Kodak Speech Collection: Results

Speaker Title Date
Flory, John 1957
Zornow, G.B.Adapting Your Strategy to Changes in Business Conditions 1970
Zornow, G.B.American Business: The Changing Scenario 1971
King, Edmund R.Business Conditions Background For 1950 Budgets 1949
Welsh, Frederic S.Business Credibility 1976
Zornow, G.B.Draft of Speech on the Professional and Commercial Photographic market 1961
Stuart, Kenneth G.How Some of These (Economic) Trends Will Affect Markets for Photographic Products 1953
King, Edmund R.How's Business! 1949
Samper, J. PhillipIn the Eighties: New Premium On Management 1980
Vaughn, William S.Industrial Climate - and Weather 1963
Smith, Howard E.Industrial Migration: Is the Grass Always Greener? 1976
Zornow, Gerald B.Pictures Make the Business 1960
King, Edmund R.Population Factors and Photography 1956
Fallon, Walter A.Reappraising the Role of the Mature Corporation 1982
McMaster, DonaldSome Considerations Affecting the Establishment of Oversees Manufacturing Facilities 1956
McGhee, James E.Some Views About Our Industry 1962
Robson, Wylie S.Technology In A Changing World: The Role of the Multinational Corporation 1974
Zornow, G.B.The Challenge of Change 1963
Folsom, Marion B.The Conduct of Business in the American Economy 1950
Fallon, Walter A.The New Realism 1982
Zornow, G.B.The Role of the Small Businessman in America Today 1964
Allen, William S.The Way We Were. . . The Way We Are. . . The Way We Will Be 1977
King, Edmund R.Translating Economic Trends Into Realistic Corporate Plans 1961
King, Edmund R.Translating Economic Trends Into Realistic Corporate Plans 1957

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