Kodak Speech Collection: Results

Speaker Title Date
Harvey, D.C.A Brief for Free Enterprise 1976
Harvey, D.Economics 1970
Harvey, Douglas C.Free Enterprise at the Bicentennial 1975
Chandler, C.H.Free Enterprise at the Bicentennial 1975
Harvey, DouglassKeynote Speech to the Rochester Chapter of the American Institute of Industrial Engineers 1980
Harvey, Douglass C.Perceptions, Profits and You 1977
Harvey, Douglass C.Perceptions, Profits, and You 1979
McNeeley, H.D.The American Free Enterprise System 1975
Passer, Harold C.Thinking Unthinkable Thoughts 1973
Harvey, Douglas C.What's Wrong With The American Economic System? or Fables Fit For The Day 1974
Harvey, DouglassWhat's Wrong With the American Economic System? Or Fables Fit For Today 1976

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