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Printed on one side of a single sheet, the broadside has a long tradition dating back to the earliest history of printing. Its use as a medium for the publication of poetry is, however, relatively recent. Typically, small, private presses issue poetry broadsides in limited, numbered, most often signed and illustrated editions that are intended as display pieces. Rare from the day they are published, many become the collectors items they are meant to be. Some are quite beautiful.

Presses such as the Red Ozier, Pomegranate, Stone House, and William B. Ewert have published especially lovely poetry broadsides. Poets represented in the collection include John Berryman, Donald Barthelme, John Gardner, Louise Gluck, Donald Hall, W.D. Snodgrass, John A. Williams, Robert Bly, Richard Wilbur, Galway Kinnell, Seamus Heaney, William Heyen, and UR's own Jarold Ramsey and Hyam Plutzik.

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