Susan B. Anthony: Celebrating "A Heroic Life"

Celebrating "A Heroic Life"
Susan B. Anthony Exhibit Details
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This 1901 painting by Sarah James Eddy is thought to be a study for a larger portrait which is in the collection of the Smithsonian Institution. That larger painting (which is on loan to the University of Rochester and may be seen in the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections) depicts one of the special moments at Anthony's 80th birthday celebration when eighty children each presented her with a rose. Anthony’s grandniece Mary Mosher Mitchell recalled that she was one of the children. As a five-year-old she was near the front of the line and when she deposited her rose on Anthony’s lap she waited for her usual greeting of a kiss. After Anthony kissed little Mary she was obliged to kiss all the other children. This study is on loan from the University to the City of Rochester and may be viewed in City Hall.


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