davenport, Iowa.1856
A406Advertising.--Yates County Whig. The Yates County Whig is a large and well printed weekly sheet, published every Thursday Morning,1856
A407Bulletin. The Lower Broadway Book Store, No. 118. Between Cedar and Pine Streets,1856
A408"The Herald of Freedom!" (A Paper for all who are interested in Kansas Affairs.)1856
A409Removal G. W. Yerby has removed his land office, from 139 Randolph Street, to 82 Dearborn Street1857
A410Julius Crone, Real Esate Agent, N. E. corner Clark and Randolph Streets, Chicago, - Illinois.1857
A411Real Estate and General Agency, Camanche, Clinton County, Iowa.1857
A412The Undersigned, for many years past the admirers and supporters of the National Intelligencer, for its nationality--its conservative character-- its devotion to the Union--its ability and its decorum--as well as combining a first-class newspaper with a hDecember 5, 1860
A413Union Pacific Railroad Company.September, 1862
A414Sale of the U.S. Mineral Lands.February 27, 1864
A415American Emigrant Company, Chartered for the Promotion of Foreign ImmigrationJuly, 1864
A416Office of McAllister and Wallis, General Agents and Attorneys for Claims,August 26, 1864
A417Philadelphia Evening JournalAugust 26, 1865
A418College Hill, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. This well-known and desirable property is now offered for sale, to close up the estate.November, 1865
A419National Trust Company of the City of New York, Incorporated April 19, 1867.April 23, 1867
A420The undersigned respectfully announce that they have opend an office at No. 2 Exchange Court,April, 1872
A421Messrs. Chas. H. Winfield (late of Orange County, N. Y.), John H. Anthon, and Charles C. Leeds, have this day formed a copartnership, by the firm-name of Winfield, Anthon & Leeds,November 11, 1872
A422Special Notice to the Agents and Applicants for Agencies for the Sale of William H. Seward's "Travels around the World."December 12, 1872
A423William H. Seward's "Travels Around the World." The undersigned respectfully announce that their Agent will present the order book containing specimen pages of the paper, printing, illustrations, engravings, and styles of binding of1872
A424William H. Seward's Travels Around the Worl.1872
A425Gibson & Reilly, Merchant Tailors, No. II Exchange-St., Auburn N.Y.March 12, 1873
A426Messrs. D. Appleton & Co., Publishers, New York.1873
A427Confidential. About 33,000 acres for Sale, with 20 miles shore front and ferry rights,--enclosed within the red lines on the above diagram.
A428American Institute. The recent death of the lamented Gen. Tallmadge, leaves vacant the office of President of the American Institute.November, 1853
A429In consequence of communcations between members of the American Philosophical Society, in Philadelphia, and gentlemen in Boston, a meeting was held in the latter place, of gentlemen belonging to Boston, Salem, and the University at Cambridge, at whichNovember 1, 1838
A430Extracts from the proceedings of the National Institute for the Promotion of Science.October, 1842
A431Waterloo Union School. Order of Exercises, Wednesday Evening, March 26, '51.March 26, 1851
A432Dancing Academy of Mr. & Mrs. Hlasko.January 21, 1851
A433At the General Meeting of the Members of the Mercantile Library association, on Friday evening, 23d November, the following was read by the President.November 24, 1838
A434Miss Brooke's English and French Boarding and Day School, Washington City, D. C.September, 1855
A435Memorial Committee, Grand Army of the Republic.May, 1872
A436Griswold College. Diocese of Iowa. The undersigned respectfully calls the attention of the members and friends of the Protestant Episcopal Church to the following statement:January, 1860
A437French and English Seminary for Young Ladies, at the corner of Ninth and E Streets, Washington City.
A438Regents of the University of the State of New-York.May 30, 1842
A439Resolutions of the general assembly of the state of Illinois, relative to the establishment of industrial universities, and for the encouragement of practical and general education among the people-unanimously adopted.February 8, 1853
A440The Morabian Seminary for Young Ladies at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.1854
A441The undersigned have associated themselves to institute a School at the Raritan Bay Union, Perth Amboy, New Jersey, designed to combine the advantages of home nurture, with instruction in Literature, Science and Art.1854
A442The Fair in aid of the Union Home & School for Soldiers' Children, will open at Irving Hall, Oct. 17th, 1864.October 17, 1864
A443Union College & University. The Alumni and friends of the Institution are cordially invited to the 79th Commencement.June 26
A444The Story Association of Harvard University.May, 1850
A445The Wells College Founder's Day. 1872. Meeting of Trustees at 11, A.M.1872
A446To the Friends of Liberal Education.March 25, 1862
A447The Young Ladies' Collegiate Institue of Union Springs.February 22, 1864
A448New York College of Veterinary Surgeons, Trustees' Office, 69 Wall Street, New York.1862
A449Mrs. Frederick Jonson and Miss Agnes L. Jones, French and English Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies, No. 13 East 31st Street, between Fifth and Madison Avenues.
A450Classical and Scientific School for Boys, in Cambridge.August, 1856
A451Columbia Institution, for the deaf and dumb, and the blind.February 21, 1861
A452Family Boarding School for Boys, at Pottstown, Montcomery County, PA.
A453Residence of Rev.d Matthew Meigs, near Pottstown, Montgomery Co. PA.March, 1864
A454Societas Adolescentium, Academiae Fredonia, in oppido pomfrete, Republica New-York.April 18, 1849
A455Miss Elizabeth Parsons, proposes to receive a limited number of young ladies as day pupils, at number fifty-six Elm Street, New Haven, Connecticut.
A456Female Collegiate Institution, Washington D.C.1855
A457United States Insurance Company, of the City of New-York, Incorporated by the Legislature, March, 31, 1837, for twenty one years.September 1, 1838
A458Annual Commencement of Columbia College, Tuesday, October 4, 1842.October 4, 1842
A459Waterloo Academy. The friends of education in Waterloo and vicinity, have recently erected a spacious, convenient, and attractive building, dedicated to the cause of Academical learning.April 3, 1842
A460Home for Little Ones and Kindergarten.December 1, 1864
A461Montvert Hotel, Middletown Springs, VT. Edward Rickords, Proprietor.March, 1872
A462United States Hotel, Atlantic City, N. J., Jnd G. Mitchener, proprietor.April 6, 1856
A463Everett House, North Side Union Park, New York.
A464New Summer Resort in the Catskill Mountains. Overlook Mountain House, Via City of Kingston, Ulster Co., N. Y.
A465Nahant House. One hours drive, or forty minutes sail from the City of Boston. Open from June to October
A466The Fanquier White Sulphur Springs, VA.
A467New Caboose Establishment, No. 239 Water St., New York, Austin Packard, Proprietor.July 1, 1850
A468The American Elevating Spring Mattress.
A469The following 'glances' are furnished by a correspondent to the New York Express:--if half be true, the subject would seem to be worthy of the most serious consideration of Congress.December, 1850?
A470Dear Sir: the undersigned Patentees, take this method of bringing to your notice, their "Patent Cordage Machine," for making Cordage of any length and size, by a new, simple, and greatly cheapened process, and to solicit your examination of the Model at1850
A471The following is a description of our Patent Machinery.18??
A472Kite's Patent Safety Beam for Rail Road Cars.December 24, 1839
A473E.P. Needham's American Pneumatic Way.September 4, 1867
A474New and Improved mowing and reaping machine.1852
A475Banquet tendered by the Municipal Authorities of the city of New York.October 19, 1863
A476Programme of Exercises on the occasion of the Annual Anniversary of the Washington City Orphan Asylum for the year 1868May 15, 1868
A477Polytechnic College of the State of Pennsylvania.July 1, 1868
A478Dear Sir: The total expense of the Reception and Entertainment of his excellency President Johnson and suite, amounts to $20,643.65.September 6, 1866
A479City of Boston, Ninetieth Anniversary of American Independence.June, 1866
A480The Citizens of San Francisco having resolved to celebrate, in an appropriate manner, the approaching Anniverasry of our National Independence, the undersigned, on their behalf, has the honor to extend to you a special invitation to unite with them onJune 18, 1866
A481Metropolitan Fair in aid of the United States Sanitary Commission.February 1, 1864
A482Grand Union League Demonstration.April 14, 1863
A483You are respectfully invited to attend a Lecture at the Smithsonian Institution, on The Commercial Policy of The Great Powers,February 24, 1863
A484Hon. Wm H. Seward and family, You are respectfully invited to attend the Representations of Richelieu and Hamlet,June 17, 1863
A485You are codially invited to attend the Class Day Exercises, of the Class of '63, to be holden at Union College, Schenectady, on Monday, July 29th, 1863.July 10, 1863
A486Dear Sir: I have the honor of extending to you, on behalf of the citizens of Washington, an ivitation to participate with us in the celebration of the approaching anniversary of our country's independence.July 2, 1863
A487Mr & Mrs Cyrus W. Field request the pleasure of Hon Wm H Seward's Company on Thurdsay evening the 8th instr.October 1, 1863
A488Le Ministre du Bresil et Madame Lisboa prient M Frederick SewardOctober 5, 1863
A490Loyal League of Union Citizens, ProgrammeMay 11, 1863
A491Tournament at Analostan Island, Thrusday, August 23, 1866.August 23, 1866
A492Agricultural Ball, at the Town Hall in Pittsfield, on Thurday Evening, October 6th, at 6 o'clock.October 5, 1842
A493Congress Hall. Complimentary Dinner to Hon. William H. Seward, by Lieut. Governor Raymond.February 14, 1856
A494American Association for the Advancement of Science.April 22, 1872
A495A National convention of Delegates from every part of the Republic is called to meet at Memphis on the 23d, of October next, for the purpose of aiding the project of connecting the Mississippi River with the Pacific OceanSeptember 1, 1849
A496Grand Sacred and Classic Concert in aid of the German Relief Association at Grover's New Theater, Sunday., February 5, 1865.February 5, 1865
A497American Association for the Advancement of Science.March 15, 1851
A498Public welcome to Hon. George Thompson, in the city of Washington, at the hall of the House of RepresentativesApril 6, 1864
A499The National Banks.March 14, 1864
A500Buckingham Palace.June 1, 1859
A501Grand Concert. Easter Monday Night, March 28, 1864.March 12, 1864
A502Circo Chiarini. Programa de la Funcion en Obsequio del Honorable Willima H. Seward.November 26, 1869
A503Perseverantia Omnia VincitAugust 22, 1856
A504Dubuque Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.July 4, 1872
A505Nashville Industrial Exposition.May, 1872
A506Give Thanks, all ye People.November 26, 1863
A507National Thanksgiving. "Oh! Praise the God of Mercies."November 26, 1863
A508The Star-Gemmed Flag of Brave Hearts and the Free.
A509The New York Sanitary Fair, 1864. The Children's Table.1864
A510The metropolitan Fair Newspaper.March 1864
A510The Martyr's ReturnMay 3, 1865
A512Royal Havana Lottery1873
A513Royal Havana Lottery1873
A514Testimonial to Rufus Waples, U.S. Attorney.March 10, 1865
A515To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives, In Congress Assembled.
A516The following is a copy of a Memorial to Congress, intended to be presented at its next session, (as it is presumed no action will be had at the present session, now so near its close - and it would be unwise, in a matter involving such grave importance .1851
A517To the Whig Senators of the United States.December 20, 1849
A518To the Members of the Honorable the Legislature.February 10, 1833
A519To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the Unites States.
A520The National Foundry
A521To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives, of the United States.February 18, 1852
A522The United States of America in Account with Benjamin F. Hall.March 1854
A523To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States in Congress Assembled:March 21, 1856
A524A Few Words from the Hollanders in Michigan.December, 1857
A525The Memorial of J. N. Maffitt, Lieutenant in the Navy of the United States, respectfully sheweth:1855?
A526To the Honorable the Members of the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States:
A527To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States in Congress assembled:
A528Memorial. To the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States:
A529First Company, Union Riflemen.August 22, 1840
A530The following appeared in "The Daily News" of London, January 23, 1865.1866?
A531To the People of Indianna: The quota of Indiana, under the last call of the President for three hundred thousand men, was about nineteen thousand.January 14, 1864
A532Circular Commanding Officer Post of in assuming command of your post the following instructions will serve as your guidance:August 1, 1865
A533Headquarters United States Forces, Martinsburg, Va., October 22, 1864.October 22, 1864
A534Headquarters United states Forces, Martinsburg, Va., October 24, 1864.October 24, 1864
A535Headquarters United States Forces, Martinsburg, Va., October 19, 1864.October 19, 1864
A536Headquarters United States Forces, Martinsburg, Va., October 19, 1864.October 19, 1864
A537The painful task devolves on the General-n-Chief of announcing to the Army the death of Colonel and Brevet major General Roger Jones, Adjutant General, who expired in this city about sunset yesterdayJuly 16, 1852
A538Headquarters, Army & Dist. Of North Carolina, Newbern, N.C., March 11, 1864.March 11, 1864
A539head-Quarters, Army & Dist. Of North Carolina, Newbern, N.C., March 9, 1864.March 9, 1864
A540Proclamation.May 5, 1858
A541Regulations Relative to the Admission of Midshipmen into the Navy.April 28, 1849
A542Union Defence Committee, of the Citizens of New York, Office, No. 30 Pine Street.April 25, 1861
A543Military Order, Loyal Legion, U.S. Circular No. 50October 16, 1871
A544Military Order, Loyal Legion, U. S. Circular No. 51April 24, 1872
A545War Department, General Orders, No. 287.November 28, 1864
A546War Department, Circular, No. 86.December 1, 1864
A547Headquarters First Army Corps, Circular No. 2.December 3, 1864
A548Proposition to the President To Employ the Emancipated Negroes at Port Royal.January 27, 1863
A549Hampton Normal & Agricultural Institute, at Hampton, VA.January 25, 1872
A550Appeal of The National Association for the Relief of Colored Women and ChildrenFebruary 27, 1863
A551A Fact for History!November, 1850
A552Heirs of Continental Officers.January, 1856?
A553The Voice of the Empire State in Condemnation of Freemasonry.April 26, 1831
A554At a meeting of the General Committee of Whig Young Men of the City of New-York, held on the 8th ultimo, the following resolution was unanimously adopted:June 1, 1838
A555Draw the Line! We will support the Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States
A556Circular. The undersigned would respectfully inform the Hon. Members of the Senate and the House of Representatives,January, 1851?
A557Opinions of the Press.December, 1850?
A558Fisheries-Private Property.April 15, 1872
A559To the Members of the Andrew Johnson Club of Louisiana
A560Martinigue Conseil General Presidence de M. Briere de l'IsleDecember 11, 1866
A561The undersigned, on behalf of a Mafs Meeting of the citizens of St. Louis, respectfully invite you to attend a National Convention to be held in this City, on Monday, the 16th day of October nextAugust 28, 1849
A562At a Meeting of the 7th Ward Whig Committee, convened on Saturday evening, 30th inst, at Bradley's Hotel, 159 Madison street, the folowing preamble and resolutions where unanimously adopted:May 24, 1836
A563To the People.
A564The following order of the Secretary of State is, at his request, published for the information and guidance of officers of the customs; and so much of the Circular of this Department, dated December 3, 1864, as relates to persons entering this countryMarch, 1865
A565Prospectus of the Constitution, A new daily paper to be published in Washington City, D.C.November 12, 1850
A566The proposed alteration of the Tariff Laws of 1846.September 24, 1850
A567Mechanics' & Workingmen's Central Republican Union.December 10, 1856
A568Cincinnatti Chamber of Commerce
A569To the Loyal Citizens of the United States.January 28, 1864
A570Thoughts on the Times1864
A571For twelve years we have been struggling in Clarion County, against an immense majority, combined with its influence both politically and personally, and without outside co-operating influences, this majority is gradually diminishing.June 24, 1864
A572An act, in relation to proceedings in criminal cases.
A573Memorial to Congress, adopted February 7, 1861.February 7, 1861
A574Message from the President of the United States,March 13, 1849
A575Resolved (if the Assembly concur), that the State of New York is opposed to the admission of Kansas into the Union as a StateMarch 6, 1858
A576Important Questions.
A577Republican Meeting in HartfordFebruary 14, 1855
A578Certificate of Life Membership of the Patriotic Union Club!
A579"To Your Tents, O Israel!"November 20, 1864
A580"Live Oak" Club. No. 1.
A581Speech delivered by General Raasloff, late Minister of War and of the navy, in the Folkething May 5th 1870.May 5, 1870
A582George F. Robinson. Resolutions of the Legislature of MaineJune 13, 1870
A583Hall of the National Union City Executive CommitteeJanuary 21, 1865
A584National Celebration of Union VictoriesFebruary 22, 1865
A585Statement of the Public Debt of the United States on the 1st of October, 1866.October 1, 1866
A586A Protest Against the Ordinance of Secession,January 26, 1861
A587To the Honorable, the Committee of the House of Representatives of the United States upon Military Affairs:1864?
A588The Prisoners' Friend--Extra.January, 1851
A589Address to the People of the United States.February 24, 1851?
A590Circular of the American Union Commission.1865?
A591Thoughts for the People.1864?
A592National Sailors' Fair.April 19, 1864
A593The undersigned, a Committee of the "Pennsylvania State Peace Society," respectfully invite you, on behalf of said Society, to atttend the Annual Meeting,March 20, 1851
A594Army Relief Bazaar.January 18, 1864
A595Army Relief Bazaar at Albany.January 18, 1864
A596Soldiers' Aid Society of Northern Ohio, 95 Bank Street, Cleveland.February 22, 1864
A597The Union Vase,
A598St. John's Hotel for Invalids.March, 1864
A599Sick and Wounded Soldiers.March, 1864
A600Instructions to the People of the United States for Preliminary Movement toward Governmental Re-organizationMay, 1865
A601A Book for the Times. Out of Work: Or, Walks Among Empty Workshops and Dreary Firesides.February 5, 1856
A602National Transition Moonly Voice.July 20, 1872
A603Annual Meeting of the New York State Association Opposed to Secret Societies.December 12, 1871
A604Fair to the Soldiers' and Sailors' Home.April 14, 1865
A605Temperance address delivered to the Coloured Sons of Tuscaloosa by iss Sarah Hullum, Dec. 26, 1850.December 26, 1850
A606Rev. Dr. Sunderland, Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church..June 1, 1866
A607"The Constitutional Church in Washington City"January 7, 1851
A608The Word of the Lord that came unto the Patriarch Moses, an Israelite of the tribe of Joseph, and of the lineage of his son Ephraim, o the fourteenth day of the second month, called February, in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-eight ..March 28, 1865
A609Order of Public Worship Provided by the House of Bishops of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, For Its Use on..October 8, 1862
A610To My Imperial and Royal Friends and Fellow Creatures..May 5, 1856
A611To the Ladies of AuburnJanuary 1, 1852
A612To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives of the United States, In Congress Assembled.May 1, 1856
A613Circular. Rockland Female Institute, Nyack, N. Y.March, 1858
A614To the Stockholders and Patrons of the Albany Pearl-street Academy.January 20, 1840
A615Public Debt - Good Faith.December 24, 1869
A616Select School at Rhinebeck, Dutchess County, New York.March 30, 1842
A617Seward Institute. Hon. Wiliam H. Seward, President. Young Ladies' Seminary, Florida, Orange County, N.Y.1865
A618The S. S. Seward Institute, At Florida, Orange County, N.Y.October 8, 1849
A619Episcopal Institute, For the Education of Young Gentlemen, Troy, N.Y.February 11, 1839
A620Let Us Have Genuine Freedom in Missouri.November 15, 1864
A621Dear Sir: Your attention is respectfully directed to the following Address, adopted at a meeting of the friends of the late Thos. Devin Reilly..September 15, 1856
A622To the Honorable the Legislature of the State of New York, in Senate and Assembly convened:January 1, 1840
A623Respected and Dear Sir-The Excecutive Committee of the Eastern New-York Anti-Slavery Society take the liberty to address you this note, hoping that it may be in your power to aid them in their work of mercy and benevolenceMay 31, 1842
A624Sir: At a Convention of the Democratic Republicans of the county of Dutchess, held at Poughkeepsie on the 13th inst. The following Resolution, among others, was unanimously adopted:August 30, 1838
A625Sir: The undersigned, who were appointed a Corresponding Committee at the Conservative Convention held it in this place the 13th of August last, have supposed that they might profitably address a few words of encouragement to their Conservative friendsOctober 27, 1838
A626Sir- In 1836, the Legislature of New-York passed "An act to incorporate the New-York State Agricultural School," with a capital of $100,000, and liberty to icrease it to $200,000November 15, 1838
A627The whig General Committee, of the City of New York, through its corresponding committee, to their political brethren throughout the state.April 18, 1839
A628Sir-Having been appointed a Committee of Correspondence on behalf of the Anti-Masonic Members of the Legislature, we take the liberty of addressing you in relation to the State Convention, to be held in this city, on the seventeenth day of February next.January 27, 1831
A629Dear Sir-You are doubtless aware that the Young Men of monroe County, in March last, recommended an early State convention of young Men for the purpose of effecting a thorough organization of all those opposed to the present Administration, and named theJune 9, 1838
A630New York Conference Seminary, and Female Collegiate Institute, Charlotteville, Schoharie Co., N. Y.1860
A631The New York Central Railroad Co.November 16, 1863
A632The Fortnightly, Auburn, N.Y.1891
A633Centennial Celebration of American Independence, at Auburn, N.Y., July 4th, 1876.July 4, 1876
A634Poems, William H. Seward1875
A635Ratification Meeting.
A636Grant. Memorial Services. Auburn, N.Y., August 8, 1885.August 8, 1885
A637Old Bob Ridley, O. A highly popular negro chaunt.
A639Hiram Nash's Giant Self acting Well Curb and Bucket.1862?
A640Use the Best, Winslow's Patent Adjustable Slide Wrought Iron Wrenches.1862
A641Strangers and Others visitng Rochester, are invited to call and inspect the establishment of Case & Mann.
A642Sloat's Elliptic Lock-Stitch Sewing Machines, the Champion Sewing Machines of the Nineteenth Century.
A643Commencement College Physicians & Surgeons
A644Church Music Association.April 16, 1874
A645Grand Choral and Instrumental Concert, in aid of Chapel Fund of Madison Ave. Reformed Church, at Steinway Hall, Friday evening, Feb, 6th, 1874.February 6, 1874
A646Mexico Academy, Mexico, Oswego Co., N.Y., 1872-3.1872
A647Dear Sir: We desire to call your attention to the superior advantages of Chicago, as a Wool market, for Western dealers and growers, as compared with Eastern cities.May 10, 1873; June 1, 1873
A648Corinthian Hall. A musical and dramatical entertainment, will be given in Corinthian hall1871
A649To all whom it may Concern. We, the undersigned, Commissioners, appointed by Hon. Jerome Fuller, Monroe County Judge, upon the petition of F. Ansel Booth, Sarah A. Harris and Henry C. IvesNovember 25, 1870
A650Geo. G. Clarkson & Co., merchant Tailors, No. 35 State Street, Rochester, N.Y.September, 1871
A651To Sportsmen!June, 1862
A652Callisophia Literary Society desires the Pleasure of Your Company at the College chapelDecember 17, 1872
A653Callisophia, Tuesday Evening, Dec. 17, 1872.December 17, 1872
A654Delta Kappa Epsilon, Fourteenth Annual SupperDecember 2, 1870
A655Dear brother: It is proposed to institue a new chapter of the Alpha Delta Phi among members of one of our most prominent colleges, and the initiation will take place at 3 o'clock in the afternoon of Thursday, Dec. 20th, 1877.December 1, 1877
A656Concert for the Benefit of the Rochester Female Charitable Society, at Corinthian Hall, on Friday Evening, November 23, 1860.1860
A657The First Anniversary of the Gates Lodge of Good TemplarsMarch 17, 1869
A658Another Good Time. The Second Annual Raspberry Festival, by the Gates Lodge, Good TemplarsJuly 22, 1869
A659The Rochester High School Fifth AnniversaryJuly 11, 1862
A660Rochester Seminary, Anniversary Exercises, 1863.June 18, 1863
A661Hymn of Welcome to the Pastor.
A662The Children's Welcome to their Pastor.
A663In MemoriamApril 24, 1889
A664Prologue to the Private Theatricals at Mrs. La Farge's Mansion, Glen Cove, July 28th, 1860.July 28, 1860
A665Rochester Free Academy. Commencement Exercises. Friday Evening, July 7, 1865.July 7, 1865
A666The Rochester Boot and Shoe Store!
A667Davis' Matchless Compound for making the best and cheapest soap in the world!!
A668The National Feed Cutter.April 29, 1862
A669Lines' Patent Ash and Coal Separator.October 1, 1862
A670Go to the Great Gift Book StoreSeptember, 1862
A671Dewey's Mammoth Lamp and Oil Emporium,
A672Rochester Evening Express, A cheap daily newspaper, published every afternoon, and giving all the Telegraphic News
A673Prindle's Patent Agricultural Caldron and Steamer.1862
A674H. Pease Table for 1862.1862
A675Dewey's Kerosene Oil and Lamp Emporium.
A676Oil and Lamp Emporium!September 26, 1862
A677For the Best and Cheapest Hosiery, ladies and Gentlemen's furnishing and millinery, including velvet and silk bonnets,
A678Walter A. Wood's Celebrated Light Draft Two Wheel Prize Mower Manufactured at Hoosick Falls, N.Y.1862
A679A word about Mustard!
A680Bryant, Stratton & Co's Albany Mercantile College, 43 & 45 North Pearl St.
A681Union Water Wheel, Patented. July 8th, 1862.1862
A682Pyle's dietetic Saleratus Challenges the World!
A683New Combined Shingle and Heading Machine.1862
A684Diploma Awarded by the New York State Agricultural Society, To Phelps & Chase, for the Best Melodeons.1860
A685Boss's American Chemical Writing Fluid
A687Improved Saw Gumming Machine
A688Syracuse Prize Machine. Buckeye Premium Mower.
A689Improved Saw Gumming Machine
A690Fish's Patent Nursery, or Night Lamp.1862
A691Sanford & Mallory's Patent, September 16th, 1862.September 19, 1862
A692Osburn House, Rochester, N.Y.June 30, 1873
A693Circular. Simultaneous Meetings in Defence of Irish Freedom.December 25, 1843
A694The Sunday School Association of Chili.1860
A695Closing Exercises of the Mineroan Society at Miss Harrison's SeminaryJune 14, 1870
A696The Producers' Price-Current.May 20, 1871
A697New York Weekly Financial Report.December 15, 1871
A698Albany AcademyAugust 14, 1870
A699Mon Habit.
A70025th (349-4) 26th An actual reduction of ten per cent, from former Low Prices on the stock of Stationery, Fancy Goods, &c.,
A701Anniversary Public of the Bryant Literary Society!June 2, 1871
A702The Riverside Library, The Brightest Works of the Greatest Authors in the Cheapest Library in the World
A703Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.
A704Complimentary. Livingston Park Seminary Anniversary Week, Commencing Tuesday Morning, June 13th, 1865.June 13, 1865
A705Complimentar. Warner Observatory, Tuesday and Friday Evenings, Provided the Weather is Clear.April 7, 1889
A706Whitcomb House, Rochester, N.Y.January 1, 1878
A707Circular and Catalogue of St. Mark's School, Clover Street.1869
A708Republican Ticket. Assembly.
A709Wednesday Evening, January 25, 1893. Historical Entertainment.January 25, 1893
A710Turkish Bath. Over 59 & 61 State St., Rochester, N.Y.
A711Anniversary of the Marriage of Samuel D. Gould, to Caroline Hatch, October 2nd, 1827.October 2, 1877
A712Proclamation of Thanksgiving.November 1, 1862
A713International Christian Convention.1866
A714Proceedings and Resolutions of a Democratic County Meeting, Held at Orwigsburg, Schuylkill County, December 17, 1849.December 17, 1849
A715The undersigned, Special Agent to procure aid, earnestly solicits the serious consideration of the humane throughout the entire North, to the annexed circular of the Refugee Relief Commission of Ohio, at Cincinnati;December 20, 1864
A716Headquarters Refugee Relief Commission of Ohio, Refugee's Home, Centre Street, near Race.
A717Thanksgiving Proclamation.October 25, 1862
A718Proclamation. To the People of Minnesota.December 6, 1862
A719Inquire for truth before you Judge.January 4, 1851
A720Please Read, Preserve, And Hand to Your Neighbor.September 19, 1865
A721Republican-Extra.January, 1851
A722In General Committee of Democratic Whig Young Men, the following Resolutions were unanimously adopted:February 15, 1850
A723Proclamation of Thanksgiving.December 2, 1862
A724Union League in the Twenty-Fourth Ward, Philadelphia.January 14, 1864
A725Special Relief Association, Chicago.October 30, 1871
A726The Federacy and the Confederacy.August 1, 1863
A727A Song for the Union.February 22, 1850
A728God Save the Union!February 27, 1863
A729Proclamation: By Edwin D. Morgan. Governor of the State of New-York.October 1, 1862
A730Proclamation.Whereas, the people of New Mexico have, by public meetings held in the several Counties of this Territory, expressed a desire to hold a Convention for the formation of a State Constitution, and to urge upon Congress the admission of this TerrApril 23, 1850
A731By His Excellency Joseph A. Gilmore, Governor of the State of New Hampshire.October 3, 1863
A732The Ladies of the Mount Vernon Association of the Union, in the State of New York.April 6, 1860
A733Medina Academy.September 1, 1851
A734The Royal Names of Humanity.June, 1865
A735The Mississippi.January, 1864
A736Female Education in Haytl.
A737Canal Celebration Ball.October 19, 1825
A738Labor is the duty of all. Declaration of the Radical Political Abolitionists of Burlington, Vermont and vicinity.1856
A739Constitution and By-Laws of the Antes Lyceum.
A740The American Indian Aid AssociationOctober 1, 1837
A741American Union Commission.November 9, 1864
A742Grand Patriotic Combination Proposed to Pay the National Debt, Stop Taxes, and Dispose of the Public Lands.February, 1865
A743Public Meeting.1850
A744Public Meeting.1850
A745President Abraham LincolnApril 16, 1865
A746School for Colored Girls.January 1856
A747The Welcome to Charles Dickens. Boz Ball.January 29, 1842
A748Republican State Convention.July 19, 1856
A749Owego Gazette-Extra Democratic Rail Road Convention.July, 1842
A750To the Congregation of St. Peter's Church, Auburn:March 27, 1863
A751Catalogue No. 13 Spring 1984, Old and Rare Books1858
A752Carnier's Address, Auburn Daily Bulletin, January 1st, 1878.January 1, 1878
A753New Year's Greeting The Suday Tribune Through Its Carrier Boys, to Its Patrons, New Years Day, 1882.1882
A754Western Union Telegraph Company's Messenger Boys' New Year's Address 1873.1873
A755New Years Greeting of the Rochester Morning Herald, to Its Patrons, January 1st, 1880.January 1, 1880
A756Genesee Valley Hunt.July 7, 1888
A757Union Assembly.January 24, 1833
A758Order of Exercises at the Anniversary of Monticello Female Seminary.June 27, 1849
A759Order of Exercises at the Anniversary of Monticello Seminary, Wednesday, June23, 1858.June 23, 1858
A760Shurtleff College Annual Exhibition, Tuesday Evening, March 27th, 1855.March 27, 1855
A761Library of the Lesbian Society Connecticut Literary Institution.
A762Rochester Seminary Anniversary Exercises.June 22, 1865
A763Rochester Seminary Anniversary Exercises, 1867. Junior Class.June 13, 1867
A764Senior Horn Song.
A765Rochester Sabbath-School Union.July 13, 1862
A766Take One. Mrs. Emma P. Ewing, Superintendent of Chautauqua Assembly Cooking School, will give Eight Lessons on the Art of CookingJanuary 26, 1893
A767The Noon Rest Lunch Club, 61 North Clinton Street.
A768My Lords and Gentlemen, The Painted Hall of Greenwich Hospital, originally employed as the Refectory for the Pensioners, but now and for many years past unoccupied, consists of three Apartments.October 23, 1823
A769To the Honorable, The Legislature of the State of New York.December 10, 1850
A770The Sodus Canal Co. now offer for sale $50,000 of their seven per cent. Bonds, maturing in 1866, bearing coupons for sem-annual inters, payable on 1st May and 1st November, at the Banking House of Messrs. Duncan, Sherman & Co., New-York.1850's?
A771Whig Head Quarters.August 22, 1848
A772Sir, The Harrison Corresponding Committee of the City of New-York feel confident, that with proper exertions, General William H. Harrison can be elected President of the United States.August 21, 1835
A773Sir,--On this day a large and respectable Meeting of the citizens of this village was held at the Ontario House, for the purpose of taking such measures as might be deemed expedient for obtaining from the next LegislatureNovember 30, 1831
A774Comparative Trade of Troy and Albany.March 1, 1836
A775Sir--The Public nature of the work proposed in the annexed prospectus, will, I trust, apologize for the liberty I have taken in addressing it to you.March 2, 1835
A776Plan of Organization, Adopted by the Whig State Convention at Utica.1838
A777Our Country, published by the American Society to Promote Justice, 206 Broadway, cor, Fulton St., New York.1885?
A778Dear Sir: This Bank will receive, until further notice, United States Treasury Notes of its dealers and correspondents, on deposit and in payment of collections, on the terms of the annexed contract, only, which you are requested to sign and return to usJanuary 14, 1862
A779Dear Sir: The Trustees of the University of Albany desire to call your attention to the following announcement.December, 1853
A780Sir: Allow me to draw your attention to certain strange facts that have taken place in the Naval Academy at Annapolis, which are calculated to destroy the good results which we had reason to expect from that institution.July 15, 1867
A781Dear Sir: Several excellent furnished Rooms at No. 492 E street, between 5th and 6th, fronting South, one door from Judiciary Square, well adapted for the family of a member of CongressOctober 28, 1864
A782A New Edition of the Statutes of New-York.October 23, 1862
A783Law and Claims.June, 1864
A784National Trust Company of the City of New York, Incorporated April 19, 1867.May 14, 1867
A785Proceedings of the Homoeopathic Medical Society of the County of Cayuga, N.Y.June, 1864
A786Fruit Growers' Society of Western New York.January 23, 1867
A787August Meeting 1880 Rochester Driving ParkAugust 10, 1880
A788Conquest of PastureFebruary, 1917
A789Empire Cheddar Cheese Factory. Rules.
A790The Authors' Carnival, For the Benefit of the Rochester Art Exchange, at the Washington Rink,October 5, 1886
A791Testimonial Concert to Miss Marie Elise Yackel.January 31, 1890
A792Entertainment. M. E. Church, Scottsville, Friday, Feb., 10, 1888.February 10, 1888
A793Eagle Point Melodies.
A794The Courtship of Miles Standish, Dramatized, in Seven Scenes.May 14, 1889
A795Grand Benefit Entertainment for the Infants Summer HospitalSeptember 13, 1888
A796Commencement Oswego High School, Academy of Music, Thursday Evening, January 27th, 1887.January 27, 1887
A797Oswego State Normal and Training SchoolJuly 6, 1886
A798Brick Church Excursion to Niagara Falls Thursday, September 3, 1885.September 3, 1885
A799Platform of Principles of the Know Somethings.
A800State Platform of the New-York Know Somethings.August 1, 1855
A801Dr. Walter Cary died at Marseilles on All Saints' Day, Tuesday, November 1st 1881, in his 63d year, yielding to the final symptoms of Bright's Disease of the kidneys.1882?
A802War Legal-Tender Vindicated.April 20, 1870
A803Letter to Senator Johnson. War, Compromise or Separation.March 28, 1861
A804An Appeal for the Sabbath.
A805Look at This! Copy of a letter sent to each of the board of imspectors of Election in the town of Painted Post.November 22, 1838
A806Extract from the Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors of Monroe Co.February 13, 1868
A807Tracy Female Institute185?
A808The Rochester Female Charitable Society1891
A809Geneva Gazette.October 3, 1845
A810Whitesboro Academy. Order of Exercises, at the exhibition Sept. 14, 1820.September 14, 1820
A811Subscription for Pious Books, for children.1840?
A812Look Here!!
A813A Tribute to Departed Worth.May, 1861
A814Liberty and Union foreverJune 1864
A815Office of Central CommitteeAugust 15, 1882
A816Accomodation Line of Stages.
A817Arrival of Gov. SewardDecember 29, 1859
A818The word of the Lord that came unto the Patriarch Moses, an Israelite of the trive of Joseph and of the lineage of his son EphraimFebruary 14, 1865
A819Extra!!!Dr. Dunlap's advice to Queen Victoria, of England, and Louis Nap. Bonaparte, of France.May 22, 1862
A820General Anti-Rent Meeting:December 4, 1839
A821Notice. The people of the Seneca Nation of Indians, having lately changed their form of Government, and the office of chiefs having been annulled an abolishedJanuary, 1849
A822Men who wish to Lead the Party.
A823Proclamation by the Governor.April 15, 1865
A824New York Pacific Railroad and Collateral Telegraph Club.February, 1854
A825Office of the Oswego and Syracuse Rail Road Co.January 20, 1850
A826Notice! All those persons holding articles for Land from me, in the Town of and who have made no payment thereon
A827The Great Day of the Lord is Come!September, 1853
A828Raging Canal.
A829The Repbulican County Ticket.October 30, 1861
A830Virginia Republican Ticket.1860?
A831Rochester, Lockport and Niagara Falls Rail Road.October 10, 1851
A832Removal. The subscriber has removed to Corner of Jay and Oak StreetsMay 29, 1856
A833Seneca National Ticket.1850?
A834Seneca Nation Union Ticket.1850?
A835The Wonderful Kanguroo, from Botany Bay, To be feen at the Lyceum, in the Strand, from 8 in the morning till 8 in the Evening.
A836Address of the Republican Central Committee.
A837Farragut Obsequies.September 28, 1870
A838Circular. To Officers of Rail Road Companies:1874
A839Republican. To the Voters of the Seven Assembly District.May 14, 1870
A840Fellow Wide Awakes: On the 24th of October the Republicans of Broome County are to hold a Mass Meeting at Binghamton.October 17, 1860
A841Time Globes, Relative Time Globes, Tellurians, Terrestrial, Celestial, and Slated Globes, etc.1881?
A842A Magnificent Quarto Volume! Encyclopedia of Contemporary Biography of New York.December, 1883
A843Postage of Fourth Class Matter.December, 1882
A844Biography of the Hon. Ezra Cornell, founder of the Cornell University.
A845Phipps Union Female Seminary, Albion, Orleans Co., N.Y.1867
A846The Opera Comique Theatre1891
A847A Trip to Dakota.1885
A848Winter at Devils Lake.1887
A849Protracted Meeting this week at First Presbyterian Free Church.March 17, 1834
A850Copeland's Fire Cement1880?
A851Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph.June 19, 1857
A852Old and Rare Books1984
A853Syracuse Whig. ExtraNovember 8, 1838
A854Town of Ulysses. Whigs 156 as head! Old Tompkins is safe.November 8, 1838
A855Geneva Courier-Extra.November 7, 1834
A856Oneida Whig, Extra. Tuesday, Nov. 4, 4 O'clock P.M.November 16, 1838
A857The Daily Democrat.November 8, 1838
A858Anti-Slavery Convention. For Western New York.January 18, 1841
A859Buffalo Patriot..Extra.November 6, 1834
A860Letter from Governor Hunt.November 3, 1856
A861Dear Sir: The friends of Free Labor will soon be called upon to place in nomination a candidate for the Presidency, to be supported by them in 1860.1859
A862An open letter. To General Chester A. Arthur,June 9, 1880
A863Circular. Dear Sirs,-- I still have Village and City property:May 1, 1849
A864In Memory of Maj. John Mappa.
A865"Are You a Mason?"
A866Thanksgiving Proclamation.October 26, 1866
A867Vote No.1903?
A868Masonic Festival, Exclusively to the Fraternity.December 26, 1861
A869The Great War Novel.186?
A870The Radio DozenMarch 10, 1933
A871American State Convention.May 2, 1856
A872William Ellery Channing1873
A873Cantata A Trial by JuryJune 14, 1907
A874The Second Old School Boys Re-Union of Rochester.1876
A875Circular. The Jackson Republican Committee of RochesterJune 17, 1828
A876The Declaration of Independence-19141914
A877Catholic Opinions
A878Extract From the Report Presented at the 48th National Grange
A879Women have full suffrage in eleven states and in Alaska.1915
A880Logic for the Business Man
A881A Million Women Appeal to the Voters of New York for Justice.
A882Modern Representative Government1915
A883One Thousand Women Wanted to join in making a State-wide Woman Suffrage canvass of New York
A884Plain Facts for the Working Man
A885The Suffrage map.1915
A886Twelve Reasons Why Women Should Vote
A888Which will you believe?
A889Who Represents Her?
A890Who Shares the Cost of War?
A891A Word to the Wise.April 24, 1912
A892A Hopeful Sign of Victory for California Women
A893Farmers' Wives, Consider This.
A894The Fortieth Anniversary of The First Woman Suffrage Convention.1888
A895Have You Ever Thought Why Your Mother, Wife, Sister and Daughter Are Not Allowed To Vote?
A896Six Reasons Why Farmers' Wives Should Vote.
A897Votes For Women
A898Votes For Women! The Woman's Reason.
A899Votes For Women! The Woman's Reason Because
A900Votes For Women Why the Farmer's Wife Needs the Vote
A901Why Women Want to Vote. Women Are Citizens, and wish to do their civic duty.
A902Women in the Home
A903Women in the Home
A904Women Workers Want Vote1913
A905What is Democracy?
A906What's the Matter with New York?
A907Not At Home You Were Out Today!
A908Are You One of Us?
A909Teachers Need the Vote!
A910Will Woman Suffrage Be Good For Womanhood? No!
A911The School is now an Indispensible Supplement to the Home
A912Facts Stronger Than FictionJanuary 1, 1909
A913Some Donts
A914Women Suffrage Party
A915Proclamation, By De Witt Clinton, Governor of the State of New-York.October 26, 1826
A916The Life and Times of Abraham LincolnSeptember, 1865
A917The Famous Highlands of the Hudson.1881?
A918Boyd & Hart's new Improved Eureka Hot Air Draft Portable Furnace.January, 1874
A919Commenginger, Allen & Co.'s Ne Plus Ultra Portable FurnaceJanuary, 1874
A920Educational Commission.March 14, 1862
A921Society for the organization of Charity, Rochester, N.Y.1895
A922Dear Sir: At a meeting of the Commissioners of the Rochester, Fitzhugh & Carroll Mill canal
A92320 Men Living Witnesses
A924I promise to pay the Treasurer of the Young Men's Christian Association of Rochester, the sum of1890
A925YMCA Art ReceptionMarch 1, 1881
A926Dear Sir: You have no doubt noticed by the papers that we are advertising for bids for excavating for our building.March 21, 1889
A927Rochester Young Men's Christian Association, over 18 East Main Street.1883
A928Lecture Courses, Young Men's Christian Association1883
A929The Trustees and Directors of the Young Men's Christian Association,November 7, 1890
A930Annual Meeting, young Mens' Christian AssociationOctober 13, 1884
A931Young Men's Christian Association, Rochester, N.Y.May 24, 1883
A932Dear Sir: Rev. Joseph M. Sullivan has been employed as Financial Secretary of the young Men's Christian Association, and under direction ofOctober 25, 1887
A933Dear Sir: There are to be two Union Meetings on SundayMay 9, 1879
A934Statement of the Work of our Association, for the Season ending July 1, 1883.July 1, 1883
A935My dear Sir: We venture to communicate to you, in this personal way, the present extreme need of the Young Men's Christian Association.April 5, 1893
A936National War Work Council of the Young Men's Christian Associations of the United StatesOctober 8, 1918
A937National War Work Council International Committee of the Young Men's Christian Association of the United StatesOctober 30, 1918
A938Euterpean Orchestra Concert, Town Hall, PenfieldMarch 10, 1898
A939A Call to Replenish an Empty Treasury.1882
A940A Call to Replenish an Empty Treasury.
A941The Rochester Female Charitable Society
A942The Rochester Female Charitable Society
A943Semi-Centennial and Annual Appeal.
A944A Call for Help.
A945A Call to Replenish an Empty Treasury.
A946The experiment was made last year of publishing the annual appeal of the Rochester Female Charitable Society in the newspapers of the city, instead of mailing it, as had been the custom.
A947The Rochester Female Charitable Society has for its object the relief of the sick and the infirm poor, without regard to creed or nationality.
A948"Union is Strength."January 16, 1860
A949Annual banquet 1892. Veteran Corps, R.U.G.November 19, 1892
A950Banquet Meeting. Veteran Corps, R.U.G. Fiftieth Anniversary.November 15, 1897
A951Dinner Given By Jesse W. Hatch to the Rochester Union Greays November Twentieth Nineteen Hundred and FiveNovember 20, 1905
A952Annual Banquet 1894 Veteran Corps, R.U.G.November 19, 1894
A953Complimentary Banquet, to be given by Gen. James H. Kelly, to the Veteran Corps, R.U.G.December 27, 1892
A954Complimentary Banquet, tendered by Jas. H. Kelly to the Rochester Veteran Greys,November 19, 1837
A955Union is Strength.October 28, 1892
A956Rochester Union Grays. Company Orders.February 25, 1895
A957Union is Strength.January 13, 1891
A958Fellow Soldier: You are hereby notified that there will be a meeting of the "Veteran Grays," at the office of the President,October 22, 1879
A959"Union is Strength."October 26, 1886
A960Portage Excursion.July 3, 1891
A961Forty-Sixth Anniversary. "Union is Strength."October 9, 1883
A962Social Greeting. Gen. Jas. H. Kelly Veteran Corps R.U.G. and guestsJanuary 10, 1893
A963Rochester Orphan Asylum, Hubbell Park.December 18, 1873
A964Kind Friends: In view of the immense amount of labor and time taken in the Annual Donations that have so long been a feature of the charitable organizations of this city,October 18, 1890
A965Semi-Centennial Celebration of the Rochester Orphan Asylum, November 10th, 1887.November 10, 1887
A966Spinola's Empire Brigade! Thurlow Weed Guard!June 23, 1990
A967Coal Takes a Drop in Price but the Quality Remains the SameApril 1, 1914
A968Constitution of the Society of Christian Endeavor f the Presbyterian Church, of Sodus, N.Y.July 11, 1887
A969The Striped Leaved American Aloe, or Century Plant, Now in Flower.
A970$30,000 Reward Description of John Wilkes Booth!1865
A971Rochester Driving ParkAugust, 1883
A972Reverendo Johanni Morrison Reid, Presidi Professoribus Eruditis Atque Curatoribus Honorandis Collegii Genesei:July 1871
A973Men of Color, To Arms!March 2, 1863
A974To Citizens' Gas Company, Dr.July 26, 1882
A9751846. Red Bird Line. Packet-Boat1846
A976Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, Millinery, Men's goods,March 28, 1898
A977Notice to Repair Walks.May 17, 1870
A978W.N.Y. Institution for Deaf Mutes.May 27, 1890
A979W.N.Y. Institution for Deaf Mutes.June 23, 1890
A980The lady Managers of the "Home for the Friendless,"November 7, 1872
A981The Lady Managers of the "Home for the Friendless,"November 6, 1878
A982For Sale! The New Opera House on South Clinton Street, the Coming Business Street of Rochester.March 1, 1888
A983Trim the Shade Trees!November 17, 1885
A984Concert, Complimentary to Miss Helen Phelps, at Corinthian Hall,February 22, 1853
A985Corinthian Hall,January, 1851
A986A. Chapman, Wholesale and Retail dealer in Virginia Rock oil, petroleum Turpentine, and Kerosene Oil,June 1, 1864
A987Royal Templars' Basket Picnic!August 14, 1890
A988Penal Ordinance, in Relation to Cleaning Side Walks!
A989Exhibition at the East Avenue Collegiate Institute,186_?
A990Prof. W. H. Meeke, The renowned Elocutionist, Dramatic and Humorous Impersonator, of Chicago, has arrived in the city and will give instructions in the art of Elocution and Voice Culture,c.a. 1900?
A991Rochester Musical Festival 1892.June 1-3, 1892
A992Concert by the Musical Department of the Genesee Wesleyan Seminary, in College ChapelJune 23, 1862
A993Dear Sir: We beg to remind you that the Annual Donation of the Rochester City Hospital will be held in the Powers Building on December 6th, 1883.November 1, 1883
A994Receipt for General City Taxes, 1891.1891
A995To the Electors of the Second Assembly District.c.a. 1880's
A996Civil Service Reform Association.October 30, 1883
A997Sir: you are invited to attend a meeting of the male members of the First Presbyterian Congregation, in the city of RochesterDecember 27, 1853
A998Sunday, September 27th, will be the Rallying Day and reunion of our historic Sunday School, the first organized in Rochester.September 22, 1891
A999A meeting of the "Citizens' Association," will be held on Friday, 31st inst., at 3 o'clock, P.M.March 20, 1871
A1000Annual Donation for the Industrial School,October 25, 1883
A1001The Industrial School of RochesterJanuary 19, 1886
A1002Annual Donation Reception for the Benefit of the Industrial School,October 27, 1887
A1003The Industrial School of RochesterJanuary 2, 1888
A1004The Industrial School of RochesterJanuary 5, 1888
A1005An invitation from the Lady Managers of this institution has been presented to the Board of Directors, to meet with themJanuary 3, 1889
A1006A special meeting of the Board of Directors of this Institution will be held at Powers' Banking House,March 12, 1889
A1007A special meeting of the Board of Directors of this Institution will be held at Powers' Banking House,April 17, 1889
A1008Annual Donation Reception for the Benefit of the Industrial School,December 6, 1889
A1009An invitation from the Managers of The Industrial School, has been presented to the Members of the Board of Directors,January 1, 1890
A1010A Special meeting of the Board of Directors of this Institution will be held at The Powers Bank,September 23, 1890
A1011The annual meeting of the Board of Directors of this Institution will be held at the Rochester Clearing House Room,January 10, 1891
A1012A special meeting of the Board of Directors of this Institution, in regard to building, will be held at the school,October 10, 1891
A1013A special meeting of the Board of Directors of this Institution, will be held at The Powers Bank,October 27, 1892
A1014Dear Sir, The Cyrene Commanday will visit The Industrial School onDecember 3, 1892
A1015Dear Sir, The managers of the Industrial School have invited the Board of Directors to attend their Annual MeetingJanuary 5, 1893
A1016Dear Sir, The Annual Meeting of The Industrial School and Election of DirectorsJanuary 12, 1893
A1017The managers of The Industrial School will be at the Institution on Exchange StreetOctober 22, 1894
A1018Annual Meeting of the board of Managers of The Industrial SchoolJanuary 3, 1895
A1019Annual Meeting of Industrial School managers at the Institution 133 Exchange StreetJanuary 4, 1895
A1020The annual meeting of the Board of Directors of the Industrial School, and election of Officers, will be held atJanuary 9, 1895
A1021The pleasure of your company is requested at a Martha Washington Tea,February 22, 1895
A1022Dear Sir: There will be an adjourned meeting of the Directors of the Industrial School tomorrowMay 9, 1895
A1023The annual meeting of the Board of Directors of the Industrial School and election of OfficersJanuary 12, 1897
A1024The annual meeting of the Board of Directors of the Industrial School,January 10, 1898
A1025A special meeting of the Board of Directors of this Institution will be held Tuesday, June 28th 1898June 27, 1898
A1026An adjourned meeting of the Board of Directors of this Institution will be held in Law Library reference room #726 Powers BuildingOctober 1, 1898
A1027An adjourned meeting of the Board of Directors of this Institution will be held in Law Library reference room #726 Powers BuildingJanuary 2, 1899
A1028The Annual Meeting of the Members of the Genesee Valley Club, For the Election of a Board of Managers,January 27, 1886
A1029The Genesee Valley Club will be pleased to see yourself and ladies at its First Reception,February 9, 1886
A1030Dear Sir: The Annual Meeting of the Members of the Genesee Valley Club, For the Election of A Board of ManagersFebruary 6, 1886
A1031Dear Sir: Your dues to the club, for the second half of the year 1886, are $25 00, and in accordance with the constitution, payable July first.1886, mid?
A1032The Weekly Lunches will be resumed at the Club House, Saturday Evening,September 27, 1887
A1033The members interested in WHIST are requested to meet at the Club House,October 3, 1887
A1034The Genesee Valley Club will serve three dinners during the winter: the first, Friday Evening,December 8, 1887
A1035Dear Sir: Your dues to the Genesee Valley Club, for the six months ending July 1st 1888, are $25.00, and are payable Jan. 1st.December 30, 1887
A1036Dear Sir: The annual meeitng of the members of the Genesee Valley Club, for the Election of Five Managers to serve three years, will be held on Saturday Evening.February 4, 1888
A1037The Genesee Valley Club will serve three dinners during the winter; theFebruary 18, 1888
A1038A special meeting of the Club is called by the Board of Management, to be held at the Club House, Saturday evening,April 18, 1888
A1039Dear Sir: Your dues to the Genesee Valley Club, for the half year ending December 31st, 1888, are now payable.June 30, 1888
A1040We beg to call the attention of members to our Christmas Invoice of Cigars.December 12, 1888
A1041To the Resident Members of the Club: The following Amendments to the Constitution of the Club were, on 22d December, 1888,January 26, 1889
A1042Dear Sir: A special meeting of the members of the Genesee Valley Club will be held Friday evening,February 12, 1889
A1043In accordance with the Constitution, the annual Meeting of the Genesee Valley Club will be held at the Club House,February 1, 1890
A1044Dear Sir: A strenuous effort is being made to form a Library for the Genesee Valley Club, that shall be respectable in size and suitable in its elements.April 27, 1892
A1045Resolved, that the Secretary of this Board print and have ready for use at the Annual Election of this Club,February 1, 1890's
A1046New Year's Lunch?
A1047Include my name as a subscriber to the three Smoking Concerts to be given at the Genesee Valley Club.?
A1048It is proposed to have three Smoking Concerts at the Genesee Valley Club.n.a.
A1049Dear Sir: The Rochester Real Estate Exchange, have under consideration the purchase of the Bijou Theatre property for the purpose of establishing a permanent location for the Exchange.December 8, 1890
A1050To the Customers of this Bank: The Rochester Clearing House Association, having resolved that all the Banks in this city shall be transacted after that hour,July 7, 1891
A1051To Mt. Hope Cemetery, Dr.
Orders for sodding and graves may be left at the Office of the Cemetery.
A1052For Senator. I am sincerely yours, Donald McNaughtonOctober 26, 1889
A1053Map of the 4th Ward Election Districtsno date
A1054Re-Union of The "Old School Boys" of Rochester, N.Y.June 29, 1876
A1055Dear Sir: During the early Summer of 1883, a number of ladies of this city met and organized the Woman's Christian Association to be,1885
A1056The Academy of Art, Third Reception.February 21, 1876
A1057The annual meeting of the Board of Directors of this Institution and election of Offices, will be held at the Reference RoomJanuary 9, 1899
A1058The annual meeting of the Board of Directors of the Industrial School and election of Officers, will be held at the Reference Room in the Powers Law Library,January 10, 1900
A1059A special meeting of the Board of Directors of this Institution will be held Friday, June 8th 1900, at 12 PM.June 6, 1900
A1060Dear Sir: The annual meeting of the Board of Directors of the Industrial School, and election of Directors,January 26, 1901
A1061You are invited to the Annual Meeting of the Board of Managers at the Industrial School on Jan. 2nd at 3 p.m.January 2, ?
A1062A meeting of the Board of Directors of the Industrial School of Rochester, will be held at the Mechanics' Savings Bank,June 23, 1903
A1063The annual meeting of the Board of Directors of the Industrial School of Rochester, will be held at the Mechanics' Savings Bank,January 14, 1904
A1064The Annual meeting of the Board of Directors of the Industrial School of Rochester, will be held at the Mechanics' Savings Bank,January 24, 1906
A1065The annual meeting of the Board of Directors of the Industrial School of Rochester, will be held at the Mechanics' Savings Bank,December 14, 1908
A1066Dear Sir: The regular annual meeting of the Industrial School will be held Wednesday, December 29th, at the Fidelity Trust CompanyDecember 27, 1915
A1067The annual meeting of the Board of Directors of the Industrial School of Rochester will be held Friday, January 18th,January 16, 1918
A1068Mrs. Perkins requests the pleasure of your company at a New England Supper, to be given for the benefit of Manual Training in the Industrial School,December 23, ?
A1069The Managers of the Industrial School invite you to attend itsJanuary 8, ?
A1070Dear Sir, If possible, will you make it convenient to come to the Industrial School building this (Friday) morning at 11 o'clock??
A1071Dear Sir: A meeting of the Association will be held on Friday, 30th inst., at eight o'clock P.M.March 26, 1883
A1072Supreme Court. The People ex. Rel., Isaac Butts, Clark Johnston & Benjamin McFarlin. Agt. The Common Council of the City of Rochester.June 26, 1871
A1073To the Workingmen of Rochester.1894
A1074Corinthian hall, Atheneum Building, Exchange Place, Rochester, N.Y.August, 1851
A1075The Twenty-fifth National Anti-Slavery Subscription Anniversary.January 26, 1859
A107698th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Crispus Attucks, the Colored American Patriot, March 5th, 1770.March 5, 1868
A1077The Suffrage Question in relation to colored voters in the state of New York.October 6, 1860
A1078Dear Friend, No ordinary emergency compels us to address you, and to urge for our cause's sake your best attention to this our appeal.July 20, 1861
A1079To Stockholders of the Western Union Telegraph Company.1860's
A1080We beg leave to announce that the copartnership heretofore existing under the style of Williams & Orvis, is this day dissolved by mutual consent, Mr. John Orvis retiring.April 26, 1862
A1081Friendsof Human Progress.April 28, 1862
A1082New Millinery Rooms.April 15, 1860's
A1083An Appeal to the Friends of Education.May 1, 1862
A1084Meeting of the Friends of human Progress.August 27, 1869
A1085Martyrdon of Crispus Attucks! March 5th, 1770March 5, 1862
A1086Tableau Exhibition (Repeated.)April 2, 1862
A1087The First Report of the Rochester Ladies' Anti-Slavery Sewing Society.March 27, 1852
A1088When I Go.January 25, ?
A1089Witchcraft. Irving Hall. Magnetical Lectures and Experiments.September 30, ?
A1090Witchcraft. Irving Hall. Magnetical Lectures and Experiments.November 4, 1864
A1091Address to the Society of Friends.December 12, ?
A1092Topics for the TimesFebruary 25, 1869
A1093Dear Sir: The undersigned, members of the Central Committee of the Republican Party of Monroe County, would earnestly request you to use your personal exertions to rally to the Polls, the Republican Voters of your Town on Tuesday the 3d day of November.October 24, 1857
A1094German Erasive Soap?
A1095Dr. J. T. Amos, (Late of N. York) Homeopathic and Practical Physician,?
A1096Clairvoyant Physician. Dr. Lowell, the Clairvoyant, Practical Physician and Root Doctor,?
A1097To the Friends of Spiritual Progress in Western New York:February 1, 1867
A1098Office of the "Present Age."February 10, 1870
A1099Report No. 2. Orderly and Disorderly SpiritualismJanuary 8, 1869
A1100Disaffected Spiritualists, the Humbug!--And Davenport, and his Mediums Defended.n.d.
A1101Orderly and Disorderly Spiritualism. Clergymen of America.December 21, 1868
A1102Office of The Present Age,February 10, 1870
A1103Money, Time & Labor Saved! In putting down and taking up Carpets, by using Snyder's Patent Carpet HooksJanuary 20, 1870
A1104To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives, in Congress assembled:--July 1, 1876
A1105The Nation: A Weekly Journal of Politics, Literature, Science, and Art, will be published July 6, 1865.July 6, 1865
A1106To the Citizens of Wayne County:--"An humble and native" citizen commenced, several years ago, to collect materials fr a History of the Pioneer Settlers of Wayne County,n.d.
A1107North-Western Sanitary Fair.May 30, 1865
A1108The North-Western Sanitary Commission and Soldiers' Home Fair.May 30, 1865
A1109Prospectus. The undersigned propose to issue a work to be called "The Educator."October 6, 1856
A1110A Critique on the Tobacco Resolutions of the National Convention of the Young Men's Christian Association, held in Detroit, July, 1868.July, 1868
A1111Dear Sir: I take the liberty of sending copies of the enclosed prospectus to certain persons--yourself among the number--known or supposed to be favorable to its object.n.d.
A1112Hesperia; An epic of the Past and Future of America.n.d.
A1113The Third Decade. (Special Inivitation.)December 3-4, 1863
A1114Cotillon Party: Your company is respectfully solicited at the Assembly Room of Jacob Hallenbeck..June 2, 1853
A1115Liberal Religious Books, Pamphlet Sermons and Speeches, Kept for sale by H. L. Green..n.d.
A1116Circular. To all friends of progress and reform:February 10, 1868
A1117The Western Union Telegraph Co. The undersigned stockholder in The Western Union Telegraph Company..May, 1867
A1118Notice is hereby given, that the Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of the Western Union Telegraph Company will be held at the Executive Office of the Company..May 25, 1867
A1119Cayuga Academy, at Aurora..April, 1840
A1120Mr. Falkner's Perfumes. A scrap of school-room talk.n.d.
A1121Eighteenth Yearly Meeting of Progressive FriendsJune 2, 1870
A1122Prospectus. "The Index."November 1, 1869
A1123Annual Exhibition of the Union Progressive Association, at Tremont Temple..March 30, 1868
A1124Friends of Human ProgressMay, 1869
A1125Friends of Human ProgressApril, 1867
A1126Meeting of the Friends of Human ProgressSeptember 8-10, 1859
A1127Meeting of the Friends of Human ProgressSeptember 1, 1865
A1128Friends of Human ProgressMay 16, 1871
A1129Friends of Human ProgressApril, 1866
A1130Three Days, Nov. 25, 26, 27. Matinee Wednesday. Oliver Morosco Presents Laurette Taylor in "Peg O' My Heart"November 25 & 27
A1131Fisher's Book Store Located for Over 30 Years at No. 6 Exchange St., Rochester, NY1869
A1132Annual Donation Reception..October 29, 1885
A1133Let New York Be Next. Vote for the Woman Suffrage Amendment, November 6, 19171917
A1134Millinery Goods and Pattern BonnetsMarch 9, 1868
A1135First Presbyterian Free Church Sabbath School183?
A1136Great Sale of Sewing Machines, Watches, Jewelry
A1137Special Train of Elegant Coaches will run by the West Shore Railroad19?
A1138C.F. Furman, Fine Clothing Monthly StatementNovember 5, 1874
A1139John Siddons & Son manufacturers of Spice Boxes, Smoke Stacks and Oil Cans Monthly StatementNovember 12, 1868
A1140Red Star Line Dinner MenuJune 8, 1908
A1141Red Star Line Luncheon MenuJune 9, 1908
A1142"Forget me Not" English Valentine, owned by William Squire, with envelope.February 15, 1867
A1143"How to Vote for Woman Suffrage Amendment Election Day November 2nd 1915"November 2, 1915
A1144"A Million Women Appeal to the Voters of New York for Justice"November 2, 1915
A1145"To the People of the State of New York. Peter Allen and His Case", "To the People of the State of New York. Resolutions Passed by the House of Assembly"1816
A1146"Ward, Henry A. Geological Illustrations. Ward Series of Vasts of Celebrated Fossils"1876
A1147"American Hotel"ca. 1850
A1148"Baptist Social Union of Rochester: Ladies Meeting"May 12, 1890
A1149"Cloth Advertisement"February 17, 1822
A1150"About Voting"ca. 1915
A1151"Choice Isabella Grapes from Clarke's Vineyard Naples, Ontario Co., N.Y.: A No._
A1152"Bought of Lewis Benedict, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Foreign and Domestic Hardware, Exchange Street, Rochester"August 17, 1837
A1153"Deafness, Dr. McNair's Acoustic Oil"
A1154"Ward's Museum of Mineralogy, Geology and Zoology"August 1, 1876
A1155"Which Will You Believe"1914
A1156"Soap Trade Cards Three Ages of Women"ca. 1880- 1884
A1157Burke, Fitz Simmons, Hone & Co. "Dress Goods!"ca. 1900
A1158Red Star Line "S.S. Zeeland", Breakfast menuJune 13, 1908
A1159Red Star Line "S.S. Zeeland", Breakfast menuJune 14, 1908
A1160Red Star Line "S.S. Zeeland", Breakfast menuJune 15, 1908
A1161"Indians!!!"February 10, 1916
A1161Votes for Women A Success the Map Proves Itca. 1915
B134th Congress, 1st Session. S. 397.July 25, 1856
B2Remonstrance Against Increasing of Fare on the New York Central Rail Road.1867
B3New York Weekly Financial Report.September 8, 1871
B4Diagrams and Price List of Dr. Sherman's Hernial Appliances.1872
B5A French Professor putting up Ardent Prayers for the Success of the North.November 18, 1863
B6Confederate States of America. Loan Authorized by Act of Congress Approved April 30, 1863.June 1, 1863
B7Konigliche SchlobfircheDecember 14, 1895
B8This is to Certify that ..1837
B9We the Secretary of State, Comptroller, Treasurer, and State Engineer and Surveyor of said State, having formed a Board of State Canvassers, and having canvassed and estimated the whole number of votes given for "Senatorial Delegates to the ConstitutionalMay 7, 1867
B10Rail-Road MeetingJune 23, 1848
B11Supreme Court. County of Erie.June 18, 1851
B12New Hartford, Oneida County, N. Y.May 6, 1839
B13From The PalladiumSeptember 28, 1839
B14United States Patent OfficeApril 7, 1856
B15United States Patent OfficeApril 16, 1856
B16An den Vorstand des Freien Deutschen Hochstifts in Frankfurt a. M.September 15, 1865
B17An die Direction der Hamburg-Amerikanischen Packetfahrt-Gessellschaft HamburgSeptember 18, 1865
B18Dear Sir, The Howard University chartered by the 39th Congress and intended for the education of persons of every class without restrictions of race, has by the action of its Trustees been placed upon such a footing as to justify an appeal to the friendsOctober 1, 1867
B19Southern Commercial ConventionAugust 16, 1869
B20To the Stockholders of the Maryland Freestone M. and M. Company.April 21, 1873
B21Annexed are the Proceedings of a Public Meeting, held in this village on the 24th inst., and you are respectfully requested to submit the same to the appropriate committee of your county..May 28, 1839
B22Sir- The fact that the "all important decree" of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, made and filed the 25th May, 1838..May 11, 1840
B23A New Daily German Whig Paper..December 6, 1850
B24New-Year Address to the Patrons of the Rochester AntiMasonic Inquirer1834
B25Clinton's Thermo-HydrometerJune 14, 1842
B26Cornell's Patent Stave MachineJune 1836
B27The Union Must and Shall Be PreservedJune 23, 1866
B28Teatro De Iturbide.November 11, 1869
B29Maryland Lottery StampNovember 22, 1856
B30To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives.November 28, 1855
B31Dear Sir: Below we present to you a printed copy of a petition to Congress, signed by our most influential merchantsFebruary 17, 1864
B32To the Honorable the Legislature of the State of New York, in Senate and Assembly convened:July 7, 1831
B33To the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States.
B34Keep Government Within Its LimitsApril 2, 1842
B35Testimonial to Rufus Waples, U. S. Attorney..March 10, 1865
B361st Article. Railroad Indebtedness1865
B37The President Directs that, except immigrant passengers directly entering an American port by sea, henceforth no traveler shall be allowed to enter the United States from a foreign country without a passport.Dec. 7, Jan. 14, July 1, 1864
B38Republican Landmarks: Or, The Views and Opinions of American Statesmen, on Foreign Immigration.
B39Instructions in Regard to Passports.April, 1863
B40To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States in Congress assembled the Petition of the Undersigned loyal subjects of Her Majesty Victoria Queen of Great Britain and Ireland
B41Foreign Legations in the United States
B42The undersigned, a Committee appointed at a public meeing held at Geneva December 4, take the liberty to send you the enclosed form of a Memorial to our Legislature, in the hope you may be disposed, in conjunction with others, to adopt some systematicDecember 5, 1856
B43To the Loyal Citizens of the United States of America.
B44An Act to incorporate the Auburn and Syracuse Rail Road Company.May 22, 1834
B45From the New York Evening Post of November 19, 1850.November 28, 1850
B46Dear Sir: I am requested by a number of the members of the Livingston County Education Society, to forward you a copy of a Memorial to the Legislature, which is now receiving the signatures of the friends of Common School Education in this County--January 14, 1838
B47Important Intelligence from Liberia.November 24, 1838
B48The Annual Concert of St. Thomas' Choir, N.Y. will take place at Association Hall, Cor. 4th Ave. & 23rd St.,February 12, 1874
B49Snow & Laing's Price List of Children's Carriages.
B50Rochester City Garden, Main Street: Established in 1841.July 4, 1847
B51Dear Sir: Daniel Palmer and his friends, some of whose names are annexed to this, respectfully sheweth, that at an early period of the late war between the U. S. and Great Britain, animated by the hallowed feelings of patriotism and the enthusiasm of youtNovember 30, 1849
B52To the Honorable the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States.April, 1849
B53Circular from the Chaplin Fund Committee.August 22, 1850
B54Petition to the President Concerning the Southwest Branch of the Pacific Railroad.February 16, 1865
B55All Hail Cayuga!! The Democracy of Cayuga Triumphant!!1834
B56To the Honorable Reverdy Johnson.October 7, 1864
B57My dear sir. The last time I had the pleasure of meeting you was during the exciting canvass that preceded the last Presidential election.October 29, 1851
B58Our Eloquent and Brave Sumner, Defender of Freedom & Free Speech,November 1, 1856
B59The Liberty Party.November 28, 1850
B60Letter to Hon. J. J. Crittenden.February 22, 1861
B61Carrier Boy's Greeting To the Patrons of the Evening ExpressJanuary 1, 1874
B62Address of the Carriers of the Albany Evening JournalJanuary 1, 1839
B63Sodus CanalApril, 1829
B64To the Honorable the Congress of the United States: The Memorial of the Subscribers, Inhabitants of the Counties of Wayne, Cayuga, Seneca and Ontario, in the State of New York--November, 1829
B65To the Honorable the Legilature of the State of New-York, in Senate and Assembly convened:January 1, 1836
B66Duties in Garrison.January 11, 1838
B67Property on Great Sodus Bay, Wayne County, N.Y.1842
B68Articles of Association of the Sodus Point & Southern R. R. Company.1852?
B69Declaration of Sale.November, 1834
B70Sir: There may, and probably will, be made at the next session of the legislature, another effort to repeal the law abolishing imprisonment for debt; thereby to re-establish the old barbarous system of incarcerating alike the unfortunate and theJuly, 1833
B71Southern Famine Relief Commission.May 13, 1867
B72Republican Young Men's Mass Convention.September 5, 1856
B73Barnburner's Glee. As sung by the Rochester Free Soil Club.
B74To Sovereigns and those in Authority in the Nations of Europe and in other parts of the World where the Christian Religion is professed.1849
B75Letter of Thomas A. Devyr to Horace Greeley:October 29, 1860
B76The People of the State of New York, by the Grace of God Free and Independent.July, 1883
B77Fugitive Slave Law!1850
B78Josh Billings struggling with his Great Serio-Comic Lecture, The Probabilities of LiveDecember 22, 1881
B79Rochester Female Charitable Society for the relief of the sick poor, founded 1822.1915
B80Common Schools.1839?
B81Sir, the undersigned residents of this place avail ourselves of this opportunity to address you as a legislator, upon the subject of the Slip Canal and basin lately constructed in our village, and now nearly ready for navigation.April 6, 1844
B82Directions for making a large rake.
B83A warning to the country
B84Facts for the consideration of the Farmers of Orange County.
B85Fare reduced from Buffalo to Boston, $9.1853
B86Fun, Fun, Fun, Get a Sweetheart and Run, Run, Run, Run to Ben Peer's
B87Grand Entertainment by the Dramatic Reading Club!
B88Lyons Musical Academy.June 16, 1868
B89New Route! Between Rochester, Detroit, Chicago and St. Louis!1855?
B90Notice! Dr. Asa Lowel Clairvoyant and Root-Doctor, can be found at
B91Proposals for publishing Volume II. Of Priestcraft Exposed, and Primitive Christianity Defended.January, 1929
B92Lumber for Sale.March 3, 1848
B93You Must Go Now or Never! Only Five Days More of the Great World's Fair1893
B94A Rousing Water-Cure Song.186?
B95At a meeting of "Liberals" held at Room 6, 124 West Main St., Rochester, N.Y. on Monday Eve. Sept. 24, 1883, to consult, as to the advisability of organizing a Society for the purpose of securing Educational and Social advantages,October 1883
B96$900,000,000 Loan Act. Hon. E. G. Spaulding's Second Letter on The National Finances.April 11, 1864
B97A Solid Party and a Solid Country! Conciliation--Union--Victory.1880
B98An assured Republican Presidential Triumph for 1880.April 28, 1880
B99R. L. Samson, dealer in Pianos, Organs and all kinds of musical merchandise.
B100To the Young Men of the Village of Rochester.December, 1832
B101New Collegiate Institute, an English and Classical High School.September, 1856
B102Rochester Seed Store Catalogue--1841.March, 1841
B10350 Laborers Wanted Good 18?
B104Morning Post. Extra.October 23, 1840
B105Address Reported by Gerrit Smith to the Jerry Rescue Convention, held in Syracuse October 1, 1857.October 1, 1857
B106Gerrit Smith To C.P. Kirkland.September 24, 1864
B107Gerrit Smith on McClellan's Nomination and Acceptance.September 14, 1864
B108At a meeting of the Republican Committees from the Towns of Cato, Jefferfon, Brutus Aurelius, Cwafco, Sempronius, and Sciio, affembled at the Houfe of Samuel Culver, in Aurelius, on the 20th, day of April, 1807.1807
B109Rochester and Western New-York. Notices of Settlement, arranged, from Various Sources.February 13, 1838
B110Court of Appeals. The following opinion of the Court of Appeals, delivered by Chief Justice Bronson, decides a very important quesstion, and must be interesting to readers generally:1849
B111Lincoln, the Man of the People1933
B112The Man with the Hoe1933
B113Address of the Convention of the New York Anti-Dramshop Party,August 17, 1870
B114The Truth About Richard Barryca 1909
B115Madam, Who Keeps Your House?
B116To the Male Citizen
B117To the Woman in the Home
B118What Breaks up the Home?
B119Speech of Hon. Robert Emmett,1856
B120Frederick Douglass. Marble Bust of the Great Philanthropist.1879
B121The Truth About Daylight Saving1930
B122Spiritual manifestations. Henry Cummings Fay!June 17
B123We Spiritualists are organized upon the Square1869
B124From the Introduction to the Basic Outline of Universology.December, 1868
B125Letter from Rowland T. Robinson.April 25, 1841
B126Concert. The Home Branch of the hutchinson Family, accompanied by their Cousin Ann, and Mr. Buxton,February 24, 1846
B127To the Stockholders of the Central Publishing House,September 28, 1867
B128"New York State Electors by County"1839
B129"No. 32 In Assembly, January 26, 1828 Report of the Committee on Banks and Insurance Companies"January 26, 1828
B130"No. 34 in Assembly, January 26, 1828 An Act to Incorporate the President, Directors and Company, of the Western District Bank"January 26, 1828
B131"No. 141 in Senate, March 3, 1828 Report of the Committee on Banks and Insurance companys, relative to the incorporation of the Monroe Bank"March 3, 1828
B132"No. 195 In Senate, March 15, 1828 Amendments Proposed by Mr. Todd, to the bill incorporate the Monroe Bank"March 15, 1828
B133"Senate--- No. 4 Wednesday January 21, 1846 A Bill to be entitled an act to provide for the contruction of a Levee on the Mississippi River, for the protection and improvement of the State Lands"January 21, 1846
B134"D. Clinton's Fever and Ague Cure Manufactured by Comstock & Brother"
B135"The Standard Family Medicine Dr. Morse's Pills: General Directions"
C1November 1850
C2November 22, 1852
C3October 27, 1838
C4February 22, 1865
C5November 6, 1834
C6December 17, 1850
C7January 19, 1841
C10November 1, 1834
C11November 21, 1831
C12January 30, 1834
C13October 17, 1862
C14December 12, 1859
C18September 23, 1862
C19September 25, 1862
C24June 6, 1825
C25January 1, 1861
C26So simple that any boy or girl can operate them, so perfect in lens and shutter that they are capable of making most excellent pictures--such are the Brownie Cameras1907?
C27Annual Address of the Carrier BoysJanuary 1, 1866
C28Annual Address of the Carrier Boys Morning and Evening Express.January 1, 1867
C29Annual Address of the Carrier Boys to the Readers of the Rochester Evening Express.January 1, 1861
C30Annual Greeting of the Evening Express Carrier Boys, to Their Patrons.January 1, 1869
C31Rochester Democrat and Chronicle Carrier Boys AddressJanuary 1, 1876
C32Carrier Boys' Address to the Readers and Patrons of the Daily Union and Advertiser Rochester, N. Y. January 2, 1865.January 2, 1865
C33Carrier Boys' Annual Address, to the Patrons of the Rochester Evening Express.January 1, 1863
C34Carrier Boys' New Year Address to the Patrons, Friends and Readers of the Rochester Union and Advertiser, Tuesday, January 1, 1861.January 1, 1861
C35Carrier Boys' New Year Address to the Patrons of the Rochester Daily Union and Advertiser Wednesday, January 1, 1862.January 1, 1862
C36Carrier Boys' New Year Address Monday Morning, January 2, 1865.January 2, 1865
C37Carrier Boys' New Year Address Friday Morning, January 1, 1864. To the Patrons of the Rochester Evening ExpressJanuary 1, 1864
C38Carrier Boys' Premium Annual Address To the Readers and Patrons of the Daily Union and AdvertiserJanuary 1, 1860
C39The Daily Union.January 2, 1854
C40Carriers' Address 1878.January 1, 1873
C41Carrier's Address, To the Patrons and Friends of "The Daily Advertiser," Jan. 1, 1860.January 1, 1860
C42The Carrier's Address to the Patrons of the American Masonic RegisterJanuary 1, 1841
C43Carriers' Annual Address to the Friends and Patrons of the Daily Union and Advertiser.January 1, 1857
C44Carriers' Annual Address to the Patrons of the Rochester Daily Democrat, January 1st, 1854.January 1, 1854
C45Carriers' Annual New Year's Address. Rochester Daily Democrat.January 1, 1857
C46Notice! Proclamation.June 7, 1851
C47At a Special Meeting of the SS. Peter and Paul's Union, held at their Hall January 22d, 1882, the following Resolutions were unanimously adopted.January 22, 1882
C48Hl. Familien Schule,February 4, 1883
C49Field Day of the Roman Catholic Uniformed Union, at the Driving Park, Rochester, Monday, August 30th, 1880.August 30, 1880
C50Notice! Having located a Wood Pump Manufactory at Brockport, N.Y., I am prepared to make all kinds of Wood Pumps
C51Annual Carriers' Salutation to the Patrons and Friends of the Daily Union and Advertiser.January 1, 1858
C52Carrier's New-Year's Address. To the Patrons of the Albany Evening Journal.January 1, 1852
C53June 15th, 8 P.M. Be Prompt!June 15, 1863
C54Columbian Horse Rake.November, 1836
C55"Compressed Air Treatment," an Important Discovery.June, 1865
C56Conference on ChinaApril, 1942
C57Democrat & Balance, Extra.February 4, 1841
C58Hon. John L. Dunlap of New York, and Maj. Gen. Sherman, of Ohio, in 1868.February 7, 1865
C591812 Pensions!1879
C60Elocutionary and Patriotic Entertainment!April, 1863
C61Erection of Monument. Thursday, 13th June, '44.June 13, 1844
C62Evening Express---Extra. A Nation MournsApril 15, 1865
C63Extract of what appeared curious and particular, from a Mariner's Journal, in the late Voyage of the DISCOVERY; Capt. James Cooke, and the RESOLUTION, Capt. Charles Clarke:January 29, 1781
C64Evening Express--Extra. Rochester, July 4, 1863.July 4, 1863
C65Extra! The Evening Express. Rochester, Sunday April 14, 10 A.M.April 14, 1861
C66Falsehood and Forgery EXPOSED.1828
C67The Franco-Canadian Annexionists of Elmira, N.Y., to Gen. Benjamin F. Butler, on Canado-American Annexation.December 4, 1866
C68Great Auction, of City Building Lots, at the Arcade, Rochester, Monday, June 23, at 10 o'clock A.M. precisely.June 23, 18--?
C69Corinthian Hall! Grand Entertainment! Great Novelty!January 24, 1857
C70Great Central Route from The Atlantic to the Pacific!1870
C71The School District Library, Published by Harper & Brothers, 82 Cliff-Street, New York,
C72Settlers Wanted. In Jefferson County, State of New-York.April, 1817
C73Look to Your Votes.
C74Commonwealth of Maffachufetts. By the Governor: A Proclamation for a Day of Public Thanksgiving.October 14, 1795
C75Commonwealth of Maffachufetts. By the Governor, A Proclamation, for a day of Public Thanksgiving.October 6, 1796
C76Commonwealth of Maffachufetts. By His Excellency Increafe Sumner Efq'r. Governor of the Commonwealth of Maffachufetts, A Proclamation for a Day of Solemn Fafting and Prayer.March 1, 1798
C77Commonwealth of Maffachufetts. By His Excellency Increase Sumner Governor of the Commonwealth of Maffachufetts, A Proclamation, For a Day of Solemn Fasting, Humiliation & Prayer.February 28, 1799
C78By Hist Excellency Caleb Strong, Esq. Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, A Proclamation, For a Day of Public Fasting and Prayer.February 17, 1806
C79By His Excellency James Sullivan, Esq. Governor and Commander in Chief in and over the CommonwealthAfresaid.October 16, 1807
C80By His Excellency James Sullivan, Esq. Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. A Proclamation, for a Day of Public Fasting and Prayer.February 4, 1808
C81American Museum and Aerial Garden.May 19, 1845
C82Programme for This Evening. Christy's Original and well-known Band of Minstrels
C83By His Excellency James Sullivan, Esq. Governor and Commander in Chief in and over the Commonwealth AFORESAID.November 9, 1808
C84By His Excellency Christopher Gore, Governor and Commander in Chief. A Proclamation, For a Day of Public Thanksgiving and Praise throughout the State.October 17, 1809
C85By His Excellency Caleb Strong, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. A Proclamation, for a Day of Public Fasting, Humiliation and Prayer.February 13, 1813
C86General Rules and Regulations, To be strictly observed by all Conductors, Engineers, and others connected in any manner with the running of Trains, or road repairs.November 7, 1860
C87Letter of Andrew Miller,May 24, 1844
C88The Nation in Mourning The President Assassinated Shot by An Office Seeker! A Terrible Deed!July 2, 1881
C89$15 Fine! For Crossing State Bridges Faster than on a Walk.September 8, 1870
C90By William H. Seward, Governor of the State of New-York. A Proclamation.December 10, 1839
C91Reduced Round Trip Fares to Rochester's CentennialAugust 3, 1934
C92Orleans Democrat, Extra.
C93New-York Canal Lands on Sale.October, 1823
C94Ode to Independence. By Maj. William Ray.July 4, 1826
C95Extra! Rebellion Ended! Gen. Lee Surenders to Gen. Grant.April, 1865
C96April 15, 1865
C97Settlers! Miners! Republicans! Under what Rule will you live?September 25
C98Sinking Fund of the Western Rail-Road.February 21, 1838
C99Cheap Repository. The Sorrows of Yamba: Or, The Negro Woman's Lamentation,
C100Southern Central Rail Road.June 3, 1872
C101The Dying Address of theThree Thayers, Who were Executed for the Murder of John Love,June 17, 1825
C102Gen. Francis Train in Auburn.
C103Gen. Francis Train Fireth Another Bombshell late the McClalian RanksSeptember 19, 1854
C104Tribute to the Memory of the late President of the United States.April 9, 1841
C105Union Ticket.
C106In Congress, July 4, 1776. A Delcaration by the Representatives of the United States of America, In General Congress 1970
C107List of Delegates Attending the National Anti-Masonic Convention.September 26, 1831
C108Daily Union Extra. Thursday, 11 O'clock A.M. May 7, 1863.May 7, 1863
C109We the subscribers inhabitants of the towns of Brownville, Le Ray, and Wilna, Jefferson Co. N.Y. living on lands purchased of Mr. James Le Ray De Chaumont, certify the following facts:May, 1817
C110December, 1859
C111Lake Ontario Route from Syracuse to Buffalo.July 8, 1841
C112On Hearing that My Poems Were Being Studied In a Distant PlaceDecember 5, 1982
C113Hot Soda Springs and Mineral Baths,1873
C114Death of Sam Patch.1829
C115Queen's Speech.December 12, 1854
C117First Season, 2d Series. Of the Symphony Society Concerts.March 7-8, 1883
C118Map of the Michigan Southern and Lake Shore Rail Road Line and its ConnectionsApril 26, 1869
C119Excursion to Sackets Harbor.August 14, 1860
C120Scene at Rochester, N. Y., during the Late Flood, March 17, 1865.March 17, 1865
C121Henry Oliphant, exchange Buildings, no 96 Genesee Street, Auburn, is at all times prepared to execute letter-press PRINTING,ca 1840
C122August 10, 1824
C123"G.W. Baker's Pictorial Manual Alphabet"1856
C124"This Indenture"May 3, 1818
C125"Oneida Nations Field Day Saturday, September 11, 1926"September 11, 1926
C126"Keller's Excelsior One Horse Gleaner with Twine Binder"ca. 1926- 1927
C127"Old Time Bridge-Builders Lucky"1927
C128"The Last Jump by Sam Patch"November 13, 1829
C129"Rochester Agricultural Works, Supplemental Circular of The Hubbard"
C130"Letter from W. Cost Johnson"October 1, 1842
C131"Address of Representative Hamilton Fish Jr., at the Dedication of a Monument to the Memory of William H. Seward, at his Birth Place"September 24, 1930
C132McLoughlin Suffragette Paper Dollca. 1915
D1Fourth Quarter, 1884
D7October 19, 1864
D9October 23, 1866
D10February 3, 1872
D11ca. 1856
D12April 2, 1849
D13April 15, 1865
D14February 13, 1807
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