Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
426 Historical Highlights of the Village of Wolcott...
428 "Old Livingston Cemetery ..."
429 "Van Vleet Cemetery, Township of Wolcott ..."
5958 County Home Deaths 1885-1896.
5954 Town of Wolcott Sesquicentennial Celebration, 1810-1960 (Comprising the Towns of Huron, Butler, Wolcott and Rose)....
5957 Cemetery Restoration.
5959 Early Marriages and Deaths in Wyoming County Taken from the Columns of the American Citizen Published in Warsaw.
5966 The Pioneer Cabin.
5417 Wayne County, Turning the Century.
5955 BALLINGER, DENISE. Time Again for the Pioneer Picnic.
4379 BELL, BENJAMIN. The Mystery of Iniquity Unveiled, or, A True History of the Rise and Progress of the Difficulties between Rev. Wm. Clark, and Some of the People in the Town of Wolcott, Seneca County. Together, with the Trials of the Rev. Benjamin Bell ...
5956 CARLTON, JUVENILIA. This Life I Live.
5960 FRENCH, ROBERT M. Thoughts on Pioneer Living and the Role of the Pioneer Woman.
5415 FROST, GRACE M. Four Corners to Westbury.
5416 FROST, GRACE M. Red Creek: Once Upon a Time.
5962 HERMAN, MARK. Wyoming County, New York, Images of Our Past.
5963 KINGSLEY, EFFIE M.C.S. The Flood of July 4, 1902.
5964 KIRCHGRABER, R. NORMAN. The Conway-Dundon History.
5965 NOBLE, FRANK. Con-Artists, Swindlers, and Crooks.
5967 RIPSTEIN, ANITA. The Conables of Wyoming County.
5968 RIPSTEIN, ANITA GEPHART. Crime and Justice.
5969 RIPSTEIN, ANITA GEPHART. The Earth Moves.
5970 RUDD, JABEZ. Memories of Jabez Rudd.
427 WADSWORTH, JOHN O., Comp. Wolcott, New York, Old and New: A History of the Original Town of Wolcott and the Four Present Townships, Butler, Huron, Rose, Wolcott, into Which the Original Town was Divided; and Genealogic Sketches of the Pioneer Families.
430 WELCH, EDGAR L. "Grip's" Historical Souvenir of Wolcott, N.Y.
5971 WHEELER, GRACE GLOR. Tidbits.
5972 WILSON, JOHN G. Cousins.

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