Kodak Speech Collection: Results

Speaker Title Date
Fallon, Walter A.Eastman Kodak in the 70's 1972
Phillips, V.B.Kodak Through Customers' Eyes 1972
Kodak Through Its Customers' Eyes 1972
Arnold, J.M.Overview: Business Systems Markets Division 1972
Ressler, C.L.Overview: Consumer Markets Division 1972
Simmons, N.L.Overview: Motion Picture and Education Markets Division 1972
Fink, J.C.Overview: Radiography Markets Division 1972
Passer, Harold C.Perceptions, Profits and You 1978
Fallon, Walter A.Planning a Profitable Future 1976
Zornow, G.B.Remarks to Los Angeles Financial Analysts 1973
Harvey, Douglass C.Remarks to the Cleveland Society of Security Analysts 1980
Chandler, Colby H.To Hit a Moving Target: A Report to the Financial Analysts 1981
Welsh, F.S.Welcome and Statement of Purpose 1972
Zornow, G.B.You Could Look It Up 1974

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