Rochester Local History Indexes: Results

Name Year of Publication
Early flour mill of T. Kempshall1931
Helmkemp, Ralph William1928
Kemp, James 1929
Kempe, Julius 1895
Kempshall, Thomas 1989
Kempshall, Thomas 1979
Kempshall, Thomas 1964
Kempshall, Willis 1981
Kempshall, Thomas 1989
Kempshall, Thomas 1988
Kempshall, Thomas 1979
Kempshall Mill in 18381908
Kempshall warehouse, end of Aqueduct, 18381970
Kempton, Samuel M.1981
Mills of Thomas Kempshall, 18381884
Mills. of Thomas Kempshall1838

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