Susan B. Anthony: Celebrating "A Heroic Life"

Celebrating "A Heroic Life"
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Susan B. Anthony to Francis S. Rew, publisher of the Rochester Evening Express, January 24, 1873.

Albany Jan 24, 1873

Mr. Rew

Dear Sir

Now don’t delay a minute—& you can have this argument of Mr Seldens same date with the Albany City Journal that is Monday P.M.--I have sent copies to Democrat & Union & urged both to publish it--If you will only all do so--all Western New York will be convinced that my vote was legal & not a crime--so do I pray you publish it entirely--& thus help settle this vexed question of the citizens right [to] vote--
Mr Van Vhooris will give you the status of the suit now--Judge Selden went bail for me $1000--& Hon Henry L. Fish for the Inspectors--Shan’t we have a jolly time next May court term--We must get the men of Rochester so enlightened that no jury of twelve can be found to convict us--

Respectfully yours
Susan B. Anthony

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