Kodak Speech Collection: Results

Speaker Title Date
Crawford, Frederick C.A.B.C.'s of Economics 1952
Vaughn, W.S.Budgeting as an Instrument of Planning and Control 1951
Evans, Ralph W.Color Photography At Kodak Park 1950
Albright, R.W.Distillation Products Industries 1952
Cochrane, Craig P.Industrial Relations 1953
Potter, W.B.Kodak Advertising 1950
McMaster, JohnKodak Products for the Graphic Arts 1951
Smith, Howard E.Product Study Group: Products and Their Uses
Kimball, D.B.Product Study Group: The Manufacture of Photographic Paper
Smith, Howard FQuality in Photographic Paper: Kodak Quality Philosophy and Technique 1949
Staehle, H.C.Recent Developments In Lithography Printing Processes 1950
Gabel, M. WrenSpeech on Kodak Pricing 1951
McMaster, DonaldWage and Salary Administration 1951

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