Kodak Speech Collection: Results

Speaker Title Date
Zornow, Gerald B.Educational Technology Shapes the Future... Are You Ready? 1968
Chandler, Colby H.In Search of the "Real World": An appraisal of engineering education today 1974
Chandler, C.H.Introduction of Dr. Paul Miller, R.I.T. President 1976
New Occasions Teach New Duties 1968
Chandler, Colby H.Productive Partnerships 1980
Vaughn, William S.Remarks at Board for Fundamental Education Luncheon 1967
Tubbs, Gordon H.The Education Market 1967
Whitmore, K.The Use of Motion Pictures as an Activity in Learning How to Read 1970
Whitmore, K.The Use of Motion Pictures in Personalizing the Curriculum 1970

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