Seward, William Henry (Information about Microform Edition)

Date range: 1730-1917
Location:FILM .S485p
Size: 198 reels
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The William Henry Seward Papers at the University of Rochester Library have been microfilmed by Research Publications on 198 reels.

The following containers have corresponding reels and they are as follows:

File Drawers 1- 28: Reels 1-111 Indexed correspondence, 1800-1873

File Drawers 29- 31: Reels 112-124 Unindexed family correspondence

Boxes 1- 16, Bound Volumes 1- 9: Reels 125-139 Unindexed correspondence and letterbooks, 1824-1888

Boxes 17- 77, Bound Volumes 10- 16: Reels 140-182 Public papers: Governor

Boxes 77- 82, Bound Volumes 17- 18: Reels 183-185 Public papers: National affairs and other public papers

Boxes 83- 101, Bound Volumes 19- 32: Reels 186-196 Personal papers, speeches, financial and legal papers

Boxes 105, 118: Reel 197-198 Papers of other family members

Note the Following Boxes Have Not Been Filmed:
Boxes 102- 117, 119- 138

Note the Following Bound Volumes Have Not Been Filmed:
Bound Volumes 33- 45

Note the Contents of the Following File Drawers Have Not Been Filmed:
File Drawers 33-37

Note the Following Packages Have Not Been Filmed:
Packages 2-3

Note: Print, Photographs and Museum Pieces Have Not Been Filmed

According to OCLC, a number of libraries have acquired the microfilm (OCLC entry number 15178120) and guide (OCLC entry number 9731441).

Academic libraries and public libraries may borrow for their patrons five reels of the film at a time from the University of Rochester Library. Have your library send the request to:

Interlibrary Loans
University of Rochester Library
Rochester, New York 14627-0055

Please cite the collection on the form as: The Papers of William Henry Seward Microfilm set in Department of Rare Books and Special Collections Reels:

The 402-page finding guide to the microfilm may also be borrowed separately or with the film.

Please cite it on the form as: The Papers of William Henry Seward Finding Guide to Microfilm set; copy in the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections





The staff of the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections will be happy to assist you in deciding which reels will be of use in your research. Please contact them if you have any questions.