About the Rochester Reviews



The Rochester Review is the alumnae-alumni magazine of the University of Rochester. It made its initial appearance in October 1921 as a single page newsletter, entitled "Rochester Alumni News." A year-long hiatus then apparently occurred and it returned one year later, in October 1922, as a 24-page publication with photographs, news of the University, and alumni notes.

And alumni notes they were: the Review was a publication for the graduates of the University's College for Men. The female graduates would have their own magazine, Rochester Alumnae News, from 1926 until 1939, when the two publications joined forces. This unification preceded the 1941 "marriage" of the men's yearbook, Interpres, and the women's, Croceus, and the 1955 consolidation of the student newspapers The Campus and The Tower Times, into the Campus-Times, which occurrred with the move of the women students from the Prince Street Campus to the River Campus.


The publication history of the Review has been continuous, although with some variations, since 1922. Issues have been designated by month (May-June and December-January) and by season (Fall, Spring, Winter-Spring); and over the years there have been years with as many as seven issues and as few as one. Pagination has been continuous across the issues of a volume, but since 1936 each issue has been paginated individually.

Volume numbering has been consistent, with a few hiccups: when the Alumni and Alumnae magazines combined, the volume numbering continued from the Alumni side; but in 1948, what should have been volume 27, issue 2, became volume 10, issue 2; thus there is a 10:2 for 1931 and a 10:2 in 1948.

Currently, issues up to 1996 are available and searchable. Issues after 1996 are available here.

The project to put the Rochester Review online was the work of:

  • Lisa Wright (Digital Humanities Center)
  • Scott Strenger (UR2012)
  • Lubaba Hasan (UR2011)
  • Melissa S. Mead (Director, Digital Projects Research Center)