Kodak Speech Collection: Results

Speaker Title Date
Freund, Richard A.A Reconsideration of the Variables Control Chart 1959
Wiest, D.G.A Review of the Microscopic Blemish Problem 1965
Conway, R.W.F.An Electrolytic Processing Machine 1963
Staud, C.J.An Experimental Method for Document Reproduction 1952
Tarkington, RaifeAntiquity, Photography, and the Space Age 1961
Tarkington, R.G.Archaeology, Research, and Photography 1960
Leermakers, J.A.Basic Research In Industry 1950
Fultz, Allen R.Bright-Screen Projection Systems for Data Display 1960
Leermakers, J.A.Coordination of Research and Development Work 1951
Glick, Herbert S.Darkroom Lighting Systems 1960
Developments In the Paper Field
Berry, Chester R.Effects of Crystal Surfact on the Optical Absorbtion Edge of AgBr 1967
Mees, C.E. KennethFifty Years of Photographic Research 1954
Corney, G.M.First Aid: The Literature of Nondestructive Testing 1963
Clark, WalterKodak Research In The Graphic Arts 1951
Lassiter, Kenneth T.Let's Look It Up 1966
Beeler, Robert S.Light Sources for Large Screen Projection 1966
Higgins, George C.Methods for Engineering Photographic Systems 1961
Higgins, George C.Methods for Using Information and Communication Theory to Engineer a Complete Photographic System 1960
Thomas, L.J.Movies Without Movie Lights 1980
Staud, C.J.New Developments In Photography 1956
Burnham, J. MasonPhotographic Plates for Photogrammetry 1963
Thomas, L.J.Photography and the Harnessing of Emerging Technologies 1982
Eaton, George T.Photography in Science and Engineering 1955
Staud, C.J.Presentation to the Scientific Committee 1961
Staud, C.J.Recent Advances in the Science of Photography 1956
Kiehle, W.Remarks at 5th Annual Symposium on Nondestructive Evaluation of Aerospace and Weapons Systems, Components, and Materials 1965
Vittum, Paul W.Some Aspects of Chemistry in Color Photography 1955
Staud, C.J.Some Aspects of Research and Development in the Photographic Industry 1957
Swann, W.Space Photography 1962
Leermakers, J.A.Talk at Colorado State University, Sigma Xi Chapter 1970
Farrow, E.S.Talk Before the Quarterly Research Group Meeting 1958
Fallon, Walter A.The Business of Research 1974
Flory, JohnThe Challenge of 8mm Sound Film 1961
Farrell, T.H.The Dimensional Properties of Estar Films 1960
Fallon, W.A.The Research Gamble: The Rainbow & The Dream 1976
Mees, C.E. KennethThe View Ahead In Chemistry 1951
Mees, C.E. KennethThe View Ahead In Chemistry 1951
Three abstracts for papers to be presented at S.M.P.T.E. conference, see "Notes" fro details. 1952
Swann, William F.Voice of America Interview, Transcript on the Air Force's New Translating Machine 1961
PerrinWhat is the Sensitivity of a Photographic System? 1960

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