Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
3976 CLARK, LEWIS H. History of the Churches of Sodus. Sodus: 1876. 71 pp.
3975 COWING, Mrs. Philo, and S.F. FRAZIER. "Early Churches of Junius."
714 HALLOCK, BESSIE A. Preface to Rush, from Prehistoric Times--1824.
715 HALLOCK, BESSIE A. The Town of Rush, 1818-1958.
716 HALLOCK, BESSIE A. ed. Your Folks and Mine: Reminiscences of and about the People of Rush.
717 HALLOCK, BESSIE A. Rush in Retrospect: Town of River, Reeds and Rushes, 1788-1808, 1818-1968.
3974 HALLOCK, BESSIE A. The Churches of Rush.
718 HARRIS, GEORGE H. "Markhams of Rush."
3977 MATHER, WILLIAM G., JR. "The Rural Churches of Allegany County."
2803 MONROE COUNTY. Division of Regional Planning. An Inventory for Planning for the Town of Rush, Monroe County, New York.
2805 MONROE COUNTY. Planning Council. Master Plan, Town of Rush, Monroe County, New York 1967-1985.
2804 MONROE COUNTY. Planning Council. Planning Inventory, Town of Rush, Monroe County, N.Y.

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