Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
3407 "Judge Alden S. Stevens--Free Schools and Education of the Masses, His Life's Labor.'"
3409 "Pike English and Classical School..'"
3410 "Proposed Restoration of Middlebury Academy."
6775 Evolution of Hillside.
3397 "Bennington School District One--1813-1857."
4657 "Historic Sites Survey."
4659 "'Oldest' Buildings."
4654 "Davidson Homestead, Genesee Falls."
6353 When It Rains It Pours.…
3732 "Attica Branch of the American Lyceum, 1832-1837."
3413 "Seminary Days at Gainesville."
3516 "Warsaw School Celebration."
4380 "Members of the Presbyterian Church, Wyoming, Wyoming County, New York."
1980 "Linus Day, Pioneer Hatmaker of Bennington."
1981 "A Merchant's Ledger, 1840."
3414 "Short History of School District 16, French Road, Bennington."
3415 "Sunday School on Sucker Brook, 1822-1922."
6568 Dear Old Golden Rule Days.
2897 "Early Days at the County Farm."
2898 "We Are Sixteen."
3133 "The County Soldiers' Monument."
6776 Four Architectural Styles Commonly Found in Wyoming County.
5720 "First Presbyterian Church of Wyoming Enters into 150 Years."
6726 History of First Presbyterian Church, Wyoming, New York, 1817-1967.
6343 ALLEN, C. F. H. Worcester Salt Specials.
6566 APPLEBY, LARRY. Memories of Warsaw High.
3731 ASH, MARTHA MONTAGUE. Emerson Lectures in Rochester.
3132 BARBER, RAYMOND G. "Civil War Roll of Honor ..."
3131 BARBER, RAYMOND G. (Articles on 24th N.Y. Light Artillery: 5th N.Y. Cavalry; 44th N.Y. Infantry.)
4651 BARNES, KATHERINE. "A Castile Landmark; The Van Orsdale House."
4652 BARNES, KATHERINE. The Glen Iris Story.
1972 BENHAM, F.H. "The Old Stone Mill at Lamont, N.Y."
3398 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "Madame Broughton: Warsaw Educator Extraordinary."
1974 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "Warsaw's Relyea Creek and Its Industries."
1975 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "The Salt Industry of Wyoming County."
1976 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "The Saltvale Settlement, Town of Middlebury."
4653 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "Our Architectural Heritage."
3399 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "South Warsaw School."
3400 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "Warsaw's Cobblestone Masonic Temple."
2895 BISHOP, LEWIS H. The History of the Community Wide Water Supplies of the Village of Warsaw, 1870-1970.
2894 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "Annals of the Warsaw Fire Department."
2896 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "Warsaw's Gas & Electric Facilities."
1973 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "The Bradley; Warsaw Salt Community."
6567 BISHOP, LEWIS H. Warsaw's Cobblestone School.
3401 COOK, HELEN M. "The Sponsor Keeps a Diary."
3402 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. "Sesquicentennial of Middlebury Academy, 1817-3967."
4055 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. First Wyoming Baptist Church, 1810-1960.
6569 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. Early Rural Schools.
6344 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. Perry, a New York Mill Town, 1902, the Tale of a Girl Reporter.
1978 FRENCH, ROBERT M. "A.P. Sherril and His Country Emporium."
3403 FRENCH, ROBERT M. "Common and Private Schools in Pike."
4655 FRENCH, ROBERT M. "Decades at 'The Maples.'"
3404 FRENCH, ROBERT M. "Seminary Days in Pike."
1977 FRENCH, ROBERT M. "The Early Foundries of Wyoming County."
6345 GREGORY, DAVID. Wolf Creek Water Power.
4656 GUION, ADELAIDE PARTRIDGE. "The Partridge Homestead: 'The White House.'"
3405 HEILBRONNER, LESLIE L. "Perry Graduates 75th Class."
4658 HOLZSCHUH, ELAINE M. "Barn Vent."
3406 HOOLE, WILLIAM H. "A History of Pike Seminary."
3134 JOHNSON, JOHN W. "A Sheldon Soldier in the Civil War."
1476 KLING, H.R. "An Economic Study of Land Utilization in Wyoming County, New York."
262 KREIGER, AMO T. "Epitaphs of Bristol Pioneers."
6346 KUTTER, HUBERT L. Eugene P. Norton and the Pineapple Cheese Factory.
3408 LYNCH, ROBERT, and MONA SMITH. In-Camp Education for Migrant Farmworkers.
6570 LYON, FLORENCE. Village School.
6777 MASON, JEFFREY C. Around Arcade: An Architectural Study of the Town of Arcade, New York.
3135 McGUIRE, GORDON. "Wyoming County's Last Civil War Veteran."
3136 MILLER, CHARLES F. "With the 6th New York Cavalry in the Civil War."
1475 PEARSON, C.S., and others. "Soil Survey of Wyoming County, New York." U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Bureau of Chemistry and Soils, Series 1933, no. 16.
6347 PLOWE, LAUREEN. Wyoming County National Bank.
3411 PUTNAM, JULIA. "Early Schools of Warsaw."
3412 REYNOLDS, CAROLINE. "Belles-Lettres from Middlebury-1844-1845."
6348 RICHARDSON, C. KIHM. Manufacture of Syrup Cans at Java Village.
6571 RIPSTEIN, ANITA. Gone...But Not Forgotten.
6572 RIPSTEIN, ANITA. The Schoolhouse at Harris.
6778 RIPSTEIN, ANITA. Bricks Are Forever....
6573 ROBINSON, RUTH. A Teacher Remembers....
1979 ROLL, EDWARD B. "Inns and Innkeepers of Attica."
6779 ROWE, TIM. Hillside.
6349 RUDOLPH, JEAN M. The Cowlesville Merchants.
3137 SALISBURY, F.C. "Warsaw's Memorial Day, 1887."
3138 SKIFF, ALBERT O. "The Last Charge at Appomattox."
6350 SPRAGUE, JESSE RAINSFORD. Country Storekeeper.
1982 TUSTIN, E.B., JR., and CLAYTON I. RUSTED. "Silver Springs."
6351 VAN VORST, BESSIE (MCGINNIS) (MRS. JOHN) and MARIE VAN VORST. The Woman Who Toils; Being the Experiences of Two Gentlewomen as Factory Girls.
6352 WALLACE, ROBERT. A Stone Legend.
6780 WARREN, RHODA. Bryant Fleming, Landscape-Architect, His Years in Wyoming.
6574 WEBSTER-CURLEY, JACQUES K. The Silver Lake Military and Naval School.
1983 WELLMAN, GEORGE A. "A 50 Year History of Oatka Vault."
6354 WILCOX, TIMOTHY. The `Big Little' Country Store.
6355 WILSON, JOHN G. A Mill in Middlebury.
6356 WILSON, JOHN G. Secrets of the Dale Valley.
6575 WILSON, JOHN G. The Academy on the Knoll.
6781 WILSON, JOHN G. The Victorian Era.
3130 WOLCOTT, WALTER. The Military History of Yates County, N.Y., Comprising a Record of the Services Rendered by Citizens of This County in the Army and Navy, from the Foundation of the Government to the Present Time.
6357 WOOLLEY, LOELLA E. What's an Ice Man?
1477 WULFORST, JOHN P., and others. Soil Survey of Wyoming County, New York. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service.
6782 YARRINGTON, JAMES R. Wyoming County, New York: An Architectural Tour.

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